End of the Line

Since we started the podcast over 6 years ago, we did it out of a passion for technology and for sharing our thoughts and opinions. A lot has changed over the years, and now the time has come for The Simulcast to come to an end.

Since we started the podcast over 6 years ago, we did it out of a passion for technology and for sharing our thoughts and opinions. A lot has changed over the years, and now the time has come for The Simulcast to come to an end.

I still greatly enjoy technology, but it has gotten to be more of a burden for me than a creative outlet. Preparing show notes, producing the show, and all the behind-the-scenes things that go into making a podcast have gotten to be a lot of work, and I’ve decided that I’d like to pursue some of my other hobbies at this point in my life. Patrick will soon be a co-host on a new show, and I’m sure I’ll be a guest on some other podcasts in the future.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who made The SimulcastĀ possible over the years:

  • My other original hosts Steve Trotto, Geoff Farinha, and Michael Manna
  • Dave Valle
  • Patrick Virgadamo
  • Mike Florio (The Gadget Gurus)
  • Brian Feldhaus (sometimes guest host)
  • Todd Wright (also sometimes guest host)
  • Joe Lombardo (also sometimes guest host)
  • Ching Yao-Yu (also sometimes guest host)
  • My daughters Brianna and Miranda (Simulcast Jr)
  • Dave Ciccone (Mobility Today was where I got my start)
  • Brian Harris – possibly our only sponsor ever!
  • a lot of other people I’m probably leaving out (sorry if I did!)

Without all those great people, the show never would have happened in the first place or gone on as long as it did. I’m not going anywhere; I’ll still be participating on social media, and I’m still going to have opinions on the latest and greatest phones, tablets, computers, and home theater technology.

I don’t know what my future podcasting endeavors might be, but I look forward to continuing to meet great people and enjoying talking tech for a long time to come.

Take care!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Michael, Bill, and Steve hope that you all have a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks so much for your support of the Simulcast and don’t forget to join us tomorrow for our Black Friday extravaganza. You can call and leave your questions, comments, or even provide us with a live Black Friday report from where you are shopping. The number to reach us is (774) 745-5002. We will also be taking live calls during the show. We will send out more information via Twitter.

HP MSS to the Rescue!


Saturday was a nice day to simply hang out and play around on the computer. All of my computers have been running exceptionally well, and with my newest Acer AspireRevo serving at my home theater PC, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I decided I wanted to install a custom theme for Windows Media Center.

The perfect plan. A slight reg hack to allow me to take ownership of some system files, and an easy mod to a .DLL file to include the new background image. To make things easy, I decided to use my desktop PC running Windows 7 to do the hacking. Unfortunately, the “easy” reg hack corrupted file associations, and left me unable to run any programs at all. This crippled my ability to run a system restore.

Left with no other choice, I stuck my HP MSS recovery disc into the drive, rebooted, and was immediately reassured that I wasn’t completely screwed. The HP software walked me through the recovery process, and 30 minutes later, my desktop was back to the exact state it was in before I screwed it up. At that moment, I knew that my HP MediaSmart purchase was a wise decision. I’m equally reassured that the other computers in my house (8 of them) are all being backed up the same way, automagically, and without relying on my wife and kids to do anything.

While I originally purchased the MSS for the media and storage capabilities, I have a whole new appreciation for the entire package now. I just ordered a new hard drive for my Macbook Pro, so I’ll be revisiting my experience when I do the swap there too. Stay tuned.

Acer AspireRevo 3610 Unboxing

Just got my Acer AspireRevo 3610 nettop from newegg.com last night. I shot a quick unboxing video and plan to do some more videos as I use this machine as a home theater PC with a projector.

So far I’m loving it. It’s a Windows 7 Home Premium dual-core Atom 1.6Ghz machine with 2GB RAM, Ion graphics, 160GB hard drive, GigaBit ethernet, SPDIF, HDMI, eSATA, wireless keyboard and mouse, and a whole host of features that is amazing for the price of $329.

More thoughts about it later…