Simulcast 140: No Introduction Needed

This week on Simulcast 140, MegaUpload may be down, but we’re still talking tech. We’re all here this week, and we have a ton of news to talk about.

iBooks 2 /  iTunes U (Thoughts?) iBooks Author reaches 600K Downloads, iTunes U nets 3 Million
Dutch court rejects Apple appeal, says Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is legal
VoiceUtils makes your iPhone 4S wish into a Siri command
German court shoots down Samsung’s 3G patent lawsuit against Apple
Rumor: Foxconn source says “iPhone 5” gearing up for production with Summer 2012 release

G+ finally allows nicknames and pseudonyms
HTC and IBM hooking up to charm commercial clients
Galaxy Note launching Feb 18th on AT&T

SITA and Orange develop NFC-based airport check-ins, let you bump the TSA
AT&T and T-Mobile file request for FCC approval of spectrum transfer
KDDI putting ads in the notification bar on Android phones ( This is the shit I DONT want!)
Supreme Court says police must get search warrant to use GPS tracking devices
Verizon reportedly trials VoLTE services in two cities, eyes nationwide rollout next year
HP pays $425K to US Consumer Product Safety Commission to settle defective battery issue
Federal Judge requires that a defendant decrypt laptop in response to discovery request, says does not violate self-incrimination (5th amendment) protections.  

Microsoft eliminating virtual currency?
Rumor: New Xbox in Fall 2013?
Blizzard auctioning off retired WOW blade servers to raise money for St. Judes
LEGO has given approval for Minecraft-themed LEGO sets.
BlizzCon 2012 Cancelled, show will resume in 2013

Listener Email
Greetings from southern Europe. Though I love it I’m having some trouble with my nexus s. It won’t let me unlock the bootloader. I’ve tried both the official “fastboot OEM unlock” and the one click unlock, but it simply stops at the main fastboot menu- no question about wanting to unlock. Instead I put the official ICS on it and that runs just fine (ICS runs soooo damed smooth, love it soooo much).

Since I have a 9220 SLCD version, ICS has coursed some trouble for my future messing around in the the bootloader menus. It turns off the backlighting. It is possible to put a LED torch up against the screen and front light it but the dammed thing is made to resist reflections so it’s a real pain. Any good advice? Do you know a fix for the 9220’s backlight trouble? It used to be locked to the carrier “3” in Denmark. Could they have blocked off the unlock option? Would it help to roll it back to a stock gingerbread build? Love ICS so I’m not in any hurry, but this is a nexus and so the universe is just a bit off as long as it is still locked… Regards, Arne, Cyprus.
PS: I’d like to send you a voicemail and pronounce my name for you but alas, while I DO have a face for radio i don’t have the voice for it. I guess I can’t win them all, and will just have to be content with whichever way you pronounce it

We have our own Google+ page! and an updated Android app!

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Dave –  “First Week In” & MW3
Patrick – DC Universe Online and MW3
Steve – Chuck Season 4
Bill – 50/50 and Killer Elite
Geoff – Uncharted 3 started DC Universe

Picks of the week
Dave –  Tiny Flashlight
Patrick – ZAGGfolio for iPad 2/ CardMunch (iOS)
BillBooq Boa Nerve M backpack
Geoff – Samsung Galaxy Nexus OEM extended battery

Simulcast 134: Failure to Launch

This week on The Simulcast 134 we are Steveless and filled with anticipation rage. Geoff has a new phone, and we will try our best to contain our excitement rage.

Siri ported to other iOS devices [guide]
Apple hiring more Siri engineers – what features would we like?
Did Apple rig eBook prices?
Flipboard for iPhone launched

10 Days of $0.10 Premium Android Apps to celebrate 10 Billions Downloads
More evidence of December 9th
VZW Galaxy Nexus won’t support Google Wallet
Verizon announces 2 new LTE tablets and a white Droid RAZR
Blind Type is the ICS keyboard
Logitech Revue getting Honeycomb update

Listener Email
Hey guys, just got a quick question on a week where the show’ll be full of Android users.

Does using CyanogenMod void any warranties on your handset? The HTC Desire Z that I got for the wife a few months ago has been working fine, but ever since we updated it to Gingerbread (OTA) there’s been plenty of annoying bugs on the phone, not to mention the fact that the handset is stuck on the old Android market.

