Simulcast 100: Big Time

In this magical 100th episode, Dave, Bill, Steve, and Geoff are drinking in celebration of this milestone and you guys better be drunk. Thanks to all our special guests: John D’Agnese(@physboy)Darren Walker (@itsthe1manshow), Marcey Papandrea (@SuperMarcey), Ching Yao-Yu(@nutzareus) Brian Feldy(@bwfeldy), Patrick Virgidamo(@lsulaw2009), and Brian Harris (@brianharris).
All of our listeners rock!

Um, seriously? iSteve, the Book of Jobs
Apple Airplay cracked

CM7 Released
Geoff’s new Inspire
HTC Sensation coming to Tmo this summer. Shits a B3Ast !! Dave is def getting one!
ASUS Transformer
End of April (different link with pricing)

Xbox 360 Update Preview discs are in the mail

Sony and GeoHot settle out of court
COD: Black Ops Escalation Map pack May 3rd

What are we playing this week?
Steve-  HR Battle Hd – ipad
Dave – BLOPS
Bill- COD Black Ops
Geoff- Halo Reach

Listener Email
Hey guys, I just bought a new MacBook Pro and was wanting to get some advice on what are some must have apps.  I only got the 13″ Core i5 model but couldn’t pass up the under $1000 price they had on it at Micro Center. You may want to pass on to your listeners that at least until March 17th they have the $1199 13″ Core i5 Macbook Pro for $999.99.  And Apple stores will price match since it is from an authorized reseller.  That is actually where I picked mine up at.  I like the Apple store experience and living in Missouri I didn’t want a dollar of my tax money going to Kansas, and that’s where Micro Center is.  Since the sale is on Micro Center’s website you may be able to get the price match at Best Buy or elsewhere.  Thanks for the great podcast, keep up the good work.

Victor Speer

Picks of the week
Dave – Too drunk to even say his
Bill- LogMeIn
Geoff- HTC Inspire 4G and Afro Samurai

Simulcast 97: teh 4Gs

In this episode, we talk about the proposed AT&T&T merger, Bill’s new ThunderBolt (guess what? It has issues. SHOCKER), and whatever else my friends included in the show notes


Nexus S 4G coming to Sprint
Sprint partners with Google for seamless Google Voice on all their phones
HTC Pyramid caught on camera
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
HTC’s WiFi-only Flyer launching exclusively with Best Buy ‘this spring’
EVO 3D Specs

Lightradio Technology
Bill’s ThunderBolt


Crysis 2 released, getting great reviews.
Old School Classics playable online…AMAZING

Pax East thoughts post–Comment from Kris:

Great read Geoff.
Being a gamer myself I’m really enjoying the gaming talk on The Simulcast. Long may it continue!
I checked out a few of these games myself last year at Eurogamer in London. This is the biggest event for checking out new games we get here in the UK.
I’m hoping to check it out again this year and perhaps do some coverage of it myself.
Anyways, keep up the good work!

What are we playing this week?
Geoff- Dragon Age, The Biggest Loser (Kinect), Battlefield Bad Company 2, Resident Evil 3 (PSP), Phantasy Star Portable 2
Bill – Infinity Blade
Steve-   Angry Birds RIO
Dave-  Peng Airborne

Picks of the week
Geoff -PSPgo. Believe it or not.
Bill – ThunderBolt. For realz
Dave – Pen Airborne  CamCard
Steve – Audio Memos for iPad

Simulcast 96: Magnum Balls

In this episode, we talk about the iPad 2, Dave’s new MacBook Pro, Geoff was defiled at Pax East, and Bill’s precious Thunderbolt is FINALLY launching tomorrow and he’s having second thoughts. We also have a video podcast this week. The download is huge, but give it a try and let us know what you think! You’d better right click and save-as! You’ve been warned!

iPad 2 recap/thoughts
Apple throttling iOS web apps from home screen
Adobe FINALLY caves in to Apple’s flash dilemma….Sad day =(

Hulu Plus coming to some Android devices soon?
HTC 10 inch Honeycomb tablet coming soon?
Netflix APK leaked, we go hands on
Wifi only Xoom $599, available March 27th

AT&T called out for their “fake” 4G

Devs??? WTF

PAX East
L.A. Noire
Gears Of War 3
Deus Ex 3
Battlefield 3

What are we playing this week?
Geoff- Dragon Age 2 and all the above PAX East game
Bill – Black Ops…for like a minute
Steve-  NHL 2K11
Dave-  Black Ops …….again DUH WINNING!!

Picks of the week

Geoff – PAX East…AGAIN
Bill – AutomateIt
Dave – iPad 2 ←-fanboy
Steve – sketchbook pro


Simulcast 95: The Perfect Podcast

In this episode, we talk about upcoming Sprint Android goodness, Cricket iPhones, and who the hell knows?

iPhone 5 will go iTouch-style, aluminum back?
All is right with the world – the Cricket iPhone 4
iOS 4.3 released, hotspot for 5?

Thunderbolt pushed back due to iPad 2 launch?
Google remotely wiping malicious apps, fixing damage
Sprint – EVO3D, EVO View, and Nexus coming soon?

Deutsche-Telekom to sell T-Mobile USA to Sprint?

What are we playing this week?
Geoff- Alpha Protocol, Halo Reach
Bill – Black Ops, Bulletstorm
Steve- Infinity Blade – Winning
Dave- What else? Black Ops

Kinect became the fastest selling consumer electronic device in history

Picks of the week
Geoff – PAX East 2011
Bill – Plug In Launcher
Dave – MLB At Bat 2011 Android
Steve – ifrogz luxe

Simulcast 94: Flummoxed

In this episode, we talk about Apple’s magical iPad 2, Google’s openness (polish) and malicious apps, and Geoff graces us with his presence.

Apple event March 2nd – iPad 2?
Apple’s Tim Cook hints at cheaper iPhone, prepaid possibilities to come?
Infinity Blade Update is OUT

Google pulls malicious apps from the market – is the sky falling?
Inspire gets 1.8Ghz CM7 kernel
Xoom get overclocked to 1.5 ghz Is there a trend here?
Gmail glitch loses data for some users
N1 2.3.3 OTA Roll out, breaks Google Voice for some

Sidekick gets the boot  Plans will end May 31st
Tobii and Lenovo show prototype for an eye controlled laptop
Verizon looks to tiered data plans this summer

Palm Pre Plus runs WebOS 2.0 afterall?

If you’re a diehard Xbox 360 gamer, this shit is cool

Boost Mobile
Bangin’ Party

Listener email:
Hi Simulcast guys,

Just listened to the last few shows today (I’ve been a bit behind because of family matters). I like the random video game talk between Geoff, Bill, and Dave a lot! As a gamer this definitely interests me. I may even check out the Gamemine service that Geoff has spoken highly about…we’ll see.

I have one question/thought. Have you thought about including a segment in your show each week called “what we’re playing”? Each host could talk about the games they’ve played for the week. Nothing to in-depth just a quick 5 minutes or so to appeal to a broader audience.

That’s all, hope to hear this read on the show. Keep up the good work guys!!

-Sam Eddie
@Nechsus from Twitter

Picks of the week
Geoff – Dell Streak 5/Zagg Sparq 2.0
Bill – Seesmic for Android
Dave – BlueputDroid, Mili Power Pack
Steve – MLB At Bat 2011

Simulcast 92: Clam Slappin’

In this episode, Bill gets Inspired on AT&T, Dave hackintoshes an HP, and Steve is a gaga for his iPad.

Motorola Droid X 2 Leaks
HTC new handsets – Incredible S, Wildfire S, and Desire S
HTC Flyer
XOOM officially priced – $600 wifi only, $799 3G

Verizon iPhone sales fall short
Apple’s new subscription requirements = teh Failz

Geoff has one..whaaaa?

Windows Phone 7 getting CDMA support, Multitasking, Twitter integration, IE9
Kinect and WP7 Integration shown on video

Bill’s guest spot: iOS vs Android Showdown on The Love of Tech podcast

Picks of the week
Bill – Androidify, Words with Friends
Dave – Android Beanie
Steve – Air Display