Simulcast 137: Overslept

This week on Simulcast 137, nobody bothered to put anything in the show notes. Sweet.


Apple prepping TVs?

Asus Transformer Prime bootloader locked, Asus says to relax, Bootloader unlock coming
ICS coming to Transformer January 12th
Google buys up 217 IBM patents
Galaxy S owners win…… Nothing (No ICS, No 4.0 lite value pack)
Logitech Revue (Google TV)
Bill’s MotoACTV

Netflix original series Lilyhammer available February 6th
Roku on a stick!

DVR feature in new Xbox?
Vita sales figures drop after first weekend

Listener Email

Hello gentlemen

Several months ago I contacted the Simulcast guru’s to see if there was a solution to using my Airport express in conjunction with windows media player.
At that time you had no answer so this old fart persisted and found a program called “AirFoil”  haven’t been using long but seems to work fine takes a bit to get accustomed to but solved an issue for me.

– Bob

Listener Pluses

Why does the stock Android alarm stop ringing after 30 seconds and not even snooze, even if you don’t respond to it? Slept through the first alarm this morning, woke up 45 mins late. Not too happy… Anyone got any recommendations for another Android alarm clock application that can handle multiple alarms and rings until you switch it off? +The Simulcast and +Bill Stebbins I’m looking at you! 🙂


Our favorites of 2011

CES 2012 Predictions

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows
Dave – Modern Combat 3
Patrick – Harry Potter 1-8 / Logitech Revue
Steve -Big Bang Theory
Geoff – Alan Wake (beat it), Deus Ex Human Revolution, Cthulu Saves the World

Picks of the week
BillBrowser Plus adds more quick controls to ICS browser
Dave – Browser Plus.. (Yes I’m copying off of Bill)
Steve -Jailbreak for iPhone 4 / Walther P22
Geoff – Panasonic TC-P55GT30 55” Plasma,Playback for Mac/PC
PatrickCaptain’s Blog (iPad) / (Dragonball, DragonballZ, Dragonball GT)

Simulcast 134: Failure to Launch

This week on The Simulcast 134 we are Steveless and filled with anticipation rage. Geoff has a new phone, and we will try our best to contain our excitement rage.

Siri ported to other iOS devices [guide]
Apple hiring more Siri engineers – what features would we like?
Did Apple rig eBook prices?
Flipboard for iPhone launched

10 Days of $0.10 Premium Android Apps to celebrate 10 Billions Downloads
More evidence of December 9th
VZW Galaxy Nexus won’t support Google Wallet
Verizon announces 2 new LTE tablets and a white Droid RAZR
Blind Type is the ICS keyboard
Logitech Revue getting Honeycomb update

Listener Email
Hey guys, just got a quick question on a week where the show’ll be full of Android users.

Does using CyanogenMod void any warranties on your handset? The HTC Desire Z that I got for the wife a few months ago has been working fine, but ever since we updated it to Gingerbread (OTA) there’s been plenty of annoying bugs on the phone, not to mention the fact that the handset is stuck on the old Android market.

Pretty much every time the home button is pressed (to exit Market, e-mails, browsing, some apps), the screen flashes white with the HTC logo, before the phone performs a mini reboot and goes back to the home screen. Downloading app updates is hit and miss too; the Market says it’s updating, but an update for a 6Mb app claims to take overnight (although it’s downloaded and installed in a minute according to the notifications bar, the Market app insists it’ll still be downloading and updating the following morning).

It’s to the point where using the phone as a smartphone is pretty annoying – would rooting void any warranty on the handset, and would I be able to keep any apps bought on the Google market after rooting?

Thanks for your help guys, I always go out of my way to grab the show on Thursday mornings to listen to at work.

By the way, if anyone wants to attempt to do an accent for myself or Chris Oldroyd, they’re both pretty similar (although my Sunderland accent is apparently better). Just say: “Haway the Lads!” and you’ll sound like someone from the North East of England!

Ian Hamilton

Listener Voicemail
Thanks Clay!

