Simulcast 118: Breakin’

The best podcast on GGN is most definitely The Simulcast, and we have a great show this week. We continue giving our opinions on tech news and telling you what you should buy.

Apple testing 4G LTE devices
Starbucks to give away free iOS apps in store via “pick of the week”

Google buys Motorola Mobility
HTC Bootloader Unlock tool live on the web, for international customers
German judge lifts ban on Tab 10.1 sales (Sales allowed in other EU countries, not Germany)
HTC sues Apple for patent infringement
Steve Kondik hired by Samsung

Obama joins Foursquare (How is this not a National Security Risk?)

Gears of War 3 will be a (fake) 3D title
Xbox going Matte, RIP Glossy?
Kinect Star Wars (Enough said)
PS3 price cut to $250
DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3
Hack your Wii : Homebrew

Listener email
Dearest Simulcast,

Thanks for your previous advice. (insert accent as/if desired)
Moving with the android world seems to give me continued need for your help, and since you seem to like listener emails why not keep bothering the **** out of you.
When i wrote you a few weeks ago i was having trouble with my X10 running android 2.1 with 2.2 extentions and an archos tablet with 2.2, but time goes on and 2.3 came out for my phone and My primary tablet is an asus transformer with 3.2…
While both are considerable upgrades it leaves me with two issues:

1. The market enabler doesn’t work with 3.2 for tablets.
Do you know if work is being done to remedy it? Or if there is a comparable alternative elsewhere?

2. It seems my favorite music player Tinyplayer seems to work on none of them now.
I loved it because it was crazy small, simple and based its library off of my file system and not the mess that is the mp3 tags of my files.
Is there a good similar player that works on GB and HC?

Lastly, may I suggest a pick of the week?
It’s a free android app called swipepad, and it makes fast app switching a true breeze.
Basically it allows you to put invisible touch fields on the edge and corners of your screen which stay present throughout the system. Touch the place that you preset and a launcher pops up with 12 shortcuts.
You can set several different fields with different launchers or buy the add-ons that allow for more shortcuts in a launcher, a full applauncher shortcut, on-off widgets, and tasking.
It’s some of the best money I’ve spent in the android platform, and the learning curve is in the minutes range.

Again, thanks for the great show and keep up the good work.

Arne, Cyprus.

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Dave – Step Up 3
Bill – Portal 2 – yes, I’m still trying to finish it ; Halo: Reach
Patrick – Studying for Ham Radio License / Halo: Reach Rocket Hog Races
Steve – hot tub time machine/Studying for my Technician class license
Geoff – Hobo with a shotgun/New Madden 12 demo. It is garbage.

Picks of the week
Dave – FreeMusic (iOS)
Bill – Do It Tomorrow for Android
Patrick – Scrabble HD (iOS)
Steve – iOS Apps Translate and transfer
Geoff – OSX Lion (late to the game, finally upgraded)

Simulcast 116: Bomb Unit

The best podcast on GGN rolls on. We continue giving our opinions on tech news and telling you what you should buy.


Apple blocks sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia (Samsung vows to sell other versions anyway)
Skype for iPad hits App Store
Apple TV update adds streaming TV show purchases
Analyst predicts an iPad Pro will be launched this quarter
Apple iCloud goes live and pricing revealed
Apple to launch iTunes Replay Service?
Patrick’s thoughts on his new Mac Mini

Google cries foul with Apple and Microsoft
Amazon Appstore caught leaving Android App developers unpaid or is that article just ½ the truth?
Newly discovered Android malware records your calls
Android tablets go toddler
Samsung announces new Tab 10.1 Accessories Touchwiz UX OTA update to go public 8/5 but Bill already has it
Logitech Revue – Bill’s take

AT&T announces throttling plans, gently reminds us why the T-Mobile acquisition is so great
OnStar Family Link to allow vehicle tracking
HP Touchpad gets first OTA

EA Season Ticket to offer pre-release games and cheaper DLC

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Dave – 30 Minutes or Less
Bill – Take Me Home Tonight
Patrick – Warehouse 13
Steve – Angry Birds Rio on the iPad

Picks of the week
Dave – Bomb Disposal Unit
Bill – Samsung Galaxy Tab Pouch
Patrick – Mac Mini (2011)/ AOL Editions App for iPad
Steve – 8GB of ram for $42.00/ 3G unrestrictor

Simulcast 112: Hangout

We are back for the another wonderful Simulcast. The gang’s not all here this week, but we hang out and plus up with Google Plus.

Google Plus – our thoughts (Public Profile requirement)
Federal Judge allows Google “Wi-Spy” lawsuit to continue
Google Maps Transit Navigation beta for Android
Google, MapQuest, Microsoft and Aol sued for allegedly infringing 3D mapping patent
Google+ to require that profiles be visible to all, will boot private profiles after July 31st

Google Plus iOS app already submitted to Apple
PDF exploit leaked then less than one week later releases for all idevices on 4.3x
OS X Lion to allow running of multiple copies of Lion on same machine through virtualization
Apple beats out Google for control of Nortel’s 4G patents


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC) receives a Star Wars Mod
Nintendo’s Wii U coming out sometime after April 1, 2012 (One big April Fools Joke?)

Verizon switching to tiered data July 7th
The 3D Chocolate Printer: Food meets Technology
Are Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player illegal?
Facebook release video chat powered my Skype
Amazon throws in unlimited storage if you buy $20 cloud plan

Listener email

Hey guys just wanted to send a quick email.

