Simulcast 235: Spitting not-so-hot Fire

This week on Simulcast 235, we are talking about the Amazon Fire Phone, Towelroot, a lower cost iMac, and Uncarrier 5 is happening soon.

We’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.





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Casting Couch

Bill – 24 LAD, Top Gear America

Patrick – Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black

Picks of the Week

Bill – Showbox

Patrick – Amazon Fire Phone (Non-pick)

Simulcast 195: The Results Are In!

This week on Simulcast 195, we’re talking about the iPad 5 leaks, Google Glass, Galaxy S4, and we have the results of your least favorite Gadget Guru contest.

scastlogosquareWe’ll talk about it all, right here, on the Simulcast.

Alleged iPad 5 case leaked?
iOS Facebook update bringing Chat heads with it

Google Glass specs released
Verizon Galaxy S4 exists!
GS4 heading to 7 US carriers this month
Google Fiber also heading to Provo, Utah

MS will offer 2 step auth for your account
Leaked photos supposedly of all aluminum Nokia
Microsoft purportedly in early stages of trying to revive tv show Heroes on MSN/Xbox

Nintendo announces New Zelda: A Link to the Past game for 3DS

Dish offers Sprint $25.5B
Disney announces plans for New Star Wars movie every summer from 2015-2020
HTC, LG, Samsung, etc all join the Power Matters Alliance (PMA). RIP Qi Charging?

Results – Least Favorite Guru Contest

Some examples:
1. Michelle. Or the one with the gun. Which is probably all of them.
2. Uh VIC hands down
3. Nic
4. Least favorite is Nic Ballious!
5. Definitely Vic. No more cownsoles. Sent from my iPhone
6. Definitely Vic Webb.  Nobody cares about his zero inbox, his retweets of the most obvious tech stories, windows phone or anything else that he rambles on about. Thanks, “The lets keep this anonymous Guru”
7. It’s a hard call between Nic and Vic, but I’m gonna have to say Vic just for the simple fact that for the longest time he would never shut up about windows.

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Listener emails
Dear Simulcast(ers?)

Been away for a while, but back now to torment you with long winded mails again. Recently bought an Asus u38n laptop and a Samsung ssd and thought I’d let the recovery function reinstall win8 to the ssd while mounted through a USB case, but here’s the problem:

There’s no option to reinstall…Only reset, as if it is some kind of cell phone. And no optical disks either. It’s been almost two years now since I last owned a pc, so I’m out of practice. Is it possible to copy the original drive on to the ssd? How, and through which program? And will i get everything copied so the system sees no difference from the old disk?

Still a faithful listener of your show, so keep up the good work and I hope you can help me here.

Kind regards, Arne, somewhere in the Mediterranean

Ps. The e in my name is pronounced the same way as in “the”. Just think “the long winded one”…

Dave- Clonezilla

@clayrussell: @TheSimulcast Roundtable question for show tomorrow night. Your launcher of choice and why. Thanks guys. So many options.

Casting Couch
Bill – UFC
Patrick – Game of Thrones, Duck Dynasty, Vikings, Wreck-It-Ralph
Dave –  Jurassic Park 1 and 2, Hannibal, Spartacus Series Finale, Game of thrones
Geoff – The Following, Defiance, Dishonored, Alan Wake American Nightmare

Picks of the week
Bill – RoundR
Patrick –  Wreck-It-Ralph
Dave –  Ember Media Manager,Remote System Monitor
Geoff – Defiance


Simulcast 158: Our Galaxy

This week on Simulcast 158, we’re joined by Brian Feldhaus and his new Galaxy Nexus. Bill has a new Galaxy Note, and we have news from AllThingsD, Xbox360, and Google.

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

Google + Local goes live, Google Maps for Android infused with Zagat
Flipboard beta for Android coming soon, Flipboard Beta for Android officially released

WWDC schedule confirmed
Possible iPhone 6 case?
Apple applies for optical stylus patent
Tim Cook on AllThingsD

Amazon Instant Video for Xbox 360

Brian’s Nexus
Bill’s Note
Verizon doubles FIOS speeds up to 300Mbps!

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What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – America’s Got Talent
Brian – Game of Thrones
Patrick – Battlefield 3, Snow Crash
Geoff – UFC 146, Diablo 3

Picks of the week
Bill – Galaxy Note
Brian – Galaxy Nexus
PatrickCyman Mark 2 (Android)
Geoff – AOKP, Franco Kernel