Simulcast 130: Bi-tech-ual

This week on The Simulcast 130 we are joined by Brian Feldhaus, we talk about the HTC Rezound, the death of Flash, Modern Warfare 3, and more listener emails

No plans for Siri on older devices  May be linked to 4S’ unique proximity sensor GREED?
Amazon buys voice recognition startup Yap to counter Apple’s Siri
Australian court forces Apple to hand over private operator iPhone business terms

HTC Titan to hit AT&T shelves on November 20 for $199
Tango video calling app now in Windows Phone Market
Microsoft planning to combat Windows Phone app piracy with new encryption

Modern Warfare 3 – our review and thoughts
Apple’s iOS & Google Android command 58% of US portable game revenue

Verizon offering a double data promotion
Barnes & Noble announced Nook 2
Fedora 16 comes out and brings a heavy dose of cloud processing and storage support

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

Hi guys, me again!
On holiday this week so in a chilled out mood and had time to put a question to you

Firstly, a big thanks to all you guys as you’ve helped me out again.  I started by just listening to these podcasts and it’s amazing that it feels like I know you all personally now.  You’ve all dug me out out the crap on various occasions and I just wish I could return the favour somehow?  This time it was Dave and all I have to say is having a rummage in Daves Dropbox i felt like a kid in a sweet shop!

Having said all that, I do actually have a question.  On these holidays I like to send pictures and videos during the week mainly to make my mates who are still at work jealous !!

I would love an app or service (for iOS of course!) that I could post a photo or video clip and it sent it to twitter, Facebook, Google+. blogs etc.   I use pixelpipe and it comes close but only stills and not compatible with Google+.

Any ideas would be most welcome!

Gotta go, my beer has just arrived!

Sent from my iPhone

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Modern Warfare 3
Dave – Modern Warfare 3 duh
Patrick – MW3
Brian – L.A. Noire The complete edition/ B&B

Picks of the week
Dave – Modern Warfare 3
Patrick – Inheritance (Final Book of Eragon Series)
Brian – Nexus S & iTap Keyboard

Simulcast 123: Back with a Vengeance

This week on The Simulcast we talk about the Netflix debacle, Gears of War 3, Steve is back, and we have even MORE listener mail and a freakin’ voicemail!

Apple event scheduled for October 4th?
iPhone 4s the only planned hardware?

HTC Rhyme, a phone for women who like phones with tentacles
HTC Beat a competitor to the iPod Touch?
Google+ Hangouts on Mobile and now open for all!
Samsung Galaxy S II coming to AT&T October 2nd on contract for $199

Mango confirmed to begin rollout in the next 1-2 weeks
Xbox LIVE outages the day after Gears 3?
Live TV coming to Xbox 360 from Comcast and Verizon?

Gears of War 3 released officially, Bill and Patrick go Lancers-on
Sony announces that DC Universe Online (PS3) will be free ( free download & no subscription required ala WOW)


Netflix splits streaming and DVDs, comes up with terrible name for DVDs by mail (adds Discovery Content to Streaming Service)

Verizon begins throttling data for top users (4G handsets not included)
Pandora rolls out HTML5 redesign to everyone and drops 40 hour listening cap for free users
Amazon Kindle expands library checkouts beyond Seattle to one of 11,000 library sites near you.
AOC’s 16” USB Powered Monitor could make portable dual screen laptops a workable reality
A use for NFC beyond Google Wallet
Instead of shipping box for broken computer, Sony accidentally has other people’s broken laptops sent to customer’s house

Listener Voicemail!!!!!!
Listener email

Greetings from the Cyprus.
Still loving the show and i play it every week without fail.

I was wondering if you have any good recommendations for some starting tech for my daughter.
I’m a little late out of the gate as she is already 3 (months) but hoping to get caught up on it.
Bear in mind that ios products here have no access to the app store, and all ios of them are sold jailbroken here. Other than that, we’re open to suggestions.

She’ll be growing up tri-lingual as my wife speaks turkish, I speak danish, and between us we speak english.
Probably the danish will be of least focus, but I’m hoping to push english early.
I’m heavily into android though hoping my asus transformer will dual boot win8 at some point.

  • Are there any good apps for learning english?
  • And are there any good apps to aid in our new parenthood? Though we have hit an aging 34 already this is our first child.
  • If you still have any invites left for Google+ I’d gladly take one off your hands.

If I may also make a couple of recommendations:
1. the asus transformer with its keyboard dock.

Though the use case is somewhat specific, i really love its abilities as a portable consumption device. I rooted it and loaded a “revolver” custom rom on it, and it runs sweet.

It’s only a 16gig version but stuck a 32gig MicroSD in it, and an old 8gig in the dock (what else use is there for the old cards?)

