Simulcast 243: Plus Size Models

This week on Simulcast 243, we are talking about new iPhones, new MotoX, Moto 360, and one more thing!

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.




  • Destiny launches. Are you ready?


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Casting Couch

Bill – Sons of Anarchy!!!
Patrick – NFL/NCAA Football

Picks of the Week

Bill – Hangouts/Voice integration
Patrick – Amazon Instant Video (Android Finally)

Simulcast 216: It’s Been a Week

scastlogosquareThis week on Simulcast 216, we’re talking about 9 million iPhones, waterproof iOS 7, CyanogenMod and Oppo, and a buttload of Google updates!!!!

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

Apple sells 9 million iPhones in 3 days
Fake Ad circulating which says that iOS7 update will make your phone waterproof

Kit Kat screenshots leaked?
Cyanogen partners with Oppo, N1 is the first device
YouTube comments will soon be powered by G+
Samsung announces two “Gold Edition” Galaxy S4
Gmail app updated
Google Voice App Update brings SMS Short Code Support
Hangouts updated too!

Steam OS
GTA $1 Billion in first 3 days
Geoff Hands-On Xbox One
EA says that Apple paid them a “truckload” of money to delay Plants v Zombies 2 for Android

Surface Pro 2
Surface 2
New Surface Accessories

Roku introduces (reintroduces?) Roku 1 and Roku 2 players to go with Roku 3 and Roku LT

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Casting Couch
– Breaking Bad, SOA
Patrick – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Goldbergs, Big Bang Theory

Picks of the week
Viral YouTube app for Android
Patrick Nexus Media Importer
Dave – BB, Promethius


Simulcast 200: The Big One

This week on Simulcast 200, we’re talking about our 200th episode, the Xbox One, our 200th episode, and did we mention it’s our 200th episode?

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

Galaxy S4 Active leaked
New Nexus Q at the FCC?
Hangouts is “The future of Google Voice”
Verizon GS4 bootloader hacked, release imminent
Gmail “send money” feature is live, and Bill has it!

New Xbox!

Flickr updates, give 1TB of storage and an awesome new Android app

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Listener Tweets
@SteveTrotto: Great getting on the @TheSimulcast to celebrate episode 200. Congratulations guys keep up the great work!

@BrianHarris: Congrats to @TheSimulcast on 200 shows and to all who made those 200 happen.

Listener Chats
@ClayRussell: You guys were the first podcast I ever listened to on my iPhone. Still listening 200 episodes later. Thanks for the education, the laughs, the jokes and the memories. Cheers fellas!! Here’s to 200 more! Sorry. No drunk voicemail.

Listener Voicemails

Casting Couch
– nada
Geoff – nada
Patrick – Star Trek: Into Darkness
Dave – nada

Picks of the week
Floating Notifications
Geoff – His broken new laptop (shouldn’t have made fun of Apple)
Patrick – Google Play Music All Access
Dave –  Note 2 son <—-his hustle is STRONG!


Simulcast 149: Apple +1

This week on Simulcast 149, we’re seeing a page not found error on the Android update for the Verizon GNex, Apple has a ton of patents, more ICS updates, we’re on Google Plus bitching about Apple, and so much more…

Apple ready to license its nano-SIM design for free, on one not-so-nano condition
Apple patent app portends gadgets made of glass (Hmm…)
Apple patents ejectable SIM card tray as nano-SIM battle rages on
Apple Claims the iPad’s Charging “Bug” Is Actually a Feature
Apple offers refund to Australians confused over New iPad’s (3rd Gen) 4G moniker
Apple rumored to be bringing a 5” retina display device to the market in 2013

Google rolls out 4.0.4 updates, not found for VZW GNex
Google Voice gets an ICS update, brings visual voicemail to the missed call log
Galaxy Note sells 5 million devices in 5 months
Google drive rumored for April launch
Slick Google Voice integration may not be Sprint exclusive for long

Smoked by Windows Phone: Microsoft makes up lame rules?

Angry Birds Space hits 10 million downloads in 3 days
Xbox 360’s Comcast Xfinity TV app in beta testing, won’t count against data caps when it launches

Sony to add photo editing to PlayStation 3’s repertoire this week?
Major ISPs agree to FCC’s code of conduct on botnets, DNS attacks
T-Mobile to eliminate 1,900 US call center jobs, says more ‘restructuring’ ahead
Leave wallet at home, pay with Square?

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Listener Email

Email #1
Hi guys,
Question for Bill Stebbins, how in heck does he backup 8TB? Or doesn’t he?
Listen to the show every week, along with the Simulcast! :-)

Jim Fowl

Email #2
I have a bit of unusual question this time.
Do you know of any old style turn-by-turn strategy game for Android?
I was a huge fan of “Master of Orion 2″. Kind of civilizations in space, and I recently got a craving for it again.
but since my primary computer has been an Asus transformer for the past 9 months, I was hoping you knew of something similar.

Also, what do you think of the vergecast doing listener call-ins?
They do some decent blogging, but I’m not sure they should interact with humans.
Their heads, in my opinion, are just too big for that kind of thing…

Keep up the good work.
Arne, Cyprus

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Temple Run, The Hunger Games, Alcatraz
Dave – Battlefield 3/ MW3 New Map Pack, Game of Thrones Season 1
Patrick – Angry Birds Space HD, MW3/ Hunger Games
Geoff – Swordigo, Dead Island, Dexter (finished season 3)

Picks of the week
Bill –
Dave – tTorrent, Temple Run on Android
Patrick – Screen Flow and Reflection App
Geoff – Swordigo

Simulcast 142: Boo-frickin-who

This week on Simulcast 142, the big game may be over, but only one of us is crying. BOOM! We have lots of Google updates, Apple TV news, and even some Microsoft news!

Chrome Beta released for Android – ICS only
Google Voice update brings Honeycomb and ICS UI updates and Asynchronous SMS
Samsung Galaxy SIII will be 7mm thin, May release?
Report: Google hires Apple exec to work on ‘secret project’
HP releases Android Kernel for Touchpad

Apple 42 inch TV in Best Buy survey for $1499
Motorola wins permanent injunction against Apple’s iCloud in German court (update: ban lifted)
Tweetbot for iPad released and update for iPhone app

Verizon and Redbox team up to launch streaming and physical media service later this year
Netflix teams with eyeIO to lower bandwidth use on movie night
Verizon double data returns Friday
Vonage Mobile App allows free calls and texts worldwide to fellow Android and iOS app users
Amazon and Viacom make deal to bring more TV shows to Amazon Prime Instant Video Service
Sony announces that “UMD Passport” service will not be offered in the US for Vita

Stepto leaving Microsoft for parts unknown
Microsoft to lauch Windows 8 Consumer Preview at Mobile World Congress on Feb 29th
Preinstalled Windows 8 consumer preview apps revealed

We have our own Google+ page! and an updated Android app! You can also email us

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
BillChrome beta for Android
GeoffBack To The Future The Game Episode 1 and 2 (there are 5 total), Dungeon Siege 3, The Tester Season 3
Patrick – Transformers Seasons 1-4 (Gen 1), Technician Class Amateur Radio Study Guide

Picks of the week
GeoffPlaystation Plus
PatrickOneNote Mobile for Android

Simulcast Jr 8: Episode 137.5

In this episode of Simulcast Jr, Brianna and Bill are back after a 10 month hiatus. We cover a variety of topics.

We won’t be gone so long next time. We promise!

  • Happy New Year
  • My Websites
  • and and
  • teacher’s pet
  • Google TV
  • Our new TV Samsung 55” D8000
  • Steve Jobs
  • new mixer for show
  • Dad’s new headphones
  • Kube
  • new iPod4 and iPhone 4S
  • Google Voice, Obihai 110 VoIP router
  • my MacBook Pro
  • Dad’s new MacBook Air
  • Kinectimals for iOS
  • Dropbox
  • NFC tags
  • Galaxy Nexus