Pretty much every time the home button is pressed (to exit Market, e-mails, browsing, some apps), the screen flashes white with the HTC logo, before the phone performs a mini reboot and goes back to the home screen. Downloading app updates is hit and miss too; the Market says it’s updating, but an update for a 6Mb app claims to take overnight (although it’s downloaded and installed in a minute according to the notifications bar, the Market app insists it’ll still be downloading and updating the following morning).

It’s to the point where using the phone as a smartphone is pretty annoying – would rooting void any warranty on the handset, and would I be able to keep any apps bought on the Google market after rooting?

Thanks for your help guys, I always go out of my way to grab the show on Thursday mornings to listen to at work.

By the way, if anyone wants to attempt to do an accent for myself or Chris Oldroyd, they’re both pretty similar (although my Sunderland accent is apparently better). Just say: “Haway the Lads!” and you’ll sound like someone from the North East of England!

Ian Hamilton

Listener Voicemail
Thanks Clay!

Xbox 360 update – who got it and what do you think?
Xbox 360 gets new content partners

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – 30 Seconds or Less
Dave – Walking Dead Season 1
Patrick – MW3
Geoff – Limitless, Skyrim

Picks of the week
BillChristmas HD Live Wallpaper. 10 cents in the Market
Dave – Go Launcher
Patrick – Xbox Live App (iOS)
Geoff – Xbox Live Update

Simulcast 125: End of an Era

This week on The Simulcast we talk about the loss of Steve Jobs, iPhone 4S announcements, the Nexus Prime, and we have even MORE listener mail!Apple
Steve Jobs has died at 56 of cancer. (Moment of silence)
iPhone 4S announced, same great look, new internals – what do we think?
10th Anniversary of iPod brings.. White iPod Touch, minor price changes, and Nano software update.
Sprint will offer unlimited data plan for iPhone 4S (same rates)
Samsung pulls a play from the Apple playbook and seeks to block 4S sales in France & Italy
Apple Cards App allows for custom greeting cards to be created and sent from iOS device for $2.99 in US $4.99 international.  Look out Hallmark.
Apple offering Micro USB Adapters for European iPhone 4S Owners (Required by EU Law; Works on iphone 4, 3GS, and 3G)

Nexus Prime teased in video, curved screen and contact charging pictured
Nexus Prime will dock in a tablet?
Shadowgun for tablets coming soon
Adobe announces Photoshop Touch for Android $10 available soon

Xbox 360 will transform TV – tipsters says Lovefilm will hit before EOY, possibly in dash update
Xbox companion will let you control your Xbox from your WP7 device
The iPhone 4S is Microsoft’s chance to catch up to Apple

Showtime launches Anytime streaming portal, social iPad app
Early Android Emulation App appears for TouchPad
Boogie Board Rip ($130) preorders begin, brings storage and porting options.

Listener email
Hi guys,

I am looking for some suggestions for a good video editing package for windows. I know most (if not all) of you mainly use Apple machines but I just wondered if any of you did have any experience with video editing on the windows platform.

I have recently launched my website for covering news and reviews in the gaming world (cheap plug). I am seriously considering doing some video reviews as well as old fashioned text based and I have started to look at capture cards (if you have any info in this area that would also be greatly appreciated!)

As you can see the site is still fairly empty but we are trying to get more content onto it as quickly as possible. Anyway, as always keep up the good work and have a great weekend

Your friend in Glasgow Scotland

Chris @Gamer_Chris

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Steve – Chuck Season 4
Bill – Gears 3/Boardwalk Empire
Patrick – Gears 3/ Lion King BLU-Ray/ Son of Neptune
Dave –  Tanked/ Gears 3
Geoff -Started Breaking Bad Season 1, Playing RAGE, Vanquish, Portal 1, Battlefield 3 Beta

Picks of the week – sponsored by
Steve – Nuvi GPS
Bill – Proclip Tablet Headrest Mount
Patrick – 8gb Ram Upgrade for Mac Mini ($44.99 from New Egg)
Dave – Mirage for Mac
Geoff – RAGE/Zune Pass

Simulcast 123: Back with a Vengeance

This week on The Simulcast we talk about the Netflix debacle, Gears of War 3, Steve is back, and we have even MORE listener mail and a freakin’ voicemail!

Apple event scheduled for October 4th?
iPhone 4s the only planned hardware?

HTC Rhyme, a phone for women who like phones with tentacles
HTC Beat a competitor to the iPod Touch?
Google+ Hangouts on Mobile and now open for all!
Samsung Galaxy S II coming to AT&T October 2nd on contract for $199

Mango confirmed to begin rollout in the next 1-2 weeks
Xbox LIVE outages the day after Gears 3?
Live TV coming to Xbox 360 from Comcast and Verizon?

