Simulcast 250: Kill Seth Rogen

This week on Simulcast 250, we are talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Sony makes North Korea mad, and Lollipop continues its slow rollout.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

This week on Simulcast 250, we are talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Sony makes North Korea mad, and Lollipop continues its slow rollout.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.


  • tiOS 8.1.1 released
  • Bill’s experience with Find My iPhone



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Casting Couch

Bill – COD:AW, SOA
Patrick – The Flash, Arrow, Marvel: Agents of Shield

Picks of the Week
Bill – Spigen Air Case for Nexus 6, Moko case for Nexus 9
Patrick – Poetic Slimline series case for Nexus 9

Simulcast 201: D311

This week on Simulcast 201, we’re talking about Apple, the Galaxy Note III, Moto X, and more updated Google Apps.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

This week on Simulcast 201, we’re talking about Apple, the Galaxy Note III, Moto X, and more updated Google Apps.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

Tim Cook promises new iOS look at next WWDC
Tim Cook: Apple has no issue porting its apps to Android
Tim Cook: Apple will open up its APIs


YES!!!!! Samsung official reportedly confirms Note III in the works, muses on potential camera upgrades

White Nexus 4 on May 29th, LG says no new Nexus from them
LG exec says the company won’t make the Nexus 5
New Gmail inbox coming soon, Calendar
Verizon Galaxy S4 to support AWS-based LTE through software update
Moto X phone confirmed

Sony’s Exec Yoshida states that most PS4 games will be playable on Vita via Remote Play

Foxconn and Mozilla join hands over Firefox OS, may show off new devices next week
Amazon greenlights 5 shows to appear exclusively on Amazon Prime

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Listener emails
Hi Guys,

Faithful listener here. Keep up the great show. I wanted your opinion on something.

I have been using a Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 for the last year (I bought it before the Nexus 7 came out). I just saved up for a Nexus 7 as I want that pure android and nexus experience right out of the box. I was hoping this past Google I/O was going to announce an updated version coming out which I was going to pull the trigger on, but it never happened.

What’s your take on buying the current Nexus 7 now? It still seems to be the top 7 inch android device. (I did look into a iPad mini as I could have used it for reviews also for the iOS blog I contribute to, but the bang for the buck and features is definitely with the Nexus 7. I use iOS still on my original iPad, but I Iike the mini size).


Louis Senecal

Email #2

Hey guys,

An article you may want to go over in tonight’s Simulcast:

Sony have confirmed that almost all PS4 games must be able to be remotely played in the Vita, unless they require extra hardware (such as the PS Eye or other peripherals).

It’s a bit like what the Wii U was trying to do with the larger game pad, but this will be for virtually every game. It should be good for a) people who regularly fight over watching TV or playing games and b) for Sony shifting Vitas.

Slight advantage Sony? Roll on E3!


Casting Couch
– Overhaulin’, Can’t wait for TUF 18 with Miesha Tate!
Patrick – Game of Thrones
Dave –  Troll Hunter (Netflix)

Picks of the week
– Light Manager
Patrick – Google Now Desktop (Chrome)
Dave –  Printer Share

Simulcast 189: Somebody Gets Shot and Somebody Dies

This week on Simulcast 189, we’re talking about Superuser, Falcon Pro’s woes, LG and WebOS, and the PS4.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

scastmicThis week on Simulcast 189, we’re talking about Superuser, Falcon Pro’s woes, LG and WebOS, and the PS4.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

Amazon Cloud Player for iOS arrives on the iPad

Samsung Unpacked, Galaxy S4 on March 14th
ClockworkMod Superuser released, is free and open source
Samsung announced Galaxy Note 8, and it makes make phone calls too
Falcon Pro now priced at 100 euros, all twitter tokens gone
Google+ Sign-in now available
Samsung has new Wallet app, works like Passbook

Every PS4 game will also be available as digital download
Xbox Event Rumored

LG buys WebOS from HP for their smart TVs
Pandora establishes 40-hour mobile listening cap for free users
Stretchable, serpentine lithium-ion battery works at three times its usual size

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Casting Couch
Bill – UFC, The Following
Patrick – Duck Dynasty, The Walking Dead, Castlevania SOTN
Dave –  Spartacus, Escape from Planet Earth 3D
Geoff – Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, The Walking Dead Game

Picks of the week
Bill – Pocket Casts 4
Patrick – DBrand Nexus 4 Skin
Dave – Audio Technica MH50, iSimple Bluetooth Adapter
Geoff – Crysis 3

Simulcast Jr 8: Episode 137.5

In this episode of Simulcast Jr, Brianna and Bill are back after a 10 month hiatus. We cover a variety of topics.

We won’t be gone so long next time. We promise!

  • Happy New Year
  • My Websites
  • and and
  • teacher’s pet
  • Google TV
  • Our new TV Samsung 55” D8000
  • Steve Jobs
  • new mixer for show
  • Dad’s new headphones
  • Kube
  • new iPod4 and iPhone 4S
  • Google Voice, Obihai 110 VoIP router
  • my MacBook Pro
  • Dad’s new MacBook Air
  • Kinectimals for iOS
  • Dropbox
  • NFC tags
  • Galaxy Nexus

Simulcast 114: Bill’s Revenge

We are back for the another wonderful Simulcast episode. While some of the crew was out on loan earlier this week, we all reconvene.

New Macs hit, Lion released into the wild, so long white Macbook (except for Ed. Institutions)
iUsers brings multiple user profiles to jailbroken iPad
Google Plus now available for iPhone users too
Macbook Air refresh hits hard now Sandy Bridge BOOM!
Mac Mini refresh! Who wants some cake?

