PhoneSuit Elite Battery + Case for iPhone 4

PhoneSuit sent over their newest product for the iPhone 4: PhoneSuit Elite. This is a combination battery pack and slider case. They claim that it’s the thinnest, fastest charging iPhone 4 battery case which provides over 100% power.

You’re probably familiar with products such as the Mophie JuicePack Air  which combine an external battery with a case to protect your phone. However, they all seem to have some shortcoming which makes them impractical. After using this battery case for the last week, I’m very pleased to tell you that it delivers on all of the features it promises.

Let’s look at those:

  • Fast 5 Watt/1 Amp charging – fully charges iPhone 4 in less than 2 hours
  • 2100 mAh capacity
  • Charge and sync with iTunes via microUSB connector
  • PhoneSuit Power Saver Technology prioritizes iPhone power consumption to ensure your iPhone always gets the charge it needs
  • ClearAir technology alleviates any potential signal interference (common in competitor’s products)


The battery case itself is very well made. It has a nice sturdy construction with soft touch paint. The unit I received was black, but they plan to offer a variety of colors soon. Placing the iPhone in the case is very simple. Slide it down from the top until it clicks into the dock connector, then slide the top piece into place. PhoneSuit includes two different top pieces for compatibility with both AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4s.


This case adds a bit of bulk to the iPhone. Overall dimensions of the case are L126 x W62 xH17mm. It does add noticeable bulk to the iPhone, but what you give up in bulk you gain back in battery life. PhoneSuit claims that it will more than double battery life  for all use cases. In my testing with the case, I found that these figures were accurate. At the end of a normal day’s usage, the iPhone 4 would have about 25% battery remaining. I routinely saw the iPhone’s battery meter still pegged at 100% with 1 bar of power remaining on the case.

Do I really need it?

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on your iPhone, whether it be talking, gaming, or surfing the internet, you undoubtedly know that even though it has excellent battery life, there is no such thing as too much power. I’m the type of person who would not want to give up the slim design of my device all the time in exchange for additional power. However, carrying around a spare battery isn’t an option for iPhone users. I could see using this phone on days where I knew I was going to need that extra power (such as traveling, camping, at a sporting event, etc). This case would give me plenty of confidence that my phone would have the power needed to get me through a heavy day and still have power to spare when I finally made it to a charger.


The PhoneSuit Elite Battery + Case is the best external battery pack case I’ve used. While it adds bulk, it also protects the iPhone and still provides access to all buttons and camera functions. It is an Apple Certified, Made for iPhone product that  is priced at a reasonable $79.95 and it is available directly from PhoneSuit’s website.

Make sure you let them know you saw it here!

Simulcast 117: Stop or I’ll Sue!

The best podcast on GGN rolls on. We continue giving our opinions on tech news and telling you what you should buy.

Apple sued for Patent Infringement over OSX’s fastboot feature
Apple releases utility to create Lion recovery USB key
Skype 5.3 brings HD video calling, Lion Support
iOS 5 Beta 5 gets tethered jailbreak (no ipad 2)
Boxee for iPad is out
Vudu now optimized for iPad (SD streaming only & no Disney content)
Kindle Cloud Reader allows Amazon to sidestep Apple’s subscription rules.

Google up and running, will unlock bootloaders soon
HTC holding teleconference tomorrow at 11:30am. What could it be?
Google+ now on iPad & iPod Touch
Apple blocks sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe too

Barnes & Noble giving away $100 in books & study guides with purchase of Nook & Nook Color
Amazon cloud storage outage downs Netflix, Quora, Foursquare, and others
Happy 20th Birthday World Wide Web – (August 6, 1991)
FCC to review AT&T’s T-Mobile and Qualcomm deals together
Hacker is able to unlock cars (make/model undisclosed) with a text message
Nokia N9 not coming to America?
Acer Aspire 3951 – PC clone of Macbook Air?
Verizon joins AT&T in blocking unlicensed tethering apps

Ten-year-old hacker exposes potential iOS and Android games exploit

Listener email
I’ve been listening to your show since before the “Beachbody breakup” and I always listen to your show on Wednesday nights.  The reason for my email is because I am looking for advice on upgrading my MacBook Pro.  I am ripping DVDs with Handbrake and am close to running out of room on my Hitachi 5400 250GB hard drive.  I was looking at OWC and there are so many choices, sizes and brands I have no clue even where to begin.  Also my other question is regarding upgrading my RAM.  I have 4GB DDR3 1066MhZ of RAM in my Mid 2010 13″ MacBook Pro and was wondering if it makes sense to upgrade to 8GB or even more if possible.