The real kicker though is a piece of velcro on the bottom of the dock. A short usb cable with on-off switch, and a 500gig usb drive…
Anyway my audiobooks alone would take up most of its internal space not to mention my music.
And I need some of the internal space free for BitTorrent also of course.
For connectivity it relies on my trusty XPERIA X10, using either wifi hotspot, or if I know I’ll be long from a fresh charge I’ll connecting via USB is the way to go. Let the docks battery charge the phone’s while it’s at it.
Granted my use case here is primarily consumption and maybe some of the cloud services in the states might suit you better. But here I need to rely on less than awesome 3g and the only cloud service in the country IS BitTorrent (any dvd you buy in a shop here is a burned torrent file anyway and often enough a cam-rip on top of that- imagine! ).
And the dock is a must, for the connectivity.
As for this, the asus transformer performs quite well.

2. Mortplayer for android is really nice.
By the way: for the last 2 months i’ve been using android devices exclusively, and I was wondering if I am the only one who is just about burned out regarding the way pc’s are used.
Honestly, I’d rather hand feed a lion , rather than go back to the clicke-ti-click of a mouse or a track pad.
Time will tell if the world agrees with microsoft, but at least microsoft agrees with me. The old input methods have got to go.
And it seems Samsung may agree with me also; the current tablet sizes are wrong. 7″ is too big to be truly pocketable, and 10″ is too small to serve as workhorse. 5-6″ would fit any jacket pocket and still be big enough for a good battery. 12-14″ would be much better near the edge of what a hand can hold, while providing excess real estate and information.
I can’t help but drool over the coming galaxy note, and wish I was at the Build conference to, if only to grab the developer edition win8 tablet.

Anyway; thank you again for a great show and keep up the good work.


Hi guys, awesome podcast.  Wanted to give some info to your listeners for next podcast.  I bought the Driod Bionic and laptop dock, which works pretty good with LTE network.  I have the Motorola Photon on Sprint as will which is a great phone.  On Sprint though, they don’t currently provide the laptop dock.  I said what the hell, put the photon in my bionic laptop dock, and it worked.  The phone sticks out a bit from the holder in the back of the dock, but it is snug enough to stay there while using it.  Anyone who has the Photon and wants the doc can buy the bionic dock and put the Photon in it to have a laptop dock, despite Sprint not selling on themselves.

PS. can I get a google + invite please.  Thanks…Jon

Jonathan Burge

Hey Simulcast,

I have a question for the show this week.

I am looking for either an app or a setting on my phone that will allow me to see both, then number that is calling me and my Google Voice number. Right now there are only 2 options. I can set it up that I can see the number calling me, but I don’t know that they are calling my Google Voice or my regular cell number. Second option allows me to see my Google Voice number as the number calling me, but I can’t see who is calling me. Like most Google Voice users, we gave that number out when we don’t want certain people to have our cell numbers. I also use it for Craigslist and Ebay transactions.

When my phone rings and I don’t recognize it, I have no idea which caller they are calling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work.


What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Steve – Portal
Bill – Gears of War 3
Patrick – Gears of War 3
Dave –  Gears of War 3 w/devs (obviously) ←SHOWOFF!
Geoff – Dead Space 2/Halo Reach/Kinect Sports

Picks of the week – sponsored by
Steve – Booq Mamba Shift L
Bill – Reader HD for Honeycomb
Patrick – ifrogz Earpollution Ronin (headphones)
Dave – Gears of War 3 posters,shirts and game case signed!
Geoff – Pandora HTML5

Simulcast 116: Bomb Unit

The best podcast on GGN rolls on. We continue giving our opinions on tech news and telling you what you should buy.


Apple blocks sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia (Samsung vows to sell other versions anyway)
Skype for iPad hits App Store
Apple TV update adds streaming TV show purchases
Analyst predicts an iPad Pro will be launched this quarter
Apple iCloud goes live and pricing revealed
Apple to launch iTunes Replay Service?
Patrick’s thoughts on his new Mac Mini

Google cries foul with Apple and Microsoft
Amazon Appstore caught leaving Android App developers unpaid or is that article just ½ the truth?
Newly discovered Android malware records your calls
Android tablets go toddler
Samsung announces new Tab 10.1 Accessories Touchwiz UX OTA update to go public 8/5 but Bill already has it
Logitech Revue – Bill’s take

AT&T announces throttling plans, gently reminds us why the T-Mobile acquisition is so great
OnStar Family Link to allow vehicle tracking
HP Touchpad gets first OTA

EA Season Ticket to offer pre-release games and cheaper DLC

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Dave – 30 Minutes or Less
Bill – Take Me Home Tonight
Patrick – Warehouse 13
Steve – Angry Birds Rio on the iPad

Picks of the week
Dave – Bomb Disposal Unit
Bill – Samsung Galaxy Tab Pouch
Patrick – Mac Mini (2011)/ AOL Editions App for iPad
Steve – 8GB of ram for $42.00/ 3G unrestrictor

Simulcast 111: Sellout

We are back for the another wonderful Simulcast. Bill is in the great state of Texas and broadcasting live from his hotel room. Dave is working and Bill took long enough getting set up that Geoff had to take care of some things for his job.

iOS5 = no more untethered jailbreaks and downgrades?
Singapore Army’s lastest equipment issued – iPad 2
Could Apple’s MusicMatch be used as a tool to catch infringers?
Steve’s iPhone 4

Nexus Prime will be a Samsung pure Google phone with Ice Cream Sandwich?

