Simulcast 214: Unapologetically Human

scastlogosquareThis week on Simulcast 214, we’re talking about hard coated polycarbonate phones, Note 3 preorders, the triumphant return of the BoomExplode podcast, and Ge-off gets another PS Vita.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

Apple event recap
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S
Apple Stocks Drop ~5.5% as investors not impressed by iPhone 5S/5C Announcement

Note 3 preorder roll call
Google Music 5.2 rolls out, brings Genre-based music stations
LTE Nexus 7 now available for $349
HP, Acer, ASUS, and Toshiba announce Haswell Chromebooks

BoomExplode returns!
Xbox One Dashboard Video Leak
PS Vita TV Announced
New PS Vitas
BF4 PC Specs

Samsung now apparently copying Dyson Vacuums

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Casting Couch
– Sons of Anarchy!
Patrick – Duck Dynasty, Big Bang Theory
Dave–  Django, Oblivion
Geoff– Breaking Bad, The Bridge, Low Winter Sun, Killzone HD, Killzone Mercenary, The Walking Dead Vita

Picks of the week
GeoffKillzone Mercenary   This is my pick of the week


Simulcast 212: Patrick’s Dangle

scastlogosquareThis week on Simulcast 212, we’re talking about Galaxy Mega, One Mini, Waze, Ghosts, and Vita.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

Galaxy Mega heading to AT&T soon
HTC One Mini hitting AT&T August 23rd
Google Maps and Waze combining features
Google Keep, Hangouts, YouTube updated

Sony announces their own PS3 to PS4 upgrade plan
Call of Duty: Ghosts PS3 to PS4 upgrade will be $10
PS Vita price drop (now $199): Too little too late?

Netflix replacing queues with “my list” function for streaming service
ESPN in talks to bring all of its channels to upcoming internet tv services

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Casting Couch
– Pain and Gain, UFC
Geoff – Breaking Bad, Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, The Bridge, Low Winter Sun, Halo 4
Patrick – Duck Dynasty, Futurama, Breaking Bad
Dave – Teen Wolf season Finale, BB more next week

Picks of the week
– AirCast, Timely
GeoffClick UI
Patrick – AirCast, Hangouts (Chrome Extension)
Dave – nada

Simulcast 153: Drive Me Crazy

This week on Simulcast 153, Google Drive FINALLY launches, Apple makes even more truckloads of money, and the Galaxy SIII is on the horizon.

Apple Q2 2012 earnings exceed expectations. ($39.2 Billion Revenue, $11.6 Billion Net Profit)
US International Trade Commission (ITC) judge finds Apple in violation of Motorola patent
Rumor: Apple may be cutting the 17” Macbook Pro line
Denver Broncos join an emerging trend of NFL teams shifting to iPad from paper playbooks
New Flashback variant emerges using same exploit (shouldn’t affect patched mac users)

Google Drive take the world by storm, Google raises Gmail storage limit to 10GB free
Samsung teases next Galaxy
Droid Incredible 4G appears on Verizon website
Samsung releases ICS update list for US Carrier devices
Google begins selling unlocked Galaxy Nexus (GSM) for $399 through Google Play Store
HTC One X AT&T pre-orders begin for $199 ($149 via Amazon Wireless)
Verizon axes Galaxy Nexus price, now $199 on contract

Skydrive tiered plans announced 100GB for $50/year. 7GB free
ITC Judge rules Xbox 360 violates 4 Motorola patents and in favor of Microsoft on 1 other patent
Microsoft sells 650 AOL Patents to Facebook for $550 Million
Windows 8 Release Preview scheduled for first week of June

Call of Duty announcement coming May 1st
Skype launches for PS Vita, allows in-game video chat*

HP announces its first Ivy Bridge Desktops starting at $699 on April 29th
Firefox 12 now available for download, Windows users get silent updates
Amazon opens up AmazonSupply to sell parts and supplies to businesses
Dropbox now allows sharing via link from any folders
US Senate Bill proposes requiring blackboxes for all automobiles come 2015

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Listener emails
Hey guys

I’m seriously thinking of rooting my wife’s htc desire z, as she has been experiencing problems with poor signal and battery life lately.
Will rooting and installing a custom rom help or hinder these issues? On Tuesday her phone battery died by 4pm but today (Wednesday) with exactly the same usage, the battery lasted a whole day.
It’s annoying because it’s a good phone but little niggles like this are becoming annoying!

Ian in London

Listener voicemails

@fubaracing What do you guys think of this HTC One X on AT&T? I’m stuck on AT&T, is it better then an unlocked Nexus from Google?

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Finished Uncharted 3!
Dave – Battlefield 3 Karkland Map Pack
Patrick – Uncharted, Hunger Games Trilogy, Marvel Collections on Netflix
Geoff – Ghost Recon:Future Soldier Beta, Diablo 3 Beta, replaying Uncharted 2

Picks of the week
Dave – UNetbootin ( Multi Platform )
Patrick – Draw Something
Geoff – Diablo 3 beta