Xbox 360 update – who got it and what do you think?
Xbox 360 gets new content partners

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – 30 Seconds or Less
Dave – Walking Dead Season 1
Patrick – MW3
Geoff – Limitless, Skyrim

Picks of the week
BillChristmas HD Live Wallpaper. 10 cents in the Market
Dave – Go Launcher
Patrick – Xbox Live App (iOS)
Geoff – Xbox Live Update

Simulcast 100: Big Time

In this magical 100th episode, Dave, Bill, Steve, and Geoff are drinking in celebration of this milestone and you guys better be drunk. Thanks to all our special guests: John D’Agnese(@physboy)Darren Walker (@itsthe1manshow), Marcey Papandrea (@SuperMarcey), Ching Yao-Yu(@nutzareus) Brian Feldy(@bwfeldy), Patrick Virgidamo(@lsulaw2009), and Brian Harris (@brianharris).
All of our listeners rock!

Um, seriously? iSteve, the Book of Jobs
Apple Airplay cracked

CM7 Released
Geoff’s new Inspire
HTC Sensation coming to Tmo this summer. Shits a B3Ast !! Dave is def getting one!
ASUS Transformer
End of April (different link with pricing)

Xbox 360 Update Preview discs are in the mail

Sony and GeoHot settle out of court
COD: Black Ops Escalation Map pack May 3rd

What are we playing this week?
Steve-  HR Battle Hd – ipad
Dave – BLOPS
Bill- COD Black Ops
Geoff- Halo Reach

Listener Email
Hey guys, I just bought a new MacBook Pro and was wanting to get some advice on what are some must have apps.  I only got the 13″ Core i5 model but couldn’t pass up the under $1000 price they had on it at Micro Center. You may want to pass on to your listeners that at least until March 17th they have the $1199 13″ Core i5 Macbook Pro for $999.99.  And Apple stores will price match since it is from an authorized reseller.  That is actually where I picked mine up at.  I like the Apple store experience and living in Missouri I didn’t want a dollar of my tax money going to Kansas, and that’s where Micro Center is.  Since the sale is on Micro Center’s website you may be able to get the price match at Best Buy or elsewhere.  Thanks for the great podcast, keep up the good work.

Victor Speer

Picks of the week
Dave – Too drunk to even say his
Bill- LogMeIn
Geoff- HTC Inspire 4G and Afro Samurai

Simulcast 95: The Perfect Podcast

In this episode, we talk about upcoming Sprint Android goodness, Cricket iPhones, and who the hell knows?

iPhone 5 will go iTouch-style, aluminum back?
All is right with the world – the Cricket iPhone 4
iOS 4.3 released, hotspot for 5?

Thunderbolt pushed back due to iPad 2 launch?
Google remotely wiping malicious apps, fixing damage
Sprint – EVO3D, EVO View, and Nexus coming soon?

Deutsche-Telekom to sell T-Mobile USA to Sprint?

What are we playing this week?
Geoff- Alpha Protocol, Halo Reach
Bill – Black Ops, Bulletstorm
Steve- Infinity Blade – Winning
Dave- What else? Black Ops

Kinect became the fastest selling consumer electronic device in history

Picks of the week
Geoff – PAX East 2011
Bill – Plug In Launcher
Dave – MLB At Bat 2011 Android
Steve – ifrogz luxe

Simulcast 80: Technical Difficulties

Apple event Tuesday – Beatlemania? Has Apple jumped the shark?
iOS 4.2 Delayed due wifi issues? Anyone care?
Sn0wbreeze 2.1 jailbreaks all iDevices for 4.1/3.2.2 Pc Only
New Boxcar is awesome
Official Google Voice App
Twitter with native push

AT&T Galaxy Tab $650
Eric Schmidt shows off Nexus S
LG’s new power house Android phone. Show stopper?
New Touiteur 2.0 Beta released with changes

One million Kinects sold in 10 days
A week after picking up WP7?
A week of COD: Black Ops. Changed thoughts?

Facebook messaging
Isis mobile payment system announced
Ustream goes paid service ( ie. Removes Ads)

Picks of the week:
Geoff – Twin Blades for Windows Phone (new games being released weekly Oregon Trail, AC)
Dave – Black Rapid R Strap
Steve – Pulse RSS reader for Android and iPhone Now Free
Bill – ColorNote for Android This is good I have been using it for a while – Steve

Simulcast 77: David after Dentist