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Simulcast 237: Chromecastic

This week on Simulcast 237, we are talking all about Android Wear, Chromecast Screen Casting, and the iWatch looms…

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.





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Casting Couch

Bill – Fat and Furious, Street Outlaws, 24: LAD

Patrick - Orange is the New Black, Cheesy Syfy Movies, Cool Transformers Stop Motion

Picks of the Week

Bill – Android Wear / Wear Aware

Patrick – Pressy/ Chromecast Screen Casting

Simulcast 227: 16 Instagrams

This week on Simulcast 227, we are talking about Google Fiber, I/O, HCE, Titanfall, and a tale of 16 Instagrams.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.




We are on Google+ and Twitter
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Listener Emails

Hey guys,

Just a quick take on Windows 8, it’s not so great on desktops or non touch screen laptops.  8.1 helped a little allowing direct booting into the desktop.  I think the only area Windows 8 has shined for me at least is on tablets.  I have a Clover Trail windows 8 tablet, and I love it.  I use a variety of media stuff with it including the Hulu website, iTunes, Netflix, and Xbox Video.  Haven’t tried Google Play movies yet via chrome, but I will eventually.  Just wanted to comment since you didn’t know anyone that likes Windows 8.  Don’t worry, I’m still an Android fan rocking my Note 3.  Keep up the great work.

Rob (@brat1475)

Casting Couch
Bill -
Patrick – Titanfall Beta, Duck Dynasty, Winter Olympics

Picks of the Week
Bill – Muzei
Patrick – Jaybird Bluebuds X


Simulcast 224: The Boys Are Back

This week on Simulcast 224 we’re back! We are talking about fires, some network reorganization, CES, listener questions, and we’re going to hit the casting couch.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.


Where have we been? What’s going on with the show? Where are Dave and Ge-off? Network news. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?…




CES Picks

BillVizio 120” UHDTV, Makerbot Replicator

PatrickCobra Jumpack

We are on Google+ and Twitter

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Question for listeners

Patrick – Looking to get a smart watch, most likely either a Martian Smartwatch, Pebble Steel, or Galaxy Gear (would wait for Gear 2).  Curious which our listeners would suggest or if they have any alternative suggestions.

Casting Couch

Bill – Lone Survivor, The Following, Klondike

Patrick – Stargate SG1

Picks of the Week


PatrickMobee Magic Bar

Simulcast 168: iSack

This week on Simulcast 168, most of the whole crew is back and we’re catching up from last week. We’re talking about the Samsung vs Apple decision, Samsung Galaxy device news, and a freaking Android camera. Whoa!

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

Jury foreman: The evidence was overwhelming
No NFC for next iPhone?

Galaxy Note 2 official
Samsung Galaxy camera announced
Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 revealed for people with big pockets
Apple specifies Samsung phones to ban
Galaxy S3 to come in more colors
Possible HTC tablet leaked in pics – what do we think?

Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8 phone looks amazing
Windows Phone 8 10/29
Samsung ATIV Windows 8 Tablets
Sony VAIO Duo 11


T-Mo unveiling unlimited unthrottled data plans Sept 5th
RadioShack No Contract Wireless may be getting ready to launch September 5th
Vizio Co-star hands-on

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Listener emails

Can you and some of your chums maybe help me out?
I’ve had a bit of an ‘eBay fest’ this weekend and decided to sell my D40, our HD camcorder and a few old printers etc and I’ve generated a decent budget for a new camera (but it needs to take decent video also)

I’m a bit wed to Nikon but only because I have retained the 18-200mm lens and hoped to buy a ‘body only’

I narrowed it down to D7000, D90 or D5100.   I had pretty much decided on the 5100 until a few reviews on YouTube reported some dire video results?  Do you think it’s just them being crap or should I be worried.  My wife will kill me for selling the camcorder if it’s replacement is shite!

Are you and your team familiar with these and what do you recommend?

Bearing in mind that my sole aim is to to take decent, well lit, focused pictures and video of my family with the occasional bit of ‘creativeness’ thrown in when the urge takes me!