Patrick’s appearance on The Gadget Gurus
Bill’s appearance on iPhone Docked
CES registration – who’s going?
Spotify finally available in the US – do we care?
Garmin GPS embraces the Darkside, and so can you for $13
Amazon Prime to stream CBS shows and complete StarTrek series (Netflix Alternative?)

Schmidt: Competitors can’t innovate, so they sue
HTC guilty of infringing Apple’s patents
HTC Status Facebook phone now on sale
Netflix update now brings streaming to 24 android devices and Tablets
Chromium OS running on a Macbook Air (project for Bill’s old Macbook Air?)


Listener email
Hey guys, love the show.
i have a problem regarding my android devices. (a rooted SE x10 and an archos 70 tablet)
i’m danish and have a danish google account, but i live in northern cyprus and use my phone with a local sim card.
the trouble is that my phone sees that i’m on a foreign sim card and will only let me access the free part of android market.
i can remedy that by turning off my phone, putting in a danish sim card, rebooting, find a wifi access point, and logging in to google again.
hardly ideal as my battery cover will only survive that for so long, and going through that while out and about is just not practical.
i have tried two other things to get around the problem without luck.
first i tried creating a turkish google account (phones in northen cyprus is seen by the world as turkish).
and i have tried setting up a vpn to a danish server, but as i still have my cyprus sim in the phone no luck there either.
do you know a way to make my phone and the android market disregard which sim is in use?

i have the same problem with my tablet.
i has no sim card so i guess it looks at which wifi it accesses, and it also only sees the free part of android market.
my only solution is to download a paid app with my phone, back up the apk and send it to my drop box, and then install it from there to the archos.
doable, but still far from ideal.
and since i have an asus transformer wifi on it’s way from the states i’m gonna be in even bigger trouble getting honeycomb and tegra apps.
i could just get pirated apps but i’d prefer to get them the right way.
you don’t get developers to make better software by stealing the current ones right?

thanks for your time and a great show, and i really hope you can help me.


What are we playing/watching this week?
Dave –
Bill – Hall Pass
Patrick – BLOPs/ Stargate Atlantis
Steve – fallingskies
Geoff – DiRT 3 (Xbox 360)

Picks of the week

Dave –
Bill – BlackRapid RS-4
Patrick – Padd App (ipad) / Air Video
Steve -Verizon iPhone/Lion
Geoff – DiRT 3

PhoneSuit announces Thinnest, Fastest Charging iPhone 4 Battery Case

Our friends at PhoneSuit let us know that their latest battery case for the iPhone 4 is now available to order. See the details in the press release below.


PhoneSuit announces the Thinnest, Fastest Charging iPhone 4 Battery Case to provide over 100% power

Santa Monica, California – June 1, 2011 – PhoneSuit today announced their new iPhone power product, The PhoneSuit Elite battery case for iPhone 4. The PhoneSuit Elite is the thinnest, fastest charging iPhone 4 battery case which can provide over 100% power. The PhoneSuit Elite extends the battery life of the iPhone by truly doubling its charging capacity in an ultra-thin, innovative design. It incorporates the latest in advanced technology including an efficient 2100mah lithium-ion polymer battery cell, Quick charge 1 Amp capability in a full protection case that measures only 17mm (0.67 inch) thin. Quick charge provides twice the industry standard power output charging the iPhone fully in less than 2 hours. PhoneSuit’s design team has developed an aesthetically pleasing, slim, ergonomic design to meet the quality that iPhone users expect from their Apple accessories. Founded in 2007, PhoneSuit’s philosophy has been to provide products which incorporate the best in design, technology and style.

PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case Feature Highlights

  • High Capacity 2100mAh battery provides over 100% iPhone charge capability. PhoneSuit high density lithium-ion polymer cells deliver ultra-efficient power output in a compact size.
  • Quick charge 1 Amp / 5 Watt output technology. PhoneSuit Elite provides twice the industry standard iPhone power output charging an iPhone 4 fully in less than 2 hours.
  • Ultra-Thin Ergonomic case design. The PhoneSuit Elite has been engineered with precision to fit the iPhone 4. A slim, full protection design puts more power in less than 17mm of space. Soft touch, scratch resistant coating keeps the iPhone protected and looking great.
  • PhoneSuit Smart Power Technology. The PhoneSuit Elite’s smart power circuitry regulates and prioritizes iPhone power consumption to ensure the iPhone always has the power it needs. An integrated power switch allows the device to be set to power save mode.
  • Charge & Sync with iTunes. Users can sync the iPhone with iTunes while it’s attached to the PhoneSuit Elite. Charge the PhoneSuit battery, iPhone and sync with iTunes all at the same time.
  • Innovative 5 point LED battery meter. The Unique design of the battery status meter keeps the lights hidden for an attractive uniform appearance. Activating the meter conveniently reveals the remaining power status.
  • PhoneSuit ClearAir Technology ensures no iPhone signal interference from internal circuitry or externally applied to the antenna band.
  • Apple “Made for iPhone” certification. The PhoneSuit Elite has been certified to meet Apple performance standards and compatibility with the iPhone 4 for GSM and CDMA (Verizon and AT&T) iPhones.

PhoneSuit Elite truly delivers over 100% of the iPhone 4’s power capacity. When integrated users can experience:

  • Up to 15 hours total talk time on 3G; 30 hours on 2G.
  • Up to 13 hours total internet time on 3G; 21 hours on WiFi.
  • Up to 84 hours total music time
  • Up to 21 hours total video time

The PhoneSuit Elite will be available in June with a retail price of $79.95 USD at and quality retailers worldwide. For more information on the PhoneSuit Elite battery case design and performance, please visit