Simulcast 187: Frozen Pipes

This week on Simulcast 187, we’re talking about iPhone jailbreaks, new Xboxes, the Galaxy S4, and Patrick’s trusty Thunderbolt finally gets an 18 month old operating system.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

scastmicThis week on Simulcast 187, we’re talking about iPhone jailbreaks, new Xboxes, the Galaxy S4, and Patrick’s trusty Thunderbolt finally gets an 18 month old operating system.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

evasi0n jailbreak released!
Mac Pro getting refresh this Spring? Sources say yes.
Apple marks 25 Billionth Song Download from iTunes
ProCutX for iOS turns iPad into touchscreen shuttle controller for Final Cut Pro X

Unified messaging coming to Android?
Samsung Galaxy S IV rumored to be announced on March 15th Beware Embrace the Ides of March
Google Chromebook Pixel concept revealed in leaked video
ICS rolling out to ThunderBolt. Congrats Patrick!
Carriers and Manufacturers aren’t just screwing us out of android updates but also bug fixes from Google.

Redbox Instant 360 app coming soon  (Will be console exclusive at launch) Does anyone care?
Microsoft Surface Pro Staff explain battery life & storage issue choices, tease future accessories

Rumor: Next 360 will use Blu-ray (this sounds familiar)
Ouya will be sold at Gamestop

Blackberry Q10 wont be released in the US til May-June
Blackberry 10 Android Runtime getting updated to Jellybean – Z10 will side load jelly bean apps before many ICS handsets (ahem AT&T HTC One X)
Dropbox releases Sync Api for Android & iOS – Should allow more dropbox integration for app devs

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@apollo4090 what could apple do to bring you back to iOS? And if android didn’t exist what platforms would you switch to?

Casting Couch
Bill – The Following, Biggest Loser
Patrick – Scouring Baton Rouge for Ingress locations that aren’t already occupied

Picks of the week
BillNexus 7 dock
Patrick – Cox Cable High Speed Internet (120mb down/ 20mb up  FTW!)

Simulcast 167: Cowboomexplode

This week on Simulcast 167, most of the whole crew is back and we’re talking about the iPad Mini, the Galaxy Note 2, Cheap Surface, and unlocked Verizon Galaxy S3 bootloaders!

This week on Simulcast 167, most of the whole crew is back and we’re talking about the iPad Mini, the Galaxy Note 2, Cheap Surface, and unlocked Verizon Galaxy S3 bootloaders!

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

iMore says they have the digs on iPad Mini

Unsecure bootloader for Verizon Galaxy S3
Motorola ditching 4000 jobs in wake of Google takeover
ICS update rolls out to Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi, Bill wonders what to do with his
PS3 gets native YouTube app, control it with your Android phone
SGS3 in black appears on T-Mobile website
Galaxy Note 10.1 arrives tomorrow Coming with 50 Gb free Dropbox storage for 2 years
Galaxy Note 2 front screen leaked, 5.5 inches of glory?
Google Chrome Extension brings send to Kindle feature. Safari & Firefox support promised.
Galaxy Tab 2.0 7inch w/ LTE coming to Verizon on August 17th for $350 no contract
Droid 4 ICS update rolling out

Surface for Windows RT for $199 on October 26th?

PS Vita update v 1.80 to allow Vita to function as PS3 Controller

Canon issues recall for some T4i over chemicals on rubber grips

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Listener emails

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you an update on my Android experience to date,
unfortunately, it doesn’t have a happy ending.

As you know I took the plunge and went for a Samsung Galaxy S3 and was
really starting to enjoy the Android experience when after a few days
I started to experience problems with the actual phone. It kept losing
signal and displaying emergency calls only even when it showed five
bars. I took it back and got it replaced.

First problem I met with Android was not being able to just sync the
new phone and have it set up the same as my old one, I had to manually
install each app although they were shown in the Play Store as
previously installed, still hard work though; especially inputting all
my account details and settings etc.

Unfortunately a few days later the same fault occurred on the new
handset as well as a problem with Bluetooth continually disconnecting
and extremely poor A2DP audio quality. Frustrated I have now returned
the phone and for now I am back using my iPhone 4S.

My conclusion from my Android experience has been mixed, the OS is
awesome and very very powerful and I loved the freedom of pretty much
being able to do what I wanted. The downside is Samsung Galaxy S3
hardware is no where near as good as the iPhone. Samsung also should
drop the awful touch wiz and just go standard Android.

