Simulcast 90: F Your Honda

In this episode, we clear up the misconceptions about the real reason for Geoff’s hiatus. Steve has a shiny new Google CR-48 netbook thingy, Geoff returns to give the podcast an explicit tage, and Dave and Bill talk tech.

Black Ops First Strike map pack- worth the $15?
Bing copying Google’s search results?

Steve’s CR48

Picks of the week
Bill –
Dave – Seagate Free Agent Go Flex 2tb Ext HDD
Steve – Google CR48
Geoff – Slingbox, Evernote, Dead Space iPad, Horse Outside Really?

Simulcast 89: Diversity

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Dave Valle do not and are not indicative of the views of – In this episode, Geoff is still at the free clinic. Steve, Dave, and Bill are joined by Darren (@deemota) chat about white iPhones, overpriced Android tablets, Bill’s new media center setup, and there is still no good Microsoft news.

$799 price tag for XOOM?
Motorola Atrix laptop dock for $150?
White Nexus S spotted in Germany
Tegra 3 Quad Core ( Oh me so horney Kbai)
Google brings Cloud Print service to mobile Google Docs, Gmail
Port your existing number to Google Voice
Thunderbolt can handle data and voice over 3G?

Theme It store launched in Cydia
XBMC for AppleTV

WebOS Topaz tablet specs

HD2 dual booting WP7 and Android

Barnes and Noble to Phase out Nook 3G(HA)
Phase One straps 80 megapixels to your camera, USB 3.0 for ginormous image transfers.

Picks of the week
Bill – Adorama
Dave – Circle Launcher
Steve – Nightstand for iPhone
Darren – One Password

Simulcast 88: Golden Nuggetz

In this episode, Steve, Dave, and Bill chat about upcoming Android devices, the latest Apple rumors and happenings, and more miscellaneous stuff than you can stand.

T-Mobile Vibrant 4G appears
Dell Streak 7 coming February 2nd?
Thunderbolt supporting simultaneous voice/data over LTE
Motorola tells users who want custom ROMS to buy elsewhere, then changes mind

Steve Jobs takes another medical leave
Playboy uncensored coming to iPad? Not Really


Sprint now charging extra $10/month for all smartphone users
Bill finally got his Ceton InfiniTV4 cablecard tuner!
Nintendo 3DS coming to US March 27th
HP Palm tablet to feature Touchstone dock, cloud storage, Beats audio and Tap-to-Share smartphone integration
T-Mobile intros DriveSmart Plus service to block texting while driving, FamilyWhere to track down your kids

Picks of the week
Bill – ShootMe screenshot app for Android
Dave – TorrentDroid
Steve –

Simulcast 85: Put A Ring On It

In this episode we throw out our show notes as we’re joined by two special guests: Ching and Brian

We talk about Ching’s FourSquare podcast, Brian’s new Nexus One, Dave’s Nexus S, and Geoff’s new 27″ iMac with a big caché.

This was a fun-filled end of the year podcast. Have a great new year!

Simulcast 84: Merry Nexus

In this episode Bill does a complete 180 and gets a new Nexus S on T-Mobile while Dave is hustling one up too. Geoff sells his Nexus One again (surprise!). Steve remains quietly huddled in a corner with his iPhone 3Gs. We discuss the latest in Android tablets, iOS updates, and more!

Google news:

Motorola teases Honeycomb tablet in video
Verizon to reveal Android LTE devices at CES
Incredible HD pics making the round
Gmail free calling extended through 2011
Gingerbread already getting update to 2.3.1?
First Nexus S Custom ROM surfaces
Android Market adds direct billing for AT&T users
Samsung Epic 4G finally getting Froyo?
Unlocked Dell Streak now $400 (down from $580)

This app is amazing (Wordlens)
Developers fighting to get locked in top 50 apps for Xmas **SALES**
Apple bringing native navigation app?
Could the size of apps become a problem?
Untethered Jailbreak coming for 4.2.1 on Christmas
Apple takes WikiLeaks app off AppStore

1.5 million WP7 devices sold…to carriers
Buy a WP7 device get a free Xbox 360 game
Various app updates happening

PalmPad to be revealed at CES? Probably not

Picks of the week
Bill – Tango video chat app for Android and iOS
Dave – TIKL
Steve –  Geocaching app
Geoff – Quake Arena Arcade
Also, GameMine contest FREE to enter!

Simulcast 83: Yo Mama

In this episode all the members of the panel are drinking alcoholic beverages. Join us for a little tech and a lot of fun!

CR-48 – did you get yours?

Latitude on iOS now, stalkers rejoice
Bill’s mom gets an iPhone 4
Google Voice now for iPod and iPad
Mango? heh.

Bill’s Canon 60D
Gawker Media hacked – Bill’s rant

Picks of the week
Bill – Booq Boa Flow
Dave – Applanet
Steve – Geoffs 3Gs
Geoff – Engadget iPad app