Simulcast 168: iSack

This week on Simulcast 168, most of the whole crew is back and we’re catching up from last week. We’re talking about the Samsung vs Apple decision, Samsung Galaxy device news, and a freaking Android camera. Whoa!

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

Jury foreman: The evidence was overwhelming
No NFC for next iPhone?

Galaxy Note 2 official
Samsung Galaxy camera announced
Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 revealed for people with big pockets
Apple specifies Samsung phones to ban
Galaxy S3 to come in more colors
Possible HTC tablet leaked in pics – what do we think?

Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8 phone looks amazing
Windows Phone 8 10/29
Samsung ATIV Windows 8 Tablets
Sony VAIO Duo 11


T-Mo unveiling unlimited unthrottled data plans Sept 5th
RadioShack No Contract Wireless may be getting ready to launch September 5th
Vizio Co-star hands-on

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Listener emails

Can you and some of your chums maybe help me out?
I’ve had a bit of an ‘eBay fest’ this weekend and decided to sell my D40, our HD camcorder and a few old printers etc and I’ve generated a decent budget for a new camera (but it needs to take decent video also)

I’m a bit wed to Nikon but only because I have retained the 18-200mm lens and hoped to buy a ‘body only’

I narrowed it down to D7000, D90 or D5100.   I had pretty much decided on the 5100 until a few reviews on YouTube reported some dire video results?  Do you think it’s just them being crap or should I be worried.  My wife will kill me for selling the camcorder if it’s replacement is shite!

Are you and your team familiar with these and what do you recommend?

Bearing in mind that my sole aim is to to take decent, well lit, focused pictures and video of my family with the occasional bit of ‘creativeness’ thrown in when the urge takes me!


What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Breaking Bad
Dave –
Breaking Bad Season 4/5
Patrick –
Madden 13
Geoff –
Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, CS:GO

Picks of the week
Bill –
Top Gear America
Dave –
Patrick –
Vizio Co-Star
Geoff –
Lumia 900

Simulcast 150: Instagrammed

This week on this milestone Simulcast 150, Sprint has a new EVO, Android gets Instagrammed, the PS3 gets Amazon Video, and we’re consuming alcohol in celebration of this 150th show…

Flurry’s analytics: Apple’s App Store revenue still leading, but Amazon Appstore close behind
Seas0npass tethered jailbreak now available for Apple TV 2s running iOS 5.1
Nano-SIM standard vote postponed while RIM accuses Apple of cheating
Is Apple preparing a gamepad for iPad?

Google Drive leaks suggest 5GB free storage, in-app document editing
Instagram now available for Android, iOS fans lose their minds about it, 1m downloads in a day
Google Unveils “Project Glass” – Here are Your Google Powered Glasses with Navigation, a Camera, Music and More
Sprint announces the HTC EVO 4G LTE (that’s a mouthful)(TWSS)
GMail App update brings ICS experience to Honeycomb Users, Performance updates to others
Galaxy Tab 2 release delayed due to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, now should come with ICS
Rogers (Canada) offers HTC One X for pre-order for $170 on contract through April 30th
ICS leaks for Galaxy Note
“Hulu for magazines” Next Issue coming soon

Qualcomm details Snapdragon S4-loaded Win8 notebooks further, will be lighter than Ultrabooks

Lumia 900 Reviews

PS3 gets Amazon Instant Video and Prime
PS Vita gets 1.66 Firmware update (minor UI tweaks & a couple functional updates)

Netflix snags domain, invests in the future of optical media
Plex Media Server beta adds DLNA support, streams to PS3, Xbox 360, WP7 and more ( YES!!!)
Roku celebrates 100 channels on UK & Irish boxes
AT&T announces 3 April LTE Markets & others for May/June
Brianna’s first review

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Listener Email

Hi guys :
Going way back I’ve had several Motorola phones including the V262 or the original Razor V9m and quite liked the Triads ringtone.

Do you have any idea where I can get for my iPhone (s)  tried Google even Motorola no joy.
Any suggestions
Enjoy the podcast up here in Vancouver

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Uncharted 3 + Bill’s sad tale of woe about his PS3 controller
Dave – BF3 , Spartacus Season 2 Finale, Game Of thrones
Patrick – MW3/ American Reunion /Hunger Games
Geoff – Swordigo, Dead Island, Uncharted 1, Dexter Season 4

Picks of the week
BillGrowlVoice for OSX
DavePlex DLNA update
Patrick – Dragon Go App (iOS / Android)
Geoff – Amazon Instant Video PS3