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Simulcast 151: The Reacharound

This week on Simulcast 151, the three amigos ride again. We recap a rather slow news week and provide our highly entertaining opinions in the process!


Apple CEO Tim Cook to open D10 conference

AT&T to begin unlocking off-contract iPhones this Sunday, April 8th (update)

Apple publishes support page for Flashback malware, is working on a fix

US sues Apple and publishers over ebook pricing

Major Google+ redesign puts focus on discovery, lets users customize layout
Toshiba unveils new tablets including a 13 inch monster
Amazon App Store now has in-app purchases, we still won’t use it
Google simplifies multiple account interface
Samsung prices the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″ at $400, Galaxy Tab 2 7″ $250

Verizon Wireless introduces $30 upgrade fee            (Follow up:)-Not a Fan of Verizon’s New Upgrade Fee? There are Already a Handful of Petitions for That
Twitter files suit against spam bot distributors
Facebook to Buy Instagram for $1 Billion
Netflix for Xbox 360 updates with better contrast and episode navigation
Samsung rolls out Ultra High Speed microSD cards destined for LTE phones and tablets
Asus readying cloud computing solution to be unveiled in June
500px launches $19.95 image hosting plan to compete with Flickr Pro
Maryland passes law prohibiting employers from asking for social network passwords
Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint team with FCC to track stolen cellphones in the US
Bill’s Gadget Gurus appearance
New Simulcast Jr

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Listener Questions (from the chatroom)

Best remote desktop software for noobs?
-Daniel Koos

Logmein or TeamViewer

Listener Email

Hey Simulcast.
Once again greetings from southern Europe.

Just following up on my last mail regarding the Gnote.
Sorry if I’m a bit long winded here but I am that way :-)

I’m now pretty much settled on the Gnote, and writing to see if you’ll shoot me down on my arguments for it.

It’s good to see the general public is warning up to it, noting that even Micky and Joey over at The Cellphone Junkie think positive of it.

Most positive comments say that it’s actually not as big as it sounds.
Me, I’m opposite and get absolutely amazed at just how big it is in actual life.
In some ways it’s not that it is a great sized phone but rather an (almost) perfect sized portable tablet.
I’ve long thought that 6 inches is the ideal size for a portable one, and 13 is the perfect size for the the lab or table at home.

Next is the battery, which seems closely linked to size.
It’s original is 2500mAh which ain’t all that bad, but all over ebay you find double sized ones with capacities all the way up to 5200mAh.
At 5200mAh you can basically keep this thing on from dusk till dawn (great movie by the way).
And since it’ll power an external 1.8 inch pocket drive I can pretty much have all the media with me as I can consume :-p
Secondarily it can charge my bluetooth headset on the go, and about once a month that ability will come in real handy.

Last there is the storage.
It’s internal 16gig can be augmented with sdcards, external flash drives and even the aforementioned pocket drive.
My though is to keep the internal storage free for torrent downloading and the sdcard I’ll fill with music, music videos and audio and Ebooks.

The extended battery backs can be found with kickstand which is more than a little cool, though at roughly 7 ounces I don’t see many complain about holding this in their hand for extended periods of time.

I’ve been going on for quite long but at least your podcast doesn’t have time limits, though your patience might…

As for coming on the podcast I’d have to get over my stage fright and it’d probably be difficult to do without waking my 10 month old daughter.
Your recording time translates into 5am. locally.

Also I hope you don’t think that I was putting down the verge as a site.
They are pretty smart guys, yes.
And they have exceptional sources.
But on the vergecast they seem nearly obsessed with being heard, rather than actually talking with their listeners.
This week they did tone it down greatly, and I may be proven wrong altogether.
I have been a fan of Dieter and Chris over at the verge mobile since before their verge days.

Have I been doing something wrong, or do you know why beyondpod won’t accept the boomexplode podcast rss?

Thanks for your patience (unless it ran out 5 hours ago) and keep up the good work. Arne, Cyprus

PS: don’t believe the pictures of Cyprus you commented on. They are promotional worthy of Apple.


