Simulcast 146: Marsupials

This week on Simulcast 146, we’re back and we have Apple news this week! new iPad has been announced and iOS 5.1 gives AT&T users 4G!! There’s no limit to what Apple can do through the power of software…

This week on Simulcast 146, we’re back and we have Apple news this week! new iPad has been announced and iOS 5.1 gives AT&T users 4G!! There’s no limit to what Apple can do through the power of software…

iOS 5.1
“new” iPad with retina display, voice dictation, and a chunkier beltline
iPad 2 16gb Wifi – $399
Apple TV refresh bringing 1080p video content and new streamlined UI, still $99
Apple now willing to license patents

Google Nexus Tablet to be made by Asus, have Tegra 3
Google’s new Assistant coming Q4?
Google Wallet now showing unsupported on rooted devices
Android Market now allows up to 4GB applications and games
Android Market is now Google Play. It’s a dumb name

Master Chief returns this holiday season
Assassins Creed 3 Announced with video trailer
Forza sequel coming (of course)

Lightroom 4 released at half price

We have our own Google+ page! and an updated Android app! You can also email us

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – The Ben Heck Show
Patrick – Final Fantasy (PS3), Phantasy Star (360), 11/22/63
Geoff – Mass Effect 3, Wipeout 2048, Dexter, Motorstorm RC, Walking Dead

Picks of the week
Bill – Nest
PatrickReflection App (OSX 10.6 or higher)
Dave – HHO Dry Cell technology
Geoff – Google Music (Google Play)

Simulcast 131: Fire Extinguisher

This week on The Simulcast 131 we talk about Google’s new music store, the Amazon Kindle Fire, Halo Anniversary, and more listener emailsGoogle
Google Music launches 11/16, free song of the day?
Netflix updates app for Android tablets
Dave’s new Tab 10.1 LTE
Lenovo launching quad-core, 2GB RAM ICS-wielding tablet monster?
Droid RAZR launches
Adobe releases Photoshop Touch for Honeycomb
Xoom Family Edition
Amazon Kindle Fire released, Bill goes hands-on
Kindle Fire already rooted
Samsung says “Game On” for modified Tab 10.1N sales in Germany
New Nook tablet has only 1gb of 16gb internal storage available for non B&N content

iOS 5.01 released, still doesn’t fix battery issues
iOS 5.02 coming soon? 5.1 to bring more Siri integration to 4S?
Siri hacked to work on any device
Gmail iOS app back in the App Store
Steve Jobs wanted to create his own MVNO
Levinson named Apple chairman and Bob Iger (Disney CEO) joins Apple Board

Xbox 720 at CES 2012?

Halo: Anniversary released!
Infinity Blade II for iOS release date confirmed for Dec 1

Researchers increase Lithium Ion battery life and charging speed to 10x current technology

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

Hey guys,
It seems like the Pogoplug has fallen out of favor with you, as far as online storage is concerned, and since mine just up and died the other day , I’m curious as to what y’all use for cloud storage, and/or what you would recommend.  I could probably get away with 50GB or so and free would be great, but most importantly ease of access of the information, with streaming being a possibility.  An Android app (like Pogoplugs) would be nice
As a side note, I don’t hear much about the Acer Iconia A500 tablet and I just wanted to tout it’s exceptional performance.  I have Transformer and Galaxy tablets in the house (and of course the obligatory “Dumb-pad”) and it easily outperforms them all.  Plus it was only $299 on sale!  Just my 2 cents,  Thanks for the info-tainment!

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Halo: Anniversary, Kindle Fire, Adobe Photoshop Touch
Dave –  MW3
Patrick – MW3, No Ordinary Family (Netflix)
Geoff – Halo Anniversary Edition, Battlefield 3, Home front, Walking Dead, Hell On Wheels, Breaking Bad

Picks of the week
Bill – Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II home theater tower speakers
Dave – Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE
Patrick – Nothing!
GeoffMotorola Xoom Family Edition and Halo AE

Simulcast 130: Bi-tech-ual

This week on The Simulcast 130 we are joined by Brian Feldhaus, we talk about the HTC Rezound, the death of Flash, Modern Warfare 3, and more listener emails

No plans for Siri on older devices  May be linked to 4S’ unique proximity sensor GREED?
Amazon buys voice recognition startup Yap to counter Apple’s Siri
Australian court forces Apple to hand over private operator iPhone business terms

HTC Titan to hit AT&T shelves on November 20 for $199
Tango video calling app now in Windows Phone Market
Microsoft planning to combat Windows Phone app piracy with new encryption

Modern Warfare 3 – our review and thoughts
Apple’s iOS & Google Android command 58% of US portable game revenue

Verizon offering a double data promotion
Barnes & Noble announced Nook 2
Fedora 16 comes out and brings a heavy dose of cloud processing and storage support

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

Hi guys, me again!
On holiday this week so in a chilled out mood and had time to put a question to you

Firstly, a big thanks to all you guys as you’ve helped me out again.  I started by just listening to these podcasts and it’s amazing that it feels like I know you all personally now.  You’ve all dug me out out the crap on various occasions and I just wish I could return the favour somehow?  This time it was Dave and all I have to say is having a rummage in Daves Dropbox i felt like a kid in a sweet shop!

