Simulcast 168: iSack

This week on Simulcast 168, most of the whole crew is back and we’re catching up from last week. We’re talking about the Samsung vs Apple decision, Samsung Galaxy device news, and a freaking Android camera. Whoa!

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

Jury foreman: The evidence was overwhelming
No NFC for next iPhone?

Galaxy Note 2 official
Samsung Galaxy camera announced
Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 revealed for people with big pockets
Apple specifies Samsung phones to ban
Galaxy S3 to come in more colors
Possible HTC tablet leaked in pics – what do we think?

Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8 phone looks amazing
Windows Phone 8 10/29
Samsung ATIV Windows 8 Tablets
Sony VAIO Duo 11


T-Mo unveiling unlimited unthrottled data plans Sept 5th
RadioShack No Contract Wireless may be getting ready to launch September 5th
Vizio Co-star hands-on

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Listener emails

Can you and some of your chums maybe help me out?
I’ve had a bit of an ‘eBay fest’ this weekend and decided to sell my D40, our HD camcorder and a few old printers etc and I’ve generated a decent budget for a new camera (but it needs to take decent video also)

I’m a bit wed to Nikon but only because I have retained the 18-200mm lens and hoped to buy a ‘body only’

I narrowed it down to D7000, D90 or D5100.   I had pretty much decided on the 5100 until a few reviews on YouTube reported some dire video results?  Do you think it’s just them being crap or should I be worried.  My wife will kill me for selling the camcorder if it’s replacement is shite!

Are you and your team familiar with these and what do you recommend?

Bearing in mind that my sole aim is to to take decent, well lit, focused pictures and video of my family with the occasional bit of ‘creativeness’ thrown in when the urge takes me!


What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Breaking Bad
Dave –
Breaking Bad Season 4/5
Patrick –
Madden 13
Geoff –
Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, CS:GO

Picks of the week
Bill –
Top Gear America
Dave –
Patrick –
Vizio Co-Star
Geoff –
Lumia 900

Simulcast 167: Cowboomexplode

This week on Simulcast 167, most of the whole crew is back and we’re talking about the iPad Mini, the Galaxy Note 2, Cheap Surface, and unlocked Verizon Galaxy S3 bootloaders!

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

iMore says they have the digs on iPad Mini

Unsecure bootloader for Verizon Galaxy S3
Motorola ditching 4000 jobs in wake of Google takeover
ICS update rolls out to Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi, Bill wonders what to do with his
PS3 gets native YouTube app, control it with your Android phone
SGS3 in black appears on T-Mobile website
Galaxy Note 10.1 arrives tomorrow Coming with 50 Gb free Dropbox storage for 2 years
Galaxy Note 2 front screen leaked, 5.5 inches of glory?
Google Chrome Extension brings send to Kindle feature. Safari & Firefox support promised.
Galaxy Tab 2.0 7inch w/ LTE coming to Verizon on August 17th for $350 no contract
Droid 4 ICS update rolling out

Surface for Windows RT for $199 on October 26th?

PS Vita update v 1.80 to allow Vita to function as PS3 Controller

Canon issues recall for some T4i over chemicals on rubber grips

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Listener emails

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you an update on my Android experience to date,
unfortunately, it doesn’t have a happy ending.

As you know I took the plunge and went for a Samsung Galaxy S3 and was
really starting to enjoy the Android experience when after a few days
I started to experience problems with the actual phone. It kept losing
signal and displaying emergency calls only even when it showed five
bars. I took it back and got it replaced.

First problem I met with Android was not being able to just sync the
new phone and have it set up the same as my old one, I had to manually
install each app although they were shown in the Play Store as
previously installed, still hard work though; especially inputting all
my account details and settings etc.

Unfortunately a few days later the same fault occurred on the new
handset as well as a problem with Bluetooth continually disconnecting
and extremely poor A2DP audio quality. Frustrated I have now returned
the phone and for now I am back using my iPhone 4S.

My conclusion from my Android experience has been mixed, the OS is
awesome and very very powerful and I loved the freedom of pretty much
being able to do what I wanted. The downside is Samsung Galaxy S3
hardware is no where near as good as the iPhone. Samsung also should
drop the awful touch wiz and just go standard Android.

So in the end I have decided to wait until the next pure Nexus device
comes out and hopefully it won’t be made by Samsung.

Thanks to all of you for the help and guidance you gave me when
playing around with Android and rest assured, I will be back and
bothering you all again soon.


Sent from my iPad

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Act of Valor, Counting Cars
Dave –  
Breaking Bad Season 1&2
Patrick –
Gears of War, NFL Preseason

Picks of the week
Bill – Tweedle for Android
Dave –
Patrick –

Simulcast 166: Curiosity

This week on Simulcast 166, the whole crew is back and we’re talking about the Mars landing, Apple minus YouTube, Ukranian police, and… Ouya!

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

Apple removes YouTube app from iOS6, will be standalone app
iOS6 scales to rumored iPhone 6 screen size , woohoo?
Google bringing revamped, Google Now-like search to iOS

Galaxy Note 10.1 officially announced
HTC to reveal 5 in 1080p phone next month?
Google gets patent for eye tracking-based unlock system, shifty looks get you access

Microsoft planning to announce WP8 devices before iPhone 6?
Windows Phone sales
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Announced Windows 8 Pro
Acer Upset about Surface, threatens to Abandon Windows all together

OUYA size


Curiosity lands on Mars!
AT&T starts shared plans Aug 23rd
Demonoid shut down by Ukranian police

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Listener emails
Hey guys, as you know I took the plunge and bought a Galaxy S3 and I have to say i have gone from utter confusion to loving the device.
I do have a couple of things that really annoy me. The keyboard is poor especially with auto correct etc. What do you guys use for text entry?
The other thing is I miss badge notifications, I like to see missed tweet numbers or email numbers shown on the app icon like with iOS.  Can this be done in any way on ICS?
Finally talk to me about roms, can I get this S3 on a more stock rom and if so where should I visit to learn the process?
Thanks for all your help so far

Chris Oldroyd

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – The Lorax, Project X
Geoff –
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Break Bad Season 4, Falling Skies
Patrick –  
NFL Preseason, Gears of War, Dark Knight Rises

Picks of the week
Bill – Fantom tempered glass screen protector for GNex
Geoff –
Oppa Gangam Style and Windows 8 Release Preview
Patrick –
NFL Live Preseason App (iPad/Android)

Simulcast 165: On Air

This week on Simulcast 165, we’re talking about Hulu for iPad, Amazon Instant, Google Wallet,, and the