I think one of my first emails to the simulcast crew was regarding my purchase of a Nexus One. I am sad to say that after 18 months I have now had to move on to something else…Don’t worry I didn’t get an iPhone. Eff that, I’m an android supporter through and through 🙂 Instead I opted for the Galaxy S 2.

So far I’m really impressed with it, I’ve never been a huge fan of Samsung mobile hardware and software but this phone is pretty awesome.
Anyways, I just wanted to share my (albeit brief) story of me and my good friend N1. The next leg of the N1’s journey will be to eBay I think as I try to find a new loving home for it.

Catch you later guys

Chris, Scotland

Twitter – @Gamer_Chris
Hey guys

I’m looking to get an Android phone for my wife to replace her 2 year old Samsung featurephone… however, she’s not a big fan of touchscreens, and would prefer a mobile with a physical keyboard (as opposed to something cutting edge, like the Galaxy S II).

So far I’ve only seen two phones available in the UK: the HTC Desire Z, and the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro. Throwing out the Sony Ericsson because of the size of the phone (far too small!), does anyone have any experience/thoughts on the Desire Z, and are there any new Android handsets coming out soon with a physical keyboard?

Keep up the good work!

Ian Hamilton (near London, England)

What are we playing/watching this week?
Dave – Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack
Bill – The Last Three Days,
Patrick –  Galactic Warfare (Star Wars Mod of Modern Warfare) / BLOPs Annihilation
Brian – Half life 2 on Steam  Me want Xbox!

Picks of the week

Dave –
Bill – MoboPlayer Android video player
Patrick – Google +
Brian – Podcast Box iOS

Simulcast 107: The Bachelorette

We are back for another rendition of the world’s only Simulcast Podcast! Geoff is away watching hockey (or football, or some other stupid sport), Steve is without internet thanks to storms, and the rest of the crew is here, and we’re happily discussing all of the cool stuff that happened this week in the tech world.

Tmobile announces HTC Sensation release date for June 15 at $199 after 50 mail in rebate
Transformer Honeycomb 3.1 updates (Bill hands-on)
TransPhone pairs Tablet with phone emerged before ASUS Padfone

Apple pre-announces next week’s announcements
Uncle Sam 2.0 ditches Blackberry and goes iOS
Apple to replace Macbook non-skid rubber case bottoms
Apple launches iWork Office Suite for iPhone and iPod Touch

Microsoft already screwing up Skype by loading programs without your consent
Windows 8 Revealed

Sony getting hacked again?
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to include a monthly subscription element aka Call of Duty Elite?
Wii, Move, and Kinect ? Well the Trimount has you covered. For Bill and other Home Entertainment System Buffs

PBS hacked after Wikileaks documentary, In other news Tupac is still dead

Listener Email

What are we playing this week?
Dave – Call of Dead
Bill- Plants vs Zombies for Android
Patrick- BLOPS/ Battlefield 1942

Picks of the week
Dave –  LG G2x
Bill- Levity Twitter push beta for Android – email Bill for a beta invite!
Patrick- Enkigear Genius Case

Simulcast 105: Leftovers

We are back for another rendition of the world’s only Simulcast Podcast! The crew is mostly here this week, and we’re ready to cover all this week’s news.

AT&T finally allowing app sideloading
Gingerbread test build leaks for Thunderbolt
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY pre-orders begin May 19th, launching on Verizon on May 26th
ASUS ramping up Transformer production, finally. Paging Dave Valle
Google Music Beta goes live and Bill got his invite
Should Geoff buy a GoogleTV? NO Stop buying stuff…

Major product release for 10 year retail anniversary
HP sticking with USB 3.0 over Thunderbolt for now
Mac Air getting Thunderbolt this summer?

Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 to add Chrome support for online Office apps
Xbox 360s stopped working? Microsoft may have a deal for you

Sony’s PSN WAS coming  back up and they WERE giving away lots of goodies
Amazon’s Cloud Service used to hack PSN?
Sony websites allow hackers to change your PSN passwords with stolen data WTF!!!!

Toshiba’s 4 inch Retina Display Rival

What are we playing this week?
Dave – Hacked PSPGo with Super Mario Allstars, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country
Bill- Alan Wake
Geoff- Crysis 2 & Dead Space
Patrick – BLOPS & DC Universe Online ( or maybe not)

Picks of the week
Dave – Psp Go
Bill- Thumb Keyboard for Android
Geoff-  Square
Patrick – Crunchyroll app (streaming anime on iOS and Android for the win)

Simulcast 70: The Expendables

In this episode, the whole crew is here discussing Apple’s new devices, Google Instant Search, PS3 jailbreaks, and a metric ton of other goodness.

We have a new iTunes podcast feed! Please subscribe to our show in iTunes or Feedburner at

Show Notes:

Update – new iTunes feed coming – moving from Libsyn to self-hosting shows
Site updates

Instant search – available now and Android “this fall” (or now )

R2-D2 Android boot animation:
Samsung Fascinate on Verizon – Bing only???
Angry Birds!!!!1!
Nexus One back in stock

Steve needs a f-ing Micro SD card

iOS 4.1
Game Center
iTunes 10 (Ping, etc)
New iPods arrive – why did Bill cancel his order?
Apple TV – Geoff preordered, why?

Sony PS3 Jailbreak
Nintendo’s new system to “blow everyone’s mind”
PAX announcements?


Dave’s appearance on the TechBuzz show

Appearance on The Gadget Gurus – this Sunday