Thanks again guys for any advice you can give and keep up the good work,

Rob “Fubaracing”

P.S. I’m glad Steve went back to the iPhone or I myself would have had to convert to Android.  Thanks Steve!!

Hey guys – just an update on an e-mail I sent a few weeks back about the HTC Desire Z. Apparently in the US it was released as the T-Mobile G2 – knowing that, does anyone have any experiences of that handset, and does it change your original opinion to pick the HTC over a similar Sony Ericsson handset?

Second question, my father, who knows of computers, but isn’t terribly computer literate beyond that, is looking to get a computer so he can browse the internet. Which would you say would be the best balance between a safe option and a cheap option? An Android tablet or a netbook? I was thinking an Android tablet as it will browse the internet, and some can output in HDMI (plus you can’t do that much damage just browsing, as compared to on a PC with various hijacked/booby trapped sites) – do you guys have any tips?


Ian H (from near London, England – not affected by the riots, but a little too close to them for comfort!)

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Dave – Case 39
Bill – “Take the Money and Run”
Patrick – 80s movies (Flight of the Navigator/ Something Wicked This Way Comes)
Steve – all of the original Planet of the Apes Movies

Picks of the week
Dave – Optibay knockoff
Bill – PhoneSuit Elite battery case for iPhone 4
Patrick – Business card/ Stickers
Steve – Otterbox box commuter for iPhone 4/ Netflix

PhoneSuit announces Thinnest, Fastest Charging iPhone 4 Battery Case

Our friends at PhoneSuit let us know that their latest battery case for the iPhone 4 is now available to order. See the details in the press release below.


PhoneSuit announces the Thinnest, Fastest Charging iPhone 4 Battery Case to provide over 100% power

Santa Monica, California – June 1, 2011 – PhoneSuit today announced their new iPhone power product, The PhoneSuit Elite battery case for iPhone 4. The PhoneSuit Elite is the thinnest, fastest charging iPhone 4 battery case which can provide over 100% power. The PhoneSuit Elite extends the battery life of the iPhone by truly doubling its charging capacity in an ultra-thin, innovative design. It incorporates the latest in advanced technology including an efficient 2100mah lithium-ion polymer battery cell, Quick charge 1 Amp capability in a full protection case that measures only 17mm (0.67 inch) thin. Quick charge provides twice the industry standard power output charging the iPhone fully in less than 2 hours. PhoneSuit’s design team has developed an aesthetically pleasing, slim, ergonomic design to meet the quality that iPhone users expect from their Apple accessories. Founded in 2007, PhoneSuit’s philosophy has been to provide products which incorporate the best in design, technology and style.

PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case Feature Highlights

  • High Capacity 2100mAh battery provides over 100% iPhone charge capability. PhoneSuit high density lithium-ion polymer cells deliver ultra-efficient power output in a compact size.
  • Quick charge 1 Amp / 5 Watt output technology. PhoneSuit Elite provides twice the industry standard iPhone power output charging an iPhone 4 fully in less than 2 hours.
  • Ultra-Thin Ergonomic case design. The PhoneSuit Elite has been engineered with precision to fit the iPhone 4. A slim, full protection design puts more power in less than 17mm of space. Soft touch, scratch resistant coating keeps the iPhone protected and looking great.
  • PhoneSuit Smart Power Technology. The PhoneSuit Elite’s smart power circuitry regulates and prioritizes iPhone power consumption to ensure the iPhone always has the power it needs. An integrated power switch allows the device to be set to power save mode.
  • Charge & Sync with iTunes. Users can sync the iPhone with iTunes while it’s attached to the PhoneSuit Elite. Charge the PhoneSuit battery, iPhone and sync with iTunes all at the same time.
  • Innovative 5 point LED battery meter. The Unique design of the battery status meter keeps the lights hidden for an attractive uniform appearance. Activating the meter conveniently reveals the remaining power status.
  • PhoneSuit ClearAir Technology ensures no iPhone signal interference from internal circuitry or externally applied to the antenna band.
  • Apple “Made for iPhone” certification. The PhoneSuit Elite has been certified to meet Apple performance standards and compatibility with the iPhone 4 for GSM and CDMA (Verizon and AT&T) iPhones.

