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Simulcast 233: My Bad

This week on Simulcast 233, we are talking about WWDC, Sprint is buying T-Mobile, Android 4.4.3 arrives, and the Amazon 3D phone may be coming on June 18th.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.





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Casting Couch

Bill – All Cars Go to Heaven

Patrick - Game of Thrones, The LEGO Movie, XMen: Days of Future Past

Picks of the Week

Bill – Limefuel case for Nexus 5

Patrick – WatchESPN on Chromecast!

Simulcast 196: Daveforce One

This week on Simulcast 196, we’re talking about the HTC One, WWDC, AOSP, the next Xbox reveal, and…the iCar.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast. scastlogosquare

Apple won’t make larger phone until they resolve tradeoffs
WWDC will be June 10-14
The iCar is real!

Galaxy S4 reviews hit. Is it a winner? – What do we think?
T-Mo and Sprint push back S4 availability, Verizon not until May 30
Sony posts AOSP ROM for Xperia Z
Swype finally in the Play Store

Xbox Reveal May 21st

Verizon’s new device payment plans are live
GGN disruption – you’re welcome

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Casting Couch

Bill – Thunder over Louisville, Overhaulin’
Dave –  Legend, Thor, Game of thrones, Vikings, Hannibal, Ny Ink, Americas worst tattoos
Geoff – Defiance, The Americans, The Following

Picks of the week
Bill – Fitbit
Dave –  HTC One, TV App
Geoff – Defiance

Simulcast 177: Red vs Blue

This week on Simulcast 177, we are NOT talking elections. We will, however, be talking red vs. blue – Halo 4 style. We’ll also be discussing the Galaxy Note II, Nexus 4, and a real, honest to goodness Google Wallet card.

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

3 million iPads sold in 3 days
Apple Adds Note 10.1 And Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean Update To Lawsuit Against Samsung

Get a 32GB Nexus 7 From RadioShack for $229 for a Limited Time
Sprint Galaxy Note II Gets Its First OTA Update (Build L900VPALJC), Brings Multi-Window And More
New In Titanium Backup: Create Flashable Zips Of All Your Apps And Data
Google Support Confirms All Android 2.3+ Devices Will Work With Physical Wallet Card And Non-NFC Version Of App

Did ZTE just flaunt a 5.9-inch, full HD Windows Phone?
AT&T selling Nokia’s Lumia 920 for $450 off-contract
Xbox SmartGlass app comes to iOS

Halo 4

Sprint pays US Cellular $480 million for Midwest spectrum and customers (update: 1,000 jobs lost)
Verizon Shutting the Doors of Verizon Apps Next Year, We Say It’s About Time
Amazon Prime flaunts a monthly price tag, now offers streaming and two day shipping for $7.99 per month

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Listener emails/questions
Frank B. – Just purchased a Nexus 7 as first Android device (iPhone 5 user). Can you guys recommend any apps?

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Halo 4! SoA – caught up!
Dave –  The Campaign
Patrick – Walking Dead,
Geoff – Halo 4, Saints Row 2, Weeds, Hell on Wheels

Picks of the week
Bill – M4 256GB SSD drive
DavePark me Right
Patrick – Pogo Connect
Geoff – Halo 4

Simulcast 148: Hawtness

This week on Simulcast 148, some of us still have new iPads. Want to know what we think? Stick around and find out!

Apple announces dividend and share repurchase plan
New iPad is HOT!! (Literally)
Apple A5x vs Tegra 3 with unbiased test
Untethered jailbreak for new iPad shown on YouTube, not quite ready for download

HTC One X heading to Sprint in June
Droid Fighter hits in April
Google gets go ahead to provide video services to all Kansas City residents (Don’t wet your pants!)
Unnamed Samsung exec says quad-core Exynos inside Galaxy S III, LTE on-chip
Samsung Galaxy SIII to Allow for Wireless Charging Up to 2 Meters Away?
CyanogenMod disables root access by default, now requires user configuration
Google Wallet brings back Pre-paid card support
Leaked Sprint memo hints at push to talk direct connect app for Android coming soon
Study says poorly designed ad processes in free android apps might be root of poor battery life.

