Simulcast 251: NOPE

This week on Simulcast 251, we are talking about Nest, more Android Wear goodies, the Sony hack gets real, and Netflix says NOPE.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.




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Listener Emails

Got a question for you guys. Gave up the 6 Plus in favor of Android. Don’t know how long this will last but I got the Nexus 6 on AT&T and am really liking it. I agree it’s too slippery so case is already on order. My question is I have 14 days to see what phone I want and was just wondering what you guys would pick? I like Lollipop but always think twice when looking at the Note. I’ve tried the Note 3 and didn’t ever use the stylus and then went to the iPhone and really liked the size.

Love the show.



Casting Couch
Bill – Inkmaster, UFC, The Fault in Our Stars
Patrick – The Flash (Mid year ending OMG)

Picks of the Week
Bill – Minima Pro live wallpaper
Patrick – Amazon

Simulcast 219: No Strings Attached

scastlogosquareThis week on Simulcast 219, we’re talking about new iPads, no strings attached data plans, and we’re still talking about the Note 3.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

iPad event recap
Mavericks is free
iPad Air
iPad 2 still lives

Dave’s thoughts on Note 3

PAX 2014 East Tickets Came & Went
Kinect Placement Guide
Xbox One Achievements to be color-coded
Nintendo Wii Production Comes to an End
New Wii U Bundle
PS4 Party Chat To Support Up To 8 People

Windows 8.1 Released
8.1 RT pulled due to issues and then re-released

Fake BBM reviews in the Play Store
T-Mobile offering 200MB free data for life on tablets

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Casting Couch
– UFC 166
Geoff – The Last Of Us, Pokemon Y
Dave – Pacific Rim, Rewatched Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Pt2

Picks of the week
– Poetic case for Note 3, Dead Trigger 2
Geoff -Pokemon Y
Dave– Note 3, Rember (Mac)

Simulcast 192: The 17 Minute Orgasm

scastmicThis week on Simulcast 192, we’re talking about the Galaxy S4, new Gmail, Microsoft ending support for Windows Phone, and Google Babble.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

Apple released 6.1.3 to patch lockscreen bug
iPhone 5 on T-Mobile is $99 and available April 12th (with HD Voice!)

Google Babble just might replace Voice, Talk, Messenger, and others
T-Mobile “Uncarrier” plans are now live, $99 HTC One also
Gmail updated with actionable notifications
New G+ update with Instagram-like filters
VZW Galaxy Nexus getting 4.2.2 now
Rumor: Google to manufacture Glass in California

MS will end support for Windows Phone 8 in 2014. Wait, what?

Gears of War: Judgment released
Xbox ‘Durango’ leak claims console is ‘always connected,’ games must be installed to hard disk
Redbox Instant app for Xbox 360 goes live for Gold subscribers
PS4 Blu-ray drive to be 3 times as fast, PSN friend cap increased
Battlefield 4 17-Minute Reveal Trailer

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@clayrussell: @TheSimulcast discuss what is still needed to complete the Android experience and what you hope to see at I/O to get us closer

Casting Couch
– The Croods, BLOPS 2
Patrick – Duck Dynasty, GI Joe: Retaliation, Lego Harry Potter, Stargate SG1: Unleashed (iOS)
Dave –  The Hobbit
Geoff – The Following, Tremors, Rekoil, Warface, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 PS3, etc

Picks of the week
PatrickCommunity Coffee K Cups
DaveIntelligent Ringer
GeoffAstro A40 Headset

Simulcast 183: Huawei is

This week on Simulcast 183, we are back after a 2 week vacation. It’s CES week and there’s already a ton of news! We have a special visitor you might recognize, and we’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

Apple working on less expensive iPhone
T-mobile to launch iPhone in 3-4 months

Nvidia announced Project Shield
Tegra 4 announced with 72 GPU cores in tow
Huawei introduces a 6.1” phone. How big is too big?
Sony Xperia Z with 1080p 5” screen, probably not available here
Chameleon Launcher for phones shows up on video

Windows RT hacked to run desktop app
Windows Phone to save HTC?

PowerA unveils new MOGA gaming controller
Razer Sabertooth wired pro controller
Microsoft and Samsung demo Illumiroom Display

T-Mobile has LTE and HD voice on tap soon
T-Mobile confirms unlimited 4G plans for $70
Verizon’s LTE network will cover their 3G network by year’s end
Target to price match Amazon

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What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Looper, Hit and Run, Premium Rush
Dave – BLOPS 2
Mike – Halo 4, Dredd, Halo: Fwd Unto Dawn

Picks of the week
BillCyanDelta Updater
Dave –  Me
Mike – HTC 8X

Simulcast 169: Like a Boss

This week on Simulcast 169, we’re joined by the boss guru and we’re talking about a new iPhone, UDID hacking, Motorola’s event, and new Nokia stuff available in the coming months???

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

iPhone event next Monday, large screens will be acceptable now
12 million UDIDs hacked from FBI laptop
iPhone 5 predictions

LG Intuition 5” coming to Verizon on Sept 6
Google receives patent for multiple user face-to-unlock
Verizon & Motorola Event

Nokia event – Lumia 920

Bill got a Galaxy S3 – what do he and Mike think about it?
T-Mo offers true unlimited 4G service
Amazon Event Sept 6

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What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – US Nationals
Patrick –
West wing/ Madden 13
Mike –
Revolution TV Show/Unholy Night

Picks of the week
Bill – T-Mobile prepaid plans
Patrick –
Amazon Instant Video
Mike –
Gcloud Backup

Simulcast 149: Apple +1

This week on Simulcast 149, we’re seeing a page not found error on the Android update for the Verizon GNex, Apple has a ton of patents, more ICS updates, we’re on Google Plus bitching about Apple, and so much more…

Apple ready to license its nano-SIM design for free, on one not-so-nano condition
Apple patent app portends gadgets made of glass (Hmm…)
Apple patents ejectable SIM card tray as nano-SIM battle rages on
Apple Claims the iPad’s Charging “Bug” Is Actually a Feature
Apple offers refund to Australians confused over New iPad’s (3rd Gen) 4G moniker
Apple rumored to be bringing a 5” retina display device to the market in 2013

Google rolls out 4.0.4 updates, not found for VZW GNex
Google Voice gets an ICS update, brings visual voicemail to the missed call log
Galaxy Note sells 5 million devices in 5 months
Google drive rumored for April launch
Slick Google Voice integration may not be Sprint exclusive for long

Smoked by Windows Phone: Microsoft makes up lame rules?

Angry Birds Space hits 10 million downloads in 3 days
Xbox 360’s Comcast Xfinity TV app in beta testing, won’t count against data caps when it launches

Sony to add photo editing to PlayStation 3’s repertoire this week?
Major ISPs agree to FCC’s code of conduct on botnets, DNS attacks
T-Mobile to eliminate 1,900 US call center jobs, says more ‘restructuring’ ahead
Leave wallet at home, pay with Square?

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Listener Email

Email #1
Hi guys,
Question for Bill Stebbins, how in heck does he backup 8TB? Or doesn’t he?
Listen to the show every week, along with the Simulcast! :-)

Jim Fowl

Email #2
I have a bit of unusual question this time.
Do you know of any old style turn-by-turn strategy game for Android?
I was a huge fan of “Master of Orion 2″. Kind of civilizations in space, and I recently got a craving for it again.
but since my primary computer has been an Asus transformer for the past 9 months, I was hoping you knew of something similar.

Also, what do you think of the vergecast doing listener call-ins?
They do some decent blogging, but I’m not sure they should interact with humans.
Their heads, in my opinion, are just too big for that kind of thing…

Keep up the good work.
Arne, Cyprus

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Temple Run, The Hunger Games, Alcatraz
Dave – Battlefield 3/ MW3 New Map Pack, Game of Thrones Season 1
Patrick – Angry Birds Space HD, MW3/ Hunger Games
Geoff – Swordigo, Dead Island, Dexter (finished season 3)

Picks of the week
Bill –
Dave – tTorrent, Temple Run on Android
Patrick – Screen Flow and Reflection App
Geoff – Swordigo