Simulcast 160: Baller

This week on Simulcast 160, we discuss a ton of news from Microsoft’s Surface announcement, Nexus 7 rumors, and RIM layoffs.

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

Dutch court rules in favor of Samsung in 3G patent case against Apple, could lead to compensation
Kodak sues Apple for allegedly interfering with patent sales, has little nostalgia for your QuickTake
Macbook Pro with retina display officially supports 3 external monitors (Thunderbolt x2 + 1 HDMI)

Nexus 7 posts picture to Picasa
Stock Android for Galaxy S3 right now!
Flipboard gets access to Google+ APIs
ICS coming to Samsung Galaxy Tabs 10.1, 8.9, 7.7 and 7.0 Plus starting in July

Microsoft Surface revealed
Microsoft brings NFC payments and loyalty cards to Windows Phone 8
Microsoft introduces Windows Phone 8 for fall release, incompatible with current devices
Microsoft announces OTA updates for Windows Phone 8 and 18 month support for devices
TMobile Germany refuses to sell Nokia 900 due to lack of Windows Phone 8 support

AT&T strikes a deal with Sirius XM to make 2.3GHz LTE a reality, pitches it to the FCC
Harry Potter series free on Kindle Lending Library
PCMag tests 4G speeds in the US, Verizon LTE the clear winner
Prepaid MiFi coming to Walmart, starting at $10 for 100MB with no expiry
Verizon intros FiOS Quantum, officially priced up to 300Mbps
RIM starts laying off employees

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from @nicball Did Bill consider the acoustics when pouring his new floors? Did he buy the six-axis controller app for Android?

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – The Girl with Dragon Tattoo
Dave –
Patrick –
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Picks of the week
Bill – Open Garden, Super Video
Dave –
Temple Run: Brave
Patrick –
Macally External Hard drive enclosure

Simulcast 154: WAKE UP!

This week on Simulcast 154, RIM staged a lame protest, the Verizon GNex FINALLY gets an update, and Black Ops 2 releases this holiday. We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

RIM was behind the “Wake Up” protest on Apple store?
Dropbox SDK violated App Store policy, promptly removed (and all apps that integrate it)

Verizon GNex finally gets 4.0.4 update
Galaxy SIII coming to Verizon in blue or white?

Motorola wins injunction against Xbox and Windows in Germany
Microsoft and Barnes and Noble settle and create subsidiary
Target pulling all Kindles
First glimpse of a possible Windows 8 business tablet

N.O.V.A. 3 coming soon
Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 set in 2025, releases 11/13/12
Skyrim gets Kinect voice features
Skyrim Dawnguard coming this summer
$99 Xbox 360/Kinect subsidized bundle coming next week?

RIM guarantees $10k to BB10 certified app devs
Amazon will soon charge tax in more states
Hulu will start requiring cable subscription
Ceton opens a beta signup page – companion app and new extenders coming!
Amazon Launches Cloud Drive Desktop app for Mac and PC

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Bill was on the Gadget Gurus Sunday evening – Listen!

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Onkyo TX-NR616 7.2 receiver
Dave – Battlefield 3
Patrick – Uncharted, Fallout 1, Starcraft
Geoff – Uncharted 2, Alien, Dexter Season 4, Fable Heroes (XBLA)

Picks of the week
BillDraw Something Assistant
DaveThe Avengers Live wallpaper
Patrick – iHangy music necklace
GeoffLenovo Ideapad Y470p and Chris Kapusta’s HD Homerun/Windows Media Center Post

Simulcast 141: Who is Football?

This week on Simulcast 141, we have a ton of news. Stay tuned to find out if Geoff is still with his Galaxy Nexus, and if Steve has a 5th iPhone.

Apple releases updated Final Cut Pro X, brings multicam support, broadcast monitoring love
Apple hires former Dixons CEO John Browett as senior VP of Retail
iPad 3 rumors swirl on that non-news news site
OS X 10.7.3 released with bug fixes aplenty

Google strikes deal to bring 27,000 Chromebooks to US schools in three states
Google adding Public Alerts to Maps, keeps you in the loop in times of worry
HTC Ville caught on camera before MWC
Motorola’s RAZR with unlockable bootloader and no warranty
Symantec was wrong
Google’s new privacy policy
Galaxy Note for $299 on AT&T Feb 19
No SGS 3 announcement at MWC

Verizon finally launching shared family data plans?
Redbox ditches Warner Bros and 56 day waiting period
T-Mobile brings Square to select small businesses, does the mobile payment thing
WiGig SD card gets demoed on tablets, makes DVDs gone in 60 seconds
North Carolina launches FCC-approved TV White Space network in Wilmington
RIM has lost it
Angry Birds on a Blackberry
Nintendo officially announces Nintendo Network, promises personal accounts for Wii U
Breaking Bad RPG reinterprets the series

GeoffEff wins a free Windows Phone for expressing his #DROIDRAGE
Kinect for Windows now available – for $249

Listener Voicemail

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What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Dave –  Spartacus Season 1
Steve – War Games
Bill – Alcatraz ←——- love this show!
Geoff – The Tester Season 2, Skyrim (finishing up side quests), Starhawk beta, Twisted Metal demo

Picks of the week
Dave –  Nova Launcher
Steve – Intelliscreen X Call bar
BillRND Power desktop dock for Galaxy Nexus
Geoff – Starhawk beta