What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Survivor
Patrick - Transformers Prime (Netflix)

Picks of the week
BillMaster Lock Speed Dial combination lock
DaveFrisbee Play Store
Patrick – Screen Flow

Simulcast 140: No Introduction Needed

This week on Simulcast 140, MegaUpload may be down, but we’re still talking tech. We’re all here this week, and we have a ton of news to talk about.

iBooks 2 /  iTunes U (Thoughts?) iBooks Author reaches 600K Downloads, iTunes U nets 3 Million
Dutch court rejects Apple appeal, says Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is legal
VoiceUtils makes your iPhone 4S wish into a Siri command
German court shoots down Samsung’s 3G patent lawsuit against Apple
Rumor: Foxconn source says “iPhone 5″ gearing up for production with Summer 2012 release

G+ finally allows nicknames and pseudonyms
HTC and IBM hooking up to charm commercial clients
Galaxy Note launching Feb 18th on AT&T

SITA and Orange develop NFC-based airport check-ins, let you bump the TSA
AT&T and T-Mobile file request for FCC approval of spectrum transfer
KDDI putting ads in the notification bar on Android phones ( This is the shit I DONT want!)
Supreme Court says police must get search warrant to use GPS tracking devices
Verizon reportedly trials VoLTE services in two cities, eyes nationwide rollout next year
HP pays $425K to US Consumer Product Safety Commission to settle defective battery issue
Federal Judge requires that a defendant decrypt laptop in response to discovery request, says does not violate self-incrimination (5th amendment) protections.  

Microsoft eliminating virtual currency?
Rumor: New Xbox in Fall 2013?
Blizzard auctioning off retired WOW blade servers to raise money for St. Judes
LEGO has given approval for Minecraft-themed LEGO sets.
BlizzCon 2012 Cancelled, show will resume in 2013

Listener Email
Greetings from southern Europe. Though I love it I’m having some trouble with my nexus s. It won’t let me unlock the bootloader. I’ve tried both the official “fastboot OEM unlock” and the one click unlock, but it simply stops at the main fastboot menu- no question about wanting to unlock. Instead I put the official ICS on it and that runs just fine (ICS runs soooo damed smooth, love it soooo much).

Since I have a 9220 SLCD version, ICS has coursed some trouble for my future messing around in the the bootloader menus. It turns off the backlighting. It is possible to put a LED torch up against the screen and front light it but the dammed thing is made to resist reflections so it’s a real pain. Any good advice? Do you know a fix for the 9220’s backlight trouble? It used to be locked to the carrier “3” in Denmark. Could they have blocked off the unlock option? Would it help to roll it back to a stock gingerbread build? Love ICS so I’m not in any hurry, but this is a nexus and so the universe is just a bit off as long as it is still locked… Regards, Arne, Cyprus.
PS: I’d like to send you a voicemail and pronounce my name for you but alas, while I DO have a face for radio i don’t have the voice for it. I guess I can’t win them all, and will just have to be content with whichever way you pronounce it

We have our own Google+ page! and an updated Android app!

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Dave –  “First Week In” & MW3
Patrick – DC Universe Online and MW3
Steve – Chuck Season 4
Bill – 50/50 and Killer Elite
Geoff – Uncharted 3 started DC Universe

Picks of the week
Dave –  Tiny Flashlight
Patrick – ZAGGfolio for iPad 2/ CardMunch (iOS)
BillBooq Boa Nerve M backpack
Geoff – Samsung Galaxy Nexus OEM extended battery

Simulcast 139: Blackout

This week on Simulcast 139, we’re going to talk a bit about SOPA. We’re also going to talk about gadgets, and Geoff has news from a Playstation Vita event.

Nissan’s self-healing iPhone case
Apple patents clothes that track how you wear them, tell you when it’s time to update your wardrobe
Apple announcing GarageBand tool for eBooks? or A new textbook format?
IK Multimedia iRig PRE to allow use of XLR mics with iOS devices

Galaxy Note could be the Galaxy Journal on VZW
CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 brings ICS to HP Touchpad

AT&T increases data prices and allowances
T-Mobile, Walmart do another kumbaya with contract-free unlimited family plan for 3G users
Samsung wasn’t interested in buying RIM, still isn’t interested in buying RIM
Kodak joins the party and sues Samsung for patent infringement

Tritton Warhead 7.1 Headset for Xbox 360 brings direct connection to Xbox 360

Geoff and the PS Vita
Call of Duty Elite App out for iOS and Android

Listener Email

Email #1

Hello Simulcast crew,
I have a question regarding blogging.  I have a friend that wants to start a blog, and being the local geek, she’s turned to me.  I’ve read blogs forever, but never thought about starting one for myself or anyone else.  From searching around I have seen services like Blogger and WordPress.  Do you guys have any good recommendations and why do you prefer that service?  Thanks for your help, and love the show.