So in the end I have decided to wait until the next pure Nexus device
comes out and hopefully it won’t be made by Samsung.

Thanks to all of you for the help and guidance you gave me when
playing around with Android and rest assured, I will be back and
bothering you all again soon.


Sent from my iPad

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Act of Valor, Counting Cars
Dave –  
Breaking Bad Season 1&2
Patrick –
Gears of War, NFL Preseason

Picks of the week
Bill – Tweedle for Android
Dave –
Patrick –

Simulcast 138: Joe has a LELO

This week on Simulcast 138, we’re not at CES and we’re pretty bummed. However, we have newsreaders and we’re ready to talk about all the fabulous news from CES. We have a special guest, and we should have one of our GGN cohorts calling in live from CES!

Bill bought a Nano/watch
Amazon introduces a touch-friendly web-based Kindle store for iPad users
Ion’s Docs 2 Go & Pics 2 Go scanner docks bring digital scanning to iPad & iPhone 4/4S
Snapseed Photo Editor coming to Mac App Store

Joe Lombardo calls in

OnLive bringing console class gaming to GoogleTV
Motorola and Intel Announce Multi-Year Partnership to Produce Android Mobile Devices
Huawei Ascend is 6.68mm thin. What? 1/4in
Transformer Prime TF700T with a 1080p screen. What?
Sprint Galaxy Nexus with Google Wallet onboard! (Sprint confirms it will have 32 GB storage)
Galaxy Note for AT&T announced with LTE support
Sony wants in on the iWatch/MotoACTV scene.
Polaroid announces 16MP Android powered Smart Camera for 2012
Viewsonic announces 7” e70 Tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich for late Q1 2012 for $170
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 releasing on Verizon with LTE soon (Launching with Honeycomb 3.2)
Verizon announces Purple Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx (bigger battery and 32 GB storage)
Verizon announces launch of Droid 4 with LTE and QWERTY keyboard

Vizio has PCs and laptops that are sexy. What?
Warner Bros Studio now has 56 day delay for Netflix (Still 28 days for Redbox (for now))
Dell Announces XPS 13 Ultrabook for $999
RIM bringing Playbook OS 2.0 to the masses in Feb (actually has native email client, gasp)
Canon announces Powershot G1X point and shoot camera with 14.3 MP 1.5” CMOS for $799

Nokia & Microsoft announce ATT Exclusive Lumia 900 (w/ LTE) (Rumor: March 18th Release)
ATT announces HTC Titan 2 bringing LTE and 16MP camera to WP7 (Q2 2012 release)

Sony’s Kazou Hirai officially announces there will be no Playstation 4 announcements at E3
Turtle Beach introduces the XP400 gaming headset (brings long awaited 2.4/5 ghz support)
MW3 C.O.D. Elite members to get 20 DLCs in next 9 Months (starting with 2 new maps on 1/24)

Listener Email

Hey Simulcasters – quick question… have you used the Amazon Kindle app on an Android tablet that’s not running Honeycomb/ICS?

We’re looking at getting the Lenovo Thinkpad A1, mainly as a compromise (I want to get a Kindle, the wife wants a tablet that isn’t a slow piece of crap… we’d gotten her mum the Thinkpad for Christmas, and so far so good). I’m just wondering whether it blows up to full screen – i.e. more lines per page – or whether it just has the same number of lines as on the mobile phone app, just in much bigger text?


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What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Dave –  Columbiana, Straw Dogs
Patrick – Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z
Nic – The Hunger Games Trilogy/MW3
Bill – The Help, Halo

Picks of the week
Dave –  Vulkano Flow ( And Google TV ( Logitech Revue)
PatrickAIPTEK Action-HD HDMI 1080p (iPad CCK & iMovie for iOS compatible)

Simulcast 137: Overslept

This week on Simulcast 137, nobody bothered to put anything in the show notes. Sweet.


Apple prepping TVs?

Asus Transformer Prime bootloader locked, Asus says to relax, Bootloader unlock coming
ICS coming to Transformer January 12th
Google buys up 217 IBM patents
Galaxy S owners win…… Nothing (No ICS, No 4.0 lite value pack)
Logitech Revue (Google TV)
Bill’s MotoACTV

Netflix original series Lilyhammer available February 6th
Roku on a stick!

DVR feature in new Xbox?
Vita sales figures drop after first weekend

Listener Email

Hello gentlemen

Several months ago I contacted the Simulcast guru’s to see if there was a solution to using my Airport express in conjunction with windows media player.
At that time you had no answer so this old fart persisted and found a program called “AirFoil”  haven’t been using long but seems to work fine takes a bit to get accustomed to but solved an issue for me.