Having said all that, I do actually have a question.  On these holidays I like to send pictures and videos during the week mainly to make my mates who are still at work jealous !!

I would love an app or service (for iOS of course!) that I could post a photo or video clip and it sent it to twitter, Facebook, Google+. blogs etc.   I use pixelpipe and it comes close but only stills and not compatible with Google+.

Any ideas would be most welcome!

Gotta go, my beer has just arrived!

Sent from my iPhone

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Modern Warfare 3
Dave – Modern Warfare 3 duh
Patrick – MW3
Brian – L.A. Noire The complete edition/ B&B

Picks of the week
Dave – Modern Warfare 3
Patrick – Inheritance (Final Book of Eragon Series)
Brian – Nexus S & iTap Keyboard

Simulcast 113: Where’s My Facetime for Android?

We are back for the another wonderful Simulcast episode. We are still gaga over Google Plus, and we give away some more invites! Some fan boys are upset no iOS app for it yet.

Spam filter now preventing unwanted calls in Google Voice
Google updates the Android Market App: Adds Books and Movies Tabs
Xoom getting 3.2 and FCC approves LTE module

TIVO remote app now on iphone and ipod touch
Apple to bring back backlit keyboards on the Macbook Air?
Lion GM build out. Who has it and thoughts?

Windows 8 to bring 360 compatibility?

Netflix (assuming you don’t cancel) coming soon to a Nintendo 3DS near you?
EA announces latest list of games to lose online support

Netflix introducing new rates and raising rates. Boo
Court case may determine if 5th Amendment protects your right to withhold decryption password
Ad-sponsored Kindle 3G announced for $139

Listener email

What are we playing/watching this week?
Dave –  The Rite
Bill – The Lincoln Lawyer
Patrick –  Finishing up Stargate SG1 – then on to Stargate Atlantis
Steve – Hangover 2

Picks of the week

Dave – Lion GM
Bill – Verizon iPhone 4
Patrick – Flipboard
Steve – Lion/Tout

Simulcast 111: Sellout

We are back for the another wonderful Simulcast. Bill is in the great state of Texas and broadcasting live from his hotel room. Dave is working and Bill took long enough getting set up that Geoff had to take care of some things for his job.

iOS5 = no more untethered jailbreaks and downgrades?
Singapore Army’s lastest equipment issued – iPad 2
Could Apple’s MusicMatch be used as a tool to catch infringers?
Steve’s iPhone 4

Nexus Prime will be a Samsung pure Google phone with Ice Cream Sandwich?

Microsoft part of effort to develop white space spectrum recapture to solve spectrum woes

Gamers can apparently now add “Art Aficionado” to their resumes and bios.
Geohot hired by Facebook.
For Bill – R2D2 Operation – Nuff said.

Sony announces their own (non-Mac) Thunderbolt integration.
Interesting developments in wireless computer docking technology.

What are we playing/watching this week?
Steve – Nada!
Bill – Cut the Rope
Patrick – BLOPS (New Annihilation Map Pack)

Picks of the week
Steve – iPhone 4 and iFrogz case
Bill – Fring
Patrick- Blogsy

Simulcast 110: Deep Shot Your Admin

We are back for the 10th Simulcast north of the centennial. There is plenty of juicy information about our favorite tech giants plus what we’re playing, and picks of the week! Skype was not our friend this week, so bear with us!

Apple Mac Pro and Mac Mini Refreshes coming in August with Thunderbolt?
iPhone 5 will have radical case design?
Apple announces Lion Server Option along with Business and Educational pricing.
Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4 now in the Mac App Store.
FCC Filing shows new AirPort Extreme refresh coming soon.
Broad multitouch patent granted to Apple seen as ‘huge blow’ to rivals
Geoff left AT&T and went back to the iPhone

Bill’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 – his thoughts – and it’s already rooted
Android 3.2 coming this summer with 7inch tablet support and bugfixes
Google buys Sage TV – GoogleDVR, anyone?
Deep Shot – Think Chrome to Phone and throw in a camera.
Google bringing WebRTC integration to Chrome.

Could Microsoft and the DMCA spell the end of 3rd party gaming peripherals?

Redbox now has video games Been…?! in some areas (what normal people call test markets). now nationwide
Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack (June 28th on Xbox 360) (This is bullshit)

Verizon tiered data plans July 7th
New Federal Law in the works to make illegal streaming of copyrighted material a Felony
With all the hacking going on, CNET has a handy dandy chart to keep it all straight.
Dropbox’s Security Glitch – Check your files.

What are we playing this week?
Steve –
Dave – Infamous PS3 and Battlefield 2 Bad Company
Bill – businessman
Geoff – Dead Space, Illusia
Patrick – DC Universe Online/ BLOPs (getting practice in before the new map packs hit)

Picks of the week
Steve – Weatherpro
Dave – vTok, Splashtop RDP
Bill – WiFi File Explorer Pro
Geoff – Illusia and Airport Express
Patrick- ZigZag Board App (ipad)