Microsoft aiming for October 2012 release of Windows 8, tablets and PCs on deck
Microsoft says there will be ‘no talk of new Xbox hardware at E3 or anytime soon’

Mozilla caves, will support H.264 to avoid ‘irrelevance’
FAA to take ‘fresh look’ at gadget restrictions on flights
VMware’s WSX promises to bring virtualized desktops to the web browser with HTML5
Seagate promises 60TB hard drives by end of this decade

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Listener Questions (from the chatroom)
How long will Apple last without Steve Jobs?

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill - Puss N Boots, Halo Anniversary
Dave - Battlefield 3
Patrick - Draw Something, MW3

Picks of the week
Bill - Pritect Sensor Cover for Kinect
Dave - Temple Run (iOS) iRunner (Android)
Patrick - Canon Vixia HF R20, Open States (iOS)

Simulcast 128: Sick Remix

This week on The Simulcast we talk about the upcoming Google devices, Apple’s “new” patent, Steve Jobs’ biography, and Nokiasoft’s new offerings.

Apple award Slide-to-Unlock patent
Sprint CEO states that iPhone’s efficient data use will help Sprint keep unlimited data plans.
Steve Jobs Biography is on pace to be Year’s top selling book

Nokia finally announces their first two Windows Phone offerings:
Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 710

EA’s Battlefield 3 servers buckle under first day pressures (GOW 3 working fine, it was EA). They are working fine the next day.

German Institute working on recycling computer heat to power internal components.
Verizon’s LTE Rollout is ahead of schedule
Missouri Department of Conservation provides hunters and fishermen tips on identifying and dealing with Zombies

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Steve –  Ghost in the wires & Steve Jobs
Bill – Shadowgun, Wind-up Knight ,Sprinkle
Dave – Steve Jobs eb00k
Patrick – GOW 3/ Reboot (Netflix)/ Steve Jobs Biography
Geoff – Battlefield 3, Duke Nukem Forever, Breaking Bad

Picks of the week – sponsored by BrianandDeniseHarris.com
Steve – Words with friends
Bill – Galaxy Nexus
Dave – Steve Jobs eb00k
Patrick – Scribblenauts Remix (iOS)
Geoff -Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360)

Simulcast 126: Six Cats

This week on The Simulcast we talk about iPhone 4S preorders, iOS 5, more Netflix questionable decisions, the Nexus Prime, and Geoff is playing with his 6 cats.Apple
iPhone 4S preorders break records
iLatitude Find my Friends now available
CDMA carriers offer GSM unlocked iPhone 4S (Update Sprint’s will be locked/ unremovable)
Unlocked iPhone 4S will only work on GSM carriers in the US (no Sprint or Verizon service)
Alien Dalvik runs Android apps on iPad
Early speed tests show iPhone 4S slower than iPad 2 but way faster than iPhone 4.
You can now buy ringtones and text alerts RIGHT ON YOUR IPHONE!!!

Nexus Prime revealed and ICS screenshots
ICS event rescheduled for October 19th?
SlingPlayer for Android tablets released, costs $30

Yep, Geoff wasn’t here tonight. Sorry WP7 fans!

Sony hacked again (surprise surprise) and locks over 90,000 PSN/SOE accounts

Netflix changes mind again, Qwikster now defunct, might not rent video games either #FAIL
Blackberry’s outages spread to US and Canada
Sony initiates recall of some Bravia TV sets due to melting components
US Drone Fleet Hacked

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Steve – iWoz
Bill – Gears 3 Beast Mode
Patrick – Gears of War 3 (Beast and Horde Mode)
Dave – Fast Five (ah-mazing) iSoccer MOM

Picks of the week – sponsored by BrianandDeniseHarris.com
Steve – iOS 5
Bill – AirDrop
Patrick – iOS 5 (only took 11 upgrade attempts)/ Air Video
DaveLegacy Blade  (www.gryphonsroar.com) (www.facebook.com/legacyblade)