– Bob

Listener Pluses

Why does the stock Android alarm stop ringing after 30 seconds and not even snooze, even if you don’t respond to it? Slept through the first alarm this morning, woke up 45 mins late. Not too happy… Anyone got any recommendations for another Android alarm clock application that can handle multiple alarms and rings until you switch it off? +The Simulcast and +Bill Stebbins I’m looking at you! 🙂


Our favorites of 2011

CES 2012 Predictions

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows
Dave – Modern Combat 3
Patrick – Harry Potter 1-8 / Logitech Revue
Steve -Big Bang Theory
Geoff – Alan Wake (beat it), Deus Ex Human Revolution, Cthulu Saves the World

Picks of the week
BillBrowser Plus adds more quick controls to ICS browser
Dave – Browser Plus.. (Yes I’m copying off of Bill)
Steve -Jailbreak for iPhone 4 / Walther P22
Geoff – Panasonic TC-P55GT30 55” Plasma,Playback for Mac/PC
PatrickCaptain’s Blog (iPad) / (Dragonball, DragonballZ, Dragonball GT)

Simulcast 132: Stuffed

This week on The Simulcast 132 we get back to basics and talk about the worlds greatest company Apple! (If you haven’t noticed, Steve is back this week). We also talk about the Galaxy Nexus delays, and more tech news than you can handle.

Google TV Youtube and Photos updates
Flash not dead on ICS, coming by end of year
ICS supports mass storage mode, but Galaxy Nexus doesn’t. Duh.
Galaxy Nexus volume fix in the works, Google confirms

Xbox Live dashboard update coming December 6th
Xbox Live Users Scammed in Phishing Attack
Call of Duty Elite hits 1 million paid subscribers
Doom 3 source code goes GPL now available to public for customization

FCC chairman opposes AT&T takeover of T-Mobile
New ASUS Tablet Has Quad-Core Chip
Malls track shoppers’ cell phones on Black Friday
EU signs off on Western Digital purchase of Hitachi Hard Drive Division
Japanese manufacturer produces affordable terahertz wireless chip, could deliver 30Gbps
Analysts predict that Amazon may sell 12 million Kindle Fires in 2012
Netflix brings “Just for Kids” section to its Wii app.
Attempted hack of ATT customer accounts, ATT says no accounts compromised

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Halo: Anniversary rant
Dave –  MW3/ Shadow Gun
Patrick – MW3
Geoff – Halo Anniversary and Skyrim
Steve – Uberstrike

Picks of the week
BillObihai 110 VoIP router
Dave –  Swiss Army Tablet bag for Tab
PatrickNotability (iPad)
Geoff – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Steve – iPad 2 with smartcover

Simulcast 129: Android Docked

This week on The Simulcast we talk about the massive Google apps update, iPhone 4S battery issues, we have an epic listener voicemail, and more emails
Lots of Google Apps updated this week:

Samsung confirms Android ICS 4.0 for several devices
Flipboard-like Propeller launching soon?
AT&T gets first LTE phone, SGSII Skyrocket
GoogleTV finally gets Honeycomb update, Sony version gets it first
Galaxy Nexus not arriving until after Black Friday?

Native Gmail for iOS, pulled due to notification bug, Google promises quick fix
Apple shows off Siri, new camera in commercials
Self checkout at Apple stores?
Apple confirms iOS 5 bugs causing battery drain, promises fix
Apple seeds iOS 5.0.1 to devs
Plugbug adds usb charging port (iPad compatible) to apple laptop ac adapter

Uncharted 3 this week
MW3 Next week
Gears of War 3 “Horde Command” DLC Now out

Nokia Maps to be available on Windows phone 7 handsets


Hey guys,

Thought I would send in an email with a question for you guys… what other podcasts do you guys listen to and what application do you use to listen to them?

Always looking forward to Wednesday nights,


What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Shadowgun
Dave –  Capt. America / Steve Jobs
Patrick – GOW 3, Prototype / Last Starfighter, Big Trouble in Little China
Geoff – Battlefield 3, Duke Nuke Forever (beat it, bye-bye), Street Kings 2 (Netflix)

Picks of the week – sponsored by
Bill – ROM Manager
Patrick – Slingbox Player (iOS) + Verizon LTE now I can watch the LSU v Bama game on the road!
Geoff – Skyraider ROM for Thunderbolt