Microsoft part of effort to develop white space spectrum recapture to solve spectrum woes

Gamers can apparently now add “Art Aficionado” to their resumes and bios.
Geohot hired by Facebook.
For Bill – R2D2 Operation – Nuff said.

Sony announces their own (non-Mac) Thunderbolt integration.
Interesting developments in wireless computer docking technology.

What are we playing/watching this week?
Steve – Nada!
Bill – Cut the Rope
Patrick – BLOPS (New Annihilation Map Pack)

Picks of the week
Steve – iPhone 4 and iFrogz case
Bill – Fring
Patrick- Blogsy

Simulcast 109: This is Geoff’s Next

This week’s show covers what is traditionally called “a slow news week”. We cover some news from our other favorite mobile devices plus what we’re playing, and picks of the week!

Apple finally releases unlocked iPhone 4’s . Starting at $649 (buh bye AT&T)
Apple and Nokia patent dispute ends with license agreement, Apple pays
iCloud Communications sues Apple for obvious reasons
Apple removes password stealing app from App Store
NO free iPod with new mac this fall.

Google voice search/Instant Pages
Desire is/isn’t getting Gingerbread HTC pulls a 180, now says Gingerbread is coming to Desire
Nexus 4G Revealed

KinectShop concept is ready to televise your shopping revolution (video)

TouchPad, pre-order available June 19, $499


Miscellaneous starts trial of 1Gbps fiber-to-the-home internet in California, asks just $70
No DVD playback on Nintendo Wii U? Boo

The Liz Money After Party Challenge

If you listen to the After Party, you know that Nic and Liz sometimes tend to go off on tangents while doing their podcasts. Usually they center around celebrity gossip, or super geeky topics or how Liz has too small of hands to handle the newer larger screen smartphones. One of their tangents has sprung up a new challenge, The Liz Money After Party Challenge. This all started when they went on some tangent about small phones and that Mobile Mike’s buddy fit the HP Veer into his mouth.  After hearing that, Liz, of course, tried to fit her phone in her mouth. Repeatedly.

So this is where you come in, After Party People. We are taking suggestions for Liz to fit things into her mouth. This will be included in the extras section of their shiny new Android app! You can send in your suggestions to Liz or Nic via email:, or twitter: @Liz_Money @NicBall @GuruAfterParty and we will pick what Liz tries to fit into her mouth. Within reason, of course.

So, grab their new app from the Android App store and send in your suggestions for the Liz Money Challenge!!

What are we playing this week?
Steve – nada
Dave –  Resistance PSP
Bill – Kinect Labs
Patrick -Infamous (Free*  *In return for getting PSN info hacked, thanks Sony)

Picks of the week
Steve – Google music
Dave – Dock4droid, DropSnap
Bill – Simi Folder widget
Patrick- Netflix (new cartoons shows ie. Heman (original), Spiderman, Iron Man, XMen, etc)

Simulcast 108: What’s Old is New Again

This week’s show covers all the crazy Apple news. iOS5, Lion, and iCloud are here, and we talk about what that means for the ecosystem and the industry as a whole. We also cover some news from our other favorite mobile devices plus what we’re playing, and picks of the week!

iOS 5 is here!!!!
Mac OS X Lion coming July to a Mac App Store near you.
iMatch – Answers to questions left unanswered at the Keynote

Sprint EVO 3D on June 24th
HTC readying OTA bootloader unlock for Sensation
Galaxy Tab 10.1 pre-orders go live

E3 announcements – Halo 4! YouTube on Xbox
Gears of War 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 – 320 GB HD & 2 Custom Controllers – $399

Wii Me? No Wii U! in other news Nintendo Stock plummets
Star Wars: The Old Republic Peripherals Patrick wants this keyboard
Rocksmith (360): Like Rock Band but a real guitar, oh wait isn’t that Rockband Pro Mode?

So Sony was hacked again last week. Jeez
FCC asks for more info on ATT/TMo Merger; Facebook, Microsoft, Qualcomm, & RIM support merger

Listener Email

What are we playing this week?
Steve – With my new Android Smartphone
Dave – Little Big Planet
Bill- BLOPS and Halo REACH
Patrick- Ocarina of Time and Zelda (original) in honor of Zelda 25th Anniversary/ BLOPs

Picks of the week
Steve – Widget Locker & ADW Notifier
Dave – HTC Sensation
Bill- BeyondPod
Patrick- Evernote Peek (iOS)