PhoneSuit Elite truly delivers over 100% of the iPhone 4’s power capacity. When integrated users can experience:

  • Up to 15 hours total talk time on 3G; 30 hours on 2G.
  • Up to 13 hours total internet time on 3G; 21 hours on WiFi.
  • Up to 84 hours total music time
  • Up to 21 hours total video time

The PhoneSuit Elite will be available in June with a retail price of $79.95 USD at and quality retailers worldwide. For more information on the PhoneSuit Elite battery case design and performance, please visit

Simulcast 101: Shitty Graphics

After our epic 100th episode, Dave, Bill, Steve, Geoff, and Patrick are back in the saddle for another week of tech. Geoff is joining over some pirated wifi. Bill has the 4Geez, and Dave is in a whirlwind.

Jesse Jackson Jr claims the iPad is killing American jobs
Possible iOS5 video leaks out?
White iPhone on 4/20? <——-Shut up already
iOS 4.3.2 untethered jailbreak
Your iPhone is tracking you
iPhone 5 when is it coming out – Latest Rumors

Incredible 2 now on Verizon’s site
Skype adds 3G calling to Android app for all carriers

Microsoft Office 365 Beta Testing Begins

Palm Veer launching May 2nd

Black Ops Escalation Map Pack Preview (May 3rd Release)
PSP Go – Going Going Gone?
Wii 2 Rumors – Any thoughts?

Twitter to buy Tweetdeck?
Kindle bringing ability to borrow books from US libraries

What are we playing this week?
Steve-  Shitty Graphics
Dave – Asphalt 5 Android
Patrick – Starcraft 2/ Black Ops
Bill- Portal 2
Geoff- Bulletstorm, with himself, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Pocket Legends (it sucks now!)

Listener Email

Picks of the week
Steve- PKt weather
Dave – Widget Locker

Patrick – Scrabble for Kindle / 3 to1HDMI Switcher
Bill- chickswithstevebuscemeyes
Geoff- Widgets Locker & ZD Box

Simulcast 99: #SWIMMING

In this episode, Dave is mad at Bill, Geoff is swimming at his new house, and Steve thinks Apple is “magical”

Untethered jailbreak for 4.3.1 released
Apple asks Toyota to pull their jailbreak theme
Apple reject dev’s iAd app, then releases its own version

Developers: Android Fragmentation is a problem
Nexus S on Sprint today?
New Android market and music app leaks
HTC Pyramid to launch on April 12th under the name of HTC Sensation? YES! (Dave may get one)

You can now run Android apps on Windows

Leaked touchscreen-only Palm phone

Gamestop buys Impulse

What are we playing this week?
Steve-  Contract Killer
Dave – BLOPS
Bill- COD Black Ops
Geoff- SOCOM 4 Beta, Crazy Taxi, Dragon Age (beat it Sunday), Battlefield Bad Company 2, Biggest Loser, Phantasy Star Portable 2.
Listener Email
Hey guys,

Any thoughts concerning the rumors that Apple may be moving towards capacitive home buttons on the iPod Touch 5th gen?

Does this suggest that the next iPhone (assuming its called iPhone 5) may make the switch as well?

What effect, if any, do you see such a change having in regards to custom case replacements and modding?

Love the show by the way.


Patrick Virgadamo

Picks of the week
Steve-  Jailbreak of IOS 4.3.1
Dave – MLB At 2011 for iPad
Bill- Phonesuit Primo Power Core
Geoff- SOCOM 4 and I was on G4

Phonesuit Primo Power Core Portable Battery Unboxing

The fine people at sent me a sample of their new Primo Power Core Battery Pack. This is an 8200mAh portable battery charger that can charge just about any device you can imagine. It includes support for iPad.

Check out the unboxing below, and check back for a follow-up review once I’ve had time to put it through its paces. You can order your own from Primo Power Core page on the Phonesuit website