What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Breaking Bad
Dave –
Breaking Bad Season 4/5
Patrick –
Madden 13
Geoff –
Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, CS:GO

Picks of the week
Bill –
Top Gear America
Dave –
Patrick –
Vizio Co-Star
Geoff –
Lumia 900

Simulcast 147: White Ice

This week on Simulcast 147, we’re enjoying Pi Day and several of us eagerly await new iPads this Friday.

Apple stores open Friday at 8am for iPad sales
Hague stops any further Samsung suits against Apple for 3G patents if Apple agrees to consider licensing them and grants victory to Apple
Apple buying up old iPad 2s
Verizon CTO confirms that Verizon only releasing LTE handsets rest of 2012
Rumor: Macbook Air Accessory Manufacturer claims 15” Air coming next month

Google I/O pre-sale on March 27th
ICS coming to Tab 10.1 soon (officially)
HTC has 16 devices on ICS upgrade list
Samsung looking into Android powered cameras
Instagram for Android makes appearance at SXSW 2012

Black Ice DLC for MW3 released Tuesday
Update for Black Ops Zombies iOS App – 3/16 according to Treyarch Twitter
StarWars: The Old Republic free to play this weekend

Twitter buys Posterous
WalMart digital conversion service official
Verizon lights up its 200th LTE market and plans to double their coverage by end of 2012

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Listener email
Hey Simulcast.
I’m about a month away from upgrading my phone.
But I’m split between the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note.
The Note is attractive to me because of its huge screen and battery.
Whichever one I choose, I’ll be stuffing in a double sized battery.
Having 5 amps in my pocket just sounds juicy.
But I am a bit nervous about going back to 2.3 after having 4.0 on my Nexus S for several months.
The Note will fit my pocket and either of them will require two handed use as my hands size limit is 4 inches anyway.
Also the Nexus only comes in 16 gig flavour here, whereas the Note has room for SanDisk’s new 64 gig MicroSD (yes people have tested it with success) on top of the internal storage.
I do sound like a Note buyer don’t I?
Still love your show, and I hope you have some advice for me.

Arne, Cyprus

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – MW3 Black Ice, Halo Anniversary, Scramble
Patrick – MW3, Scrabble (iOS)
Brian – The Walking Dead
Geoff – Mass Effect 3 (a little), Halo Anniversary, Dexter Season 2, Walking Dead

Picks of the week
BillAndroidified Case for Galaxy Nexus from Cruzer Lite
Patrick – Audiotechnica ATR-6550
Brian – gMusic app, iomega Network hard drive.
Geoff – Mass Effect 3 and Zagg (good rant)

Simulcast 142: Boo-frickin-who

This week on Simulcast 142, the big game may be over, but only one of us is crying. BOOM! We have lots of Google updates, Apple TV news, and even some Microsoft news!

Chrome Beta released for Android – ICS only
Google Voice update brings Honeycomb and ICS UI updates and Asynchronous SMS
Samsung Galaxy SIII will be 7mm thin, May release?
Report: Google hires Apple exec to work on ‘secret project’
HP releases Android Kernel for Touchpad

Apple 42 inch TV in Best Buy survey for $1499
Motorola wins permanent injunction against Apple’s iCloud in German court (update: ban lifted)
Tweetbot for iPad released and update for iPhone app

Verizon and Redbox team up to launch streaming and physical media service later this year
Netflix teams with eyeIO to lower bandwidth use on movie night
Verizon double data returns Friday
Vonage Mobile App allows free calls and texts worldwide to fellow Android and iOS app users
Amazon and Viacom make deal to bring more TV shows to Amazon Prime Instant Video Service
Sony announces that “UMD Passport” service will not be offered in the US for Vita

Stepto leaving Microsoft for parts unknown
Microsoft to lauch Windows 8 Consumer Preview at Mobile World Congress on Feb 29th
Preinstalled Windows 8 consumer preview apps revealed

We have our own Google+ page! and an updated Android app! You can also email us podcast@thesimulcast.com

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
BillChrome beta for Android
GeoffBack To The Future The Game Episode 1 and 2 (there are 5 total), Dungeon Siege 3, The Tester Season 3
Patrick – Transformers Seasons 1-4 (Gen 1), Technician Class Amateur Radio Study Guide

Picks of the week
GeoffPlaystation Plus
PatrickOneNote Mobile for Android