Gears of War 3 released officially, Bill and Patrick go Lancers-on
Sony announces that DC Universe Online (PS3) will be free ( free download & no subscription required ala WOW)


Netflix splits streaming and DVDs, comes up with terrible name for DVDs by mail (adds Discovery Content to Streaming Service)

Verizon begins throttling data for top users (4G handsets not included)
Pandora rolls out HTML5 redesign to everyone and drops 40 hour listening cap for free users
Amazon Kindle expands library checkouts beyond Seattle to one of 11,000 library sites near you.
AOC’s 16” USB Powered Monitor could make portable dual screen laptops a workable reality
A use for NFC beyond Google Wallet
Instead of shipping box for broken computer, Sony accidentally has other people’s broken laptops sent to customer’s house

Listener Voicemail!!!!!!
Listener email

Greetings from the Cyprus.
Still loving the show and i play it every week without fail.

I was wondering if you have any good recommendations for some starting tech for my daughter.
I’m a little late out of the gate as she is already 3 (months) but hoping to get caught up on it.
Bear in mind that ios products here have no access to the app store, and all ios of them are sold jailbroken here. Other than that, we’re open to suggestions.

She’ll be growing up tri-lingual as my wife speaks turkish, I speak danish, and between us we speak english.
Probably the danish will be of least focus, but I’m hoping to push english early.
I’m heavily into android though hoping my asus transformer will dual boot win8 at some point.

  • Are there any good apps for learning english?
  • And are there any good apps to aid in our new parenthood? Though we have hit an aging 34 already this is our first child.
  • If you still have any invites left for Google+ I’d gladly take one off your hands.

If I may also make a couple of recommendations:
1. the asus transformer with its keyboard dock.

Though the use case is somewhat specific, i really love its abilities as a portable consumption device. I rooted it and loaded a “revolver” custom rom on it, and it runs sweet.

It’s only a 16gig version but stuck a 32gig MicroSD in it, and an old 8gig in the dock (what else use is there for the old cards?)

The real kicker though is a piece of velcro on the bottom of the dock. A short usb cable with on-off switch, and a 500gig usb drive…
Anyway my audiobooks alone would take up most of its internal space not to mention my music.
And I need some of the internal space free for BitTorrent also of course.
For connectivity it relies on my trusty XPERIA X10, using either wifi hotspot, or if I know I’ll be long from a fresh charge I’ll connecting via USB is the way to go. Let the docks battery charge the phone’s while it’s at it.
Granted my use case here is primarily consumption and maybe some of the cloud services in the states might suit you better. But here I need to rely on less than awesome 3g and the only cloud service in the country IS BitTorrent (any dvd you buy in a shop here is a burned torrent file anyway and often enough a cam-rip on top of that- imagine! ).
And the dock is a must, for the connectivity.
As for this, the asus transformer performs quite well.

2. Mortplayer for android is really nice.
By the way: for the last 2 months i’ve been using android devices exclusively, and I was wondering if I am the only one who is just about burned out regarding the way pc’s are used.
Honestly, I’d rather hand feed a lion , rather than go back to the clicke-ti-click of a mouse or a track pad.
Time will tell if the world agrees with microsoft, but at least microsoft agrees with me. The old input methods have got to go.
And it seems Samsung may agree with me also; the current tablet sizes are wrong. 7″ is too big to be truly pocketable, and 10″ is too small to serve as workhorse. 5-6″ would fit any jacket pocket and still be big enough for a good battery. 12-14″ would be much better near the edge of what a hand can hold, while providing excess real estate and information.
I can’t help but drool over the coming galaxy note, and wish I was at the Build conference to, if only to grab the developer edition win8 tablet.

Anyway; thank you again for a great show and keep up the good work.


Hi guys, awesome podcast.  Wanted to give some info to your listeners for next podcast.  I bought the Driod Bionic and laptop dock, which works pretty good with LTE network.  I have the Motorola Photon on Sprint as will which is a great phone.  On Sprint though, they don’t currently provide the laptop dock.  I said what the hell, put the photon in my bionic laptop dock, and it worked.  The phone sticks out a bit from the holder in the back of the dock, but it is snug enough to stay there while using it.  Anyone who has the Photon and wants the doc can buy the bionic dock and put the Photon in it to have a laptop dock, despite Sprint not selling on themselves.

PS. can I get a google + invite please.  Thanks…Jon

Jonathan Burge

Hey Simulcast,

I have a question for the show this week.

I am looking for either an app or a setting on my phone that will allow me to see both, then number that is calling me and my Google Voice number. Right now there are only 2 options. I can set it up that I can see the number calling me, but I don’t know that they are calling my Google Voice or my regular cell number. Second option allows me to see my Google Voice number as the number calling me, but I can’t see who is calling me. Like most Google Voice users, we gave that number out when we don’t want certain people to have our cell numbers. I also use it for Craigslist and Ebay transactions.

When my phone rings and I don’t recognize it, I have no idea which caller they are calling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work.


What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Steve – Portal
Bill – Gears of War 3
Patrick – Gears of War 3
Dave –  Gears of War 3 w/devs (obviously) ←SHOWOFF!
Geoff – Dead Space 2/Halo Reach/Kinect Sports

Picks of the week – sponsored by
Steve – Booq Mamba Shift L
Bill – Reader HD for Honeycomb
Patrick – ifrogz Earpollution Ronin (headphones)
Dave – Gears of War 3 posters,shirts and game case signed!
Geoff – Pandora HTML5

Simulcast 118: Breakin’

The best podcast on GGN is most definitely The Simulcast, and we have a great show this week. We continue giving our opinions on tech news and telling you what you should buy.

Apple testing 4G LTE devices
Starbucks to give away free iOS apps in store via “pick of the week”

Google buys Motorola Mobility
HTC Bootloader Unlock tool live on the web, for international customers
German judge lifts ban on Tab 10.1 sales (Sales allowed in other EU countries, not Germany)
HTC sues Apple for patent infringement
Steve Kondik hired by Samsung

Obama joins Foursquare (How is this not a National Security Risk?)

Gears of War 3 will be a (fake) 3D title
Xbox going Matte, RIP Glossy?
Kinect Star Wars (Enough said)
PS3 price cut to $250
DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3
Hack your Wii : Homebrew

Listener email
Dearest Simulcast,

Thanks for your previous advice. (insert accent as/if desired)
Moving with the android world seems to give me continued need for your help, and since you seem to like listener emails why not keep bothering the **** out of you.
When i wrote you a few weeks ago i was having trouble with my X10 running android 2.1 with 2.2 extentions and an archos tablet with 2.2, but time goes on and 2.3 came out for my phone and My primary tablet is an asus transformer with 3.2…
While both are considerable upgrades it leaves me with two issues:

1. The market enabler doesn’t work with 3.2 for tablets.
Do you know if work is being done to remedy it? Or if there is a comparable alternative elsewhere?

2. It seems my favorite music player Tinyplayer seems to work on none of them now.
I loved it because it was crazy small, simple and based its library off of my file system and not the mess that is the mp3 tags of my files.
Is there a good similar player that works on GB and HC?

Lastly, may I suggest a pick of the week?
It’s a free android app called swipepad, and it makes fast app switching a true breeze.
Basically it allows you to put invisible touch fields on the edge and corners of your screen which stay present throughout the system. Touch the place that you preset and a launcher pops up with 12 shortcuts.
You can set several different fields with different launchers or buy the add-ons that allow for more shortcuts in a launcher, a full applauncher shortcut, on-off widgets, and tasking.
It’s some of the best money I’ve spent in the android platform, and the learning curve is in the minutes range.

Again, thanks for the great show and keep up the good work.

Arne, Cyprus.

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Dave – Step Up 3
Bill – Portal 2 – yes, I’m still trying to finish it ; Halo: Reach
Patrick – Studying for Ham Radio License / Halo: Reach Rocket Hog Races
Steve – hot tub time machine/Studying for my Technician class license
Geoff – Hobo with a shotgun/New Madden 12 demo. It is garbage.

Picks of the week
Dave – FreeMusic (iOS)
Bill – Do It Tomorrow for Android
Patrick – Scrabble HD (iOS)
Steve – iOS Apps Translate and transfer
Geoff – OSX Lion (late to the game, finally upgraded)

Simulcast Jr 2: Episode 34.5

In the second installment of Simulcast Jr, Bill and Brianna continue discussing operating systems, games for kids, Brianna’s most wanted gadgets, Netflix, Xbox, TiVo, and their new office setup.

You can also view most of the recorded Ustream show below (note to self: press record sooner!).

We plan to make this a monthly show, so please let us know if there is something specific you’d like us to discuss!