Simulcast 242: Twitchy

This week on Simulcast 242, we are talking about big ole iPads, Amazon buying Twitch, lots of watches, and T-Mobile continues to shake things up. We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast. Apple




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Simulcast Jr 9: Episode 150.5

In this episode of Simulcast Jr, Brianna talks about her experience with her Kindle Fire. She discusses the Casecrown case she got for it, and her thoughts on this tablet.

She and Bill discuss/argue about Temple Run, and Bri confesses her love for Android.

They talk about their thoughts on the “new” iPad, and Bri talks about her review of the Accell cable.

You can visit Brianna’s website at or

Simulcast 147: White Ice

This week on Simulcast 147, we’re enjoying Pi Day and several of us eagerly await new iPads this Friday.

Apple stores open Friday at 8am for iPad sales
Hague stops any further Samsung suits against Apple for 3G patents if Apple agrees to consider licensing them and grants victory to Apple
Apple buying up old iPad 2s
Verizon CTO confirms that Verizon only releasing LTE handsets rest of 2012
Rumor: Macbook Air Accessory Manufacturer claims 15” Air coming next month

Google I/O pre-sale on March 27th
ICS coming to Tab 10.1 soon (officially)
HTC has 16 devices on ICS upgrade list
Samsung looking into Android powered cameras
Instagram for Android makes appearance at SXSW 2012

Black Ice DLC for MW3 released Tuesday
Update for Black Ops Zombies iOS App – 3/16 according to Treyarch Twitter
StarWars: The Old Republic free to play this weekend

Twitter buys Posterous
WalMart digital conversion service official
Verizon lights up its 200th LTE market and plans to double their coverage by end of 2012

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Listener email
Hey Simulcast.
I’m about a month away from upgrading my phone.
But I’m split between the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note.
The Note is attractive to me because of its huge screen and battery.
Whichever one I choose, I’ll be stuffing in a double sized battery.
Having 5 amps in my pocket just sounds juicy.
But I am a bit nervous about going back to 2.3 after having 4.0 on my Nexus S for several months.
The Note will fit my pocket and either of them will require two handed use as my hands size limit is 4 inches anyway.
Also the Nexus only comes in 16 gig flavour here, whereas the Note has room for SanDisk’s new 64 gig MicroSD (yes people have tested it with success) on top of the internal storage.
I do sound like a Note buyer don’t I?
Still love your show, and I hope you have some advice for me.

Arne, Cyprus

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – MW3 Black Ice, Halo Anniversary, Scramble
Patrick – MW3, Scrabble (iOS)
Brian – The Walking Dead
Geoff – Mass Effect 3 (a little), Halo Anniversary, Dexter Season 2, Walking Dead

Picks of the week
BillAndroidified Case for Galaxy Nexus from Cruzer Lite
Patrick – Audiotechnica ATR-6550
Brian – gMusic app, iomega Network hard drive.
Geoff – Mass Effect 3 and Zagg (good rant)

Simulcast 146: Marsupials

This week on Simulcast 146, we’re back and we have Apple news this week! new iPad has been announced and iOS 5.1 gives AT&T users 4G!! There’s no limit to what Apple can do through the power of software…

iOS 5.1
“new” iPad with retina display, voice dictation, and a chunkier beltline
iPad 2 16gb Wifi – $399
Apple TV refresh bringing 1080p video content and new streamlined UI, still $99
Apple now willing to license patents

Google Nexus Tablet to be made by Asus, have Tegra 3
Google’s new Assistant coming Q4?
Google Wallet now showing unsupported on rooted devices
Android Market now allows up to 4GB applications and games
Android Market is now Google Play. It’s a dumb name

Master Chief returns this holiday season
Assassins Creed 3 Announced with video trailer
Forza sequel coming (of course)

Lightroom 4 released at half price

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What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – The Ben Heck Show
Patrick – Final Fantasy (PS3), Phantasy Star (360), 11/22/63
Geoff – Mass Effect 3, Wipeout 2048, Dexter, Motorstorm RC, Walking Dead

Picks of the week
Bill – Nest
PatrickReflection App (OSX 10.6 or higher)
Dave – HHO Dry Cell technology
Geoff – Google Music (Google Play)

Simulcast 141: Who is Football?

This week on Simulcast 141, we have a ton of news. Stay tuned to find out if Geoff is still with his Galaxy Nexus, and if Steve has a 5th iPhone.

Apple releases updated Final Cut Pro X, brings multicam support, broadcast monitoring love
Apple hires former Dixons CEO John Browett as senior VP of Retail
iPad 3 rumors swirl on that non-news news site
OS X 10.7.3 released with bug fixes aplenty

Google strikes deal to bring 27,000 Chromebooks to US schools in three states
Google adding Public Alerts to Maps, keeps you in the loop in times of worry
HTC Ville caught on camera before MWC
Motorola’s RAZR with unlockable bootloader and no warranty
Symantec was wrong
Google’s new privacy policy
Galaxy Note for $299 on AT&T Feb 19
No SGS 3 announcement at MWC

Verizon finally launching shared family data plans?
Redbox ditches Warner Bros and 56 day waiting period
T-Mobile brings Square to select small businesses, does the mobile payment thing
WiGig SD card gets demoed on tablets, makes DVDs gone in 60 seconds
North Carolina launches FCC-approved TV White Space network in Wilmington
RIM has lost it
Angry Birds on a Blackberry
Nintendo officially announces Nintendo Network, promises personal accounts for Wii U
Breaking Bad RPG reinterprets the series

GeoffEff wins a free Windows Phone for expressing his #DROIDRAGE
Kinect for Windows now available – for $249

Listener Voicemail

We have our own Google+ page! and an updated Android app! You can also email us

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Dave –  Spartacus Season 1
Steve – War Games
Bill – Alcatraz ←——- love this show!
Geoff – The Tester Season 2, Skyrim (finishing up side quests), Starhawk beta, Twisted Metal demo

Picks of the week
Dave –  Nova Launcher
Steve – Intelliscreen X Call bar
BillRND Power desktop dock for Galaxy Nexus
Geoff – Starhawk beta