Rob (@brat1475)

Email #2

I was wondering if you could do a compare and contrast on the Roku vs Apple TV. What do i get on the Roku but not on the Apple? What can the Apple TV do the Roku cannot? The old Roku I think had a dual band built in but the Roku 2 does not, is there any loss of value as a result? If i were to dump cable, which would make me happier?

Also, how can I get a better signal from my wireless router? It appears to reach throughout the house most of the time, but does drop off to the back of the house at times.  How can i tell if my problem is placement of the router vs the need for more bandwidth?


Frank ‘Butch’ Bruscato

We have our own Google+ page! and an updated Android app!

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Patrick – MW3
Steve – MW3for Playstation Infinity Blade II
Bill – Cowboys and Aliens
Geoff – Dragon Age II (catching up), Kingdoms of Amalur Demo, Darkness II demo and Uncharted 3

Picks of the week
PatrickDowncast (iOS) (thanks to @colmination for the suggestion)
Steve – Playstation 3, Not the element case Vapor 4
BillCWM Recovery Touch for Galaxy Nexus
Geoff – PS Vita and Pocketcasts

Simulcast 130: Bi-tech-ual

This week on The Simulcast 130 we are joined by Brian Feldhaus, we talk about the HTC Rezound, the death of Flash, Modern Warfare 3, and more listener emails

No plans for Siri on older devices  May be linked to 4S’ unique proximity sensor GREED?
Amazon buys voice recognition startup Yap to counter Apple’s Siri
Australian court forces Apple to hand over private operator iPhone business terms

HTC Titan to hit AT&T shelves on November 20 for $199
Tango video calling app now in Windows Phone Market
Microsoft planning to combat Windows Phone app piracy with new encryption

Modern Warfare 3 – our review and thoughts
Apple’s iOS & Google Android command 58% of US portable game revenue

Verizon offering a double data promotion
Barnes & Noble announced Nook 2
Fedora 16 comes out and brings a heavy dose of cloud processing and storage support

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

Hi guys, me again!
On holiday this week so in a chilled out mood and had time to put a question to you

Firstly, a big thanks to all you guys as you’ve helped me out again.  I started by just listening to these podcasts and it’s amazing that it feels like I know you all personally now.  You’ve all dug me out out the crap on various occasions and I just wish I could return the favour somehow?  This time it was Dave and all I have to say is having a rummage in Daves Dropbox i felt like a kid in a sweet shop!

Having said all that, I do actually have a question.  On these holidays I like to send pictures and videos during the week mainly to make my mates who are still at work jealous !!

I would love an app or service (for iOS of course!) that I could post a photo or video clip and it sent it to twitter, Facebook, Google+. blogs etc.   I use pixelpipe and it comes close but only stills and not compatible with Google+.

Any ideas would be most welcome!

Gotta go, my beer has just arrived!

Sent from my iPhone

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Modern Warfare 3
Dave – Modern Warfare 3 duh
Patrick – MW3
Brian – L.A. Noire The complete edition/ B&B

Picks of the week
Dave – Modern Warfare 3
Patrick – Inheritance (Final Book of Eragon Series)
Brian – Nexus S & iTap Keyboard

Simulcast 115: Happy Birthday Bill

Like sands through the hourglass, so is The Simulcast. We are back as always with more tech news and opinions. We have not one but two listener emails, and a hefty dose of sarcasm sprinkled in.


Kindle App updated to meet Apple’s new policy: No more buying books through the app.
Apple rumored to be developing 15 and 17 laptops in the mold of the Macbook Air
Performance variations found in the SSDs shipping in the new Macbook Airs.
Future iPhones, like Superman, to be powered by the sun?
Apple Charges Customer 122 Times for Lion
Survey: 35% of U.S. Consumers Planning to Purchase Next-Generation iPhone

Bill’s new MacBook Air – thoughts
Walmart taking another crack at challenging Netflix
New Device can test for recent drug use through your fingerprint
Sandybridge processors now in budget end (<$400) HP and Toshiba laptops

Galaxy S2 coming to Verizon first?
Tensions flair as Google deletes Google+ users accounts with fake names
Google Exec calls for US Patent Law reform after Nortel sale loss.

Phantasy Star Online 2 alpha tests to start this summer
Avatar Kinect is up and running

Listener email
Follow-up to last’s week email:

The marketenabler did the job- no trouble. though it needed root access so i had to root my archos also. anyway, theres plenty of other benefits to that also so it would only have been a matter of time. regarding my accent i’m half danish, half inuit (greenland) and i learned most of my english watching american cartoons in the mid and late 80’s so maybe it’s mostly a zentraedi or autobotian accent ;-) my danish accent is definately worse than my english. i’d definitelt be happy if you would send me the new android market anyway, though marketenabler does say it wornt work with the latest version.

anyway, thanks for your advice.


New question:
Greetings from across the pond again here, cheers again for the iTunes voucher thing the other day!  Kids off school so the apple TV is getting a pounding!

Have a listener question/challenge for you!

Now I’ve upgraded my iMac to Lion, i seem to have lost the Time machine client for my Media Smart Server.
It runs and confirms there is a server there but all the options are greyed out for setting a partition etc.
Long story short I don’t have a backup right now!

I looked on some forums and apparently that is a consequence of Lion and the HP Media Smart server team have been disbanded to work on Web OS so there is unlikely to be a new update!

Did you use your MSS as a time machine for your macs or did you have another solution?

I’m about to go out and buy yet another plug in Hard Disk to be a time machine but to be honest I liked the way the HP Server backed up everything in one place.

If you know of a workaround or a fix then I would be extremely impressed and grateful!

PS, Love the Screen video,  and I’m so jealous of the new macbook air that i’ve decided to definitely get one,  Did you get the faster processor?  there was an option to get an I7 or an I5?

Cheers for now


What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Dave –  Duke Nukem, Sucker Punch
Bill – Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2
Patrick – Naruto Shippuden (on Season 9) Free via Crunchyroll.com
Steve – Chuck/ The Cuckoo’s Egg – Cliff Stol

Picks of the week
Dave – Beats by Dre
Bill – new 13” MacBook Air
Patrick – 2.7ghz i7 Mac Mini
Steve – Tout

Simulcast 112: Hangout

We are back for the another wonderful Simulcast. The gang’s not all here this week, but we hang out and plus up with Google Plus.

Google Plus – our thoughts (Public Profile requirement)
Federal Judge allows Google “Wi-Spy” lawsuit to continue
Google Maps Transit Navigation beta for Android
Google, MapQuest, Microsoft and Aol sued for allegedly infringing 3D mapping patent
Google+ to require that profiles be visible to all, will boot private profiles after July 31st

Google Plus iOS app already submitted to Apple
PDF exploit leaked then less than one week later jailbreakme.com releases for all idevices on 4.3x
OS X Lion to allow running of multiple copies of Lion on same machine through virtualization
Apple beats out Google for control of Nortel’s 4G patents


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC) receives a Star Wars Mod
Nintendo’s Wii U coming out sometime after April 1, 2012 (One big April Fools Joke?)

Verizon switching to tiered data July 7th
The 3D Chocolate Printer: Food meets Technology
Are Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player illegal?
Facebook release video chat powered my Skype
Amazon throws in unlimited storage if you buy $20 cloud plan

Listener email

Hey guys just wanted to send a quick email.

I think one of my first emails to the simulcast crew was regarding my purchase of a Nexus One. I am sad to say that after 18 months I have now had to move on to something else…Don’t worry I didn’t get an iPhone. Eff that, I’m an android supporter through and through :) Instead I opted for the Galaxy S 2.

So far I’m really impressed with it, I’ve never been a huge fan of Samsung mobile hardware and software but this phone is pretty awesome.
Anyways, I just wanted to share my (albeit brief) story of me and my good friend N1. The next leg of the N1’s journey will be to eBay I think as I try to find a new loving home for it.

Catch you later guys

Chris, Scotland

Twitter – @Gamer_Chris
Hey guys

I’m looking to get an Android phone for my wife to replace her 2 year old Samsung featurephone… however, she’s not a big fan of touchscreens, and would prefer a mobile with a physical keyboard (as opposed to something cutting edge, like the Galaxy S II).

So far I’ve only seen two phones available in the UK: the HTC Desire Z, and the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro. Throwing out the Sony Ericsson because of the size of the phone (far too small!), does anyone have any experience/thoughts on the Desire Z, and are there any new Android handsets coming out soon with a physical keyboard?

Keep up the good work!

Ian Hamilton (near London, England)

What are we playing/watching this week?
Dave – Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack
Bill – The Last Three Days,
Patrick –  Galactic Warfare (Star Wars Mod of Modern Warfare) / BLOPs Annihilation
Brian – Half life 2 on Steam  Me want Xbox!

Picks of the week

Dave –
Bill – MoboPlayer Android video player
Patrick – Google +
Brian – Podcast Box iOS