Simulcast 108: What’s Old is New Again

This week’s show covers all the crazy Apple news. iOS5, Lion, and iCloud are here, and we talk about what that means for the ecosystem and the industry as a whole. We also cover some news from our other favorite mobile devices plus what we’re playing, and picks of the week!

iOS 5 is here!!!!
Mac OS X Lion coming July to a Mac App Store near you.
iMatch – Answers to questions left unanswered at the Keynote

Sprint EVO 3D on June 24th
HTC readying OTA bootloader unlock for Sensation
Galaxy Tab 10.1 pre-orders go live

E3 announcements – Halo 4! YouTube on Xbox
Gears of War 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 – 320 GB HD & 2 Custom Controllers – $399

Wii Me? No Wii U! in other news Nintendo Stock plummets
Star Wars: The Old Republic Peripherals Patrick wants this keyboard
Rocksmith (360): Like Rock Band but a real guitar, oh wait isn’t that Rockband Pro Mode?

So Sony was hacked again last week. Jeez
FCC asks for more info on ATT/TMo Merger; Facebook, Microsoft, Qualcomm, & RIM support merger

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What are we playing this week?
Steve – With my new Android Smartphone
Dave – Little Big Planet
Bill- BLOPS and Halo REACH
Patrick- Ocarina of Time and Zelda (original) in honor of Zelda 25th Anniversary/ BLOPs

Picks of the week
Steve – Widget Locker & ADW Notifier
Dave – HTC Sensation
Bill- BeyondPod
Patrick- Evernote Peek (iOS)

Simulcast 107: The Bachelorette

We are back for another rendition of the world’s only Simulcast Podcast! Geoff is away watching hockey (or football, or some other stupid sport), Steve is without internet thanks to storms, and the rest of the crew is here, and we’re happily discussing all of the cool stuff that happened this week in the tech world.

Tmobile announces HTC Sensation release date for June 15 at $199 after 50 mail in rebate
Transformer Honeycomb 3.1 updates (Bill hands-on)
TransPhone pairs Tablet with phone emerged before ASUS Padfone

Apple pre-announces next week’s announcements
Uncle Sam 2.0 ditches Blackberry and goes iOS
Apple to replace Macbook non-skid rubber case bottoms
Apple launches iWork Office Suite for iPhone and iPod Touch

Microsoft already screwing up Skype by loading programs without your consent
Windows 8 Revealed

Sony getting hacked again?
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to include a monthly subscription element aka Call of Duty Elite?
Wii, Move, and Kinect ? Well the Trimount has you covered. For Bill and other Home Entertainment System Buffs

PBS hacked after Wikileaks documentary, In other news Tupac is still dead

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What are we playing this week?
Dave – Call of Dead
Bill- Plants vs Zombies for Android
Patrick- BLOPS/ Battlefield 1942

Picks of the week
Dave –  LG G2x
Bill- Levity Twitter push beta for Android – email Bill for a beta invite!
Patrick- Enkigear Genius Case

Simulcast 105: Leftovers

We are back for another rendition of the world’s only Simulcast Podcast! The crew is mostly here this week, and we’re ready to cover all this week’s news.

AT&T finally allowing app sideloading
Gingerbread test build leaks for Thunderbolt
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY pre-orders begin May 19th, launching on Verizon on May 26th
ASUS ramping up Transformer production, finally. Paging Dave Valle
Google Music Beta goes live and Bill got his invite
Should Geoff buy a GoogleTV? NO Stop buying stuff…

Major product release for 10 year retail anniversary
HP sticking with USB 3.0 over Thunderbolt for now
Mac Air getting Thunderbolt this summer?

Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 to add Chrome support for online Office apps
Xbox 360s stopped working? Microsoft may have a deal for you

Sony’s PSN WAS coming  back up and they WERE giving away lots of goodies
Amazon’s Cloud Service used to hack PSN?
Sony websites allow hackers to change your PSN passwords with stolen data WTF!!!!

Toshiba’s 4 inch Retina Display Rival

What are we playing this week?
Dave – Hacked PSPGo with Super Mario Allstars, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country
Bill- Alan Wake
Geoff- Crysis 2 & Dead Space
Patrick – BLOPS & DC Universe Online ( or maybe not)

Picks of the week
Dave – Psp Go
Bill- Thumb Keyboard for Android
Geoff-  Square
Patrick – Crunchyroll app (streaming anime on iOS and Android for the win)

Simulcast 102: Schmoozing the CEO

We are back for another rendition of the world’s only Simulcast Podcast! The crew is mostly here this week, and we’re ready to cover all this week’s news.

Apple signs Time-Warner for cloud music
Steve says Apple tracks no one but Android does
FAQ about Apple tracking data
iPhone 5 images?

Asus Transformer– Bill ordered from Best Buy – 2 week backorder but Walmart shipped! 🙁
Droid Incredible 2 April 28th
Nielsen: Android is most desired operating system
Native Google Docs released in the market (market link)


PSN downtimes continues, worse than first thought?
Sony: We think someone stole your data, but we’re not sure
Square Enix bringing classic RPGs to a console or portable near you
Is Xbox Live any safer? Phishing attempts while playing Modern Warfare 2!

Verizon 4G LTE network down

What are we playing this week?
Steve-  Tiny Wings
Dave – Drag Racer Android
Bill- Portal 2, Deadspace HD
Patrick- Collapse / Old PS One games

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Picks of the week
Steve- Inspire maybe
Dave – Steel Blue CM7 Theme,   Seek Droid
Bill- Proclip Thunderbolt car mount
Patrick- Google Docs App, iSound 16,000 mAh battery

Simulcast 101: Shitty Graphics

After our epic 100th episode, Dave, Bill, Steve, Geoff, and Patrick are back in the saddle for another week of tech. Geoff is joining over some pirated wifi. Bill has the 4Geez, and Dave is in a whirlwind.

Jesse Jackson Jr claims the iPad is killing American jobs
Possible iOS5 video leaks out?
White iPhone on 4/20? <——-Shut up already
iOS 4.3.2 untethered jailbreak
Your iPhone is tracking you
iPhone 5 when is it coming out – Latest Rumors

Incredible 2 now on Verizon’s site
Skype adds 3G calling to Android app for all carriers

Microsoft Office 365 Beta Testing Begins

Palm Veer launching May 2nd

Black Ops Escalation Map Pack Preview (May 3rd Release)
PSP Go – Going Going Gone?
Wii 2 Rumors – Any thoughts?

Twitter to buy Tweetdeck?
Kindle bringing ability to borrow books from US libraries

What are we playing this week?
Steve-  Shitty Graphics
Dave – Asphalt 5 Android
Patrick – Starcraft 2/ Black Ops
Bill- Portal 2
Geoff- Bulletstorm, with himself, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Pocket Legends (it sucks now!)

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Picks of the week
Steve- PKt weather
Dave – Widget Locker

Patrick – Scrabble for Kindle / 3 to1HDMI Switcher
Bill- chickswithstevebuscemeyes
Geoff- Widgets Locker & ZD Box

Simulcast 100: Big Time

In this magical 100th episode, Dave, Bill, Steve, and Geoff are drinking in celebration of this milestone and you guys better be drunk. Thanks to all our special guests: John D’Agnese(@physboy)Darren Walker (@itsthe1manshow), Marcey Papandrea (@SuperMarcey), Ching Yao-Yu(@nutzareus) Brian Feldy(@bwfeldy), Patrick Virgidamo(@lsulaw2009), and Brian Harris (@brianharris).
All of our listeners rock!

Um, seriously? iSteve, the Book of Jobs
Apple Airplay cracked

CM7 Released
Geoff’s new Inspire
HTC Sensation coming to Tmo this summer. Shits a B3Ast !! Dave is def getting one!
ASUS Transformer
End of April (different link with pricing)

Xbox 360 Update Preview discs are in the mail

Sony and GeoHot settle out of court
COD: Black Ops Escalation Map pack May 3rd

What are we playing this week?
Steve-  HR Battle Hd – ipad
Dave – BLOPS
Bill- COD Black Ops
Geoff- Halo Reach

Listener Email
Hey guys, I just bought a new MacBook Pro and was wanting to get some advice on what are some must have apps.  I only got the 13″ Core i5 model but couldn’t pass up the under $1000 price they had on it at Micro Center. You may want to pass on to your listeners that at least until March 17th they have the $1199 13″ Core i5 Macbook Pro for $999.99.  And Apple stores will price match since it is from an authorized reseller.  That is actually where I picked mine up at.  I like the Apple store experience and living in Missouri I didn’t want a dollar of my tax money going to Kansas, and that’s where Micro Center is.  Since the sale is on Micro Center’s website you may be able to get the price match at Best Buy or elsewhere.  Thanks for the great podcast, keep up the good work.

Victor Speer

Picks of the week
Dave – Too drunk to even say his
Bill- LogMeIn
Geoff- HTC Inspire 4G and Afro Samurai