Simulcast Jr 8: Episode 137.5

In this episode of Simulcast Jr, Brianna and Bill are back after a 10 month hiatus. We cover a variety of topics.

We won’t be gone so long next time. We promise!

  • Happy New Year
  • My Websites
  • and and
  • teacher’s pet
  • Google TV
  • Our new TV Samsung 55” D8000
  • Steve Jobs
  • new mixer for show
  • Dad’s new headphones
  • Kube
  • new iPod4 and iPhone 4S
  • Google Voice, Obihai 110 VoIP router
  • my MacBook Pro
  • Dad’s new MacBook Air
  • Kinectimals for iOS
  • Dropbox
  • NFC tags
  • Galaxy Nexus

Simulcast 125: End of an Era

This week on The Simulcast we talk about the loss of Steve Jobs, iPhone 4S announcements, the Nexus Prime, and we have even MORE listener mail!Apple
Steve Jobs has died at 56 of cancer. (Moment of silence)
iPhone 4S announced, same great look, new internals – what do we think?
10th Anniversary of iPod brings.. White iPod Touch, minor price changes, and Nano software update.
Sprint will offer unlimited data plan for iPhone 4S (same rates)
Samsung pulls a play from the Apple playbook and seeks to block 4S sales in France & Italy
Apple Cards App allows for custom greeting cards to be created and sent from iOS device for $2.99 in US $4.99 international.  Look out Hallmark.
Apple offering Micro USB Adapters for European iPhone 4S Owners (Required by EU Law; Works on iphone 4, 3GS, and 3G)

Nexus Prime teased in video, curved screen and contact charging pictured
Nexus Prime will dock in a tablet?
Shadowgun for tablets coming soon
Adobe announces Photoshop Touch for Android $10 available soon

Xbox 360 will transform TV – tipsters says Lovefilm will hit before EOY, possibly in dash update
Xbox companion will let you control your Xbox from your WP7 device
The iPhone 4S is Microsoft’s chance to catch up to Apple

Showtime launches Anytime streaming portal, social iPad app
Early Android Emulation App appears for TouchPad
Boogie Board Rip ($130) preorders begin, brings storage and porting options.

Listener email
Hi guys,

I am looking for some suggestions for a good video editing package for windows. I know most (if not all) of you mainly use Apple machines but I just wondered if any of you did have any experience with video editing on the windows platform.

I have recently launched my website for covering news and reviews in the gaming world (cheap plug). I am seriously considering doing some video reviews as well as old fashioned text based and I have started to look at capture cards (if you have any info in this area that would also be greatly appreciated!)

As you can see the site is still fairly empty but we are trying to get more content onto it as quickly as possible. Anyway, as always keep up the good work and have a great weekend

Your friend in Glasgow Scotland

Chris @Gamer_Chris

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Steve – Chuck Season 4
Bill – Gears 3/Boardwalk Empire
Patrick – Gears 3/ Lion King BLU-Ray/ Son of Neptune
Dave –  Tanked/ Gears 3
Geoff -Started Breaking Bad Season 1, Playing RAGE, Vanquish, Portal 1, Battlefield 3 Beta

Picks of the week – sponsored by
Steve – Nuvi GPS
Bill – Proclip Tablet Headrest Mount
Patrick – 8gb Ram Upgrade for Mac Mini ($44.99 from New Egg)
Dave – Mirage for Mac
Geoff – RAGE/Zune Pass

Simulcast 119: Unicorn Tears

This week on The Simulcast we talk about the fallout from HP’s webOS debacle, we’re getting hyped for CES, we inch closer to a holiday weekend, and Steve Jobs resigns as Apple’s CEO!

Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple!! Tim Cook to take over as CEO, Jobs to be Chairman.
Samsung starts with the 2001: A Space Odyssey Defense
Apple wins preliminary ban on all Samsung Galaxy phones in EU?
iPhone 5 to be a dual-mode phone?

Google buys Motorola for $12.5B
Google+ adds Celebrity Verification Policy, apparently forgets The Simulcast staff
First US Galaxy S II coming to Sprint as Epic Touch 4G on Sept 9th?
Leaked AT&T 2nd half of 2011 Roadmap shows lots of Android phones
Asus Transformer gets update and Netflix
Samsung announces its new naming convention for cellphones, everyone goes WTF?

HTC event will focus on Mango?

Devs begin porting Android to dead TouchPad
AT&T getting rid of $10 Text Plan for new customers
MP3Tunes lawsuit gives mixed results, possibly good news for cloud music business.


Listener email

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Dave –
Bill – Portal 2 – DONE!
Patrick – Halo Reach, SGU (SG1 10 seasons & SGA 5 season already done)
Steve –
Geoff – Started watching SG-1 again, Sucker punch, Halo Reach

Picks of the week
Dave – ThinkTankDigital Holster 30
Bill – Tab for Google+ (Mac client)
Patrick – CES Press Certified
Steve – HP douchepad
Geoff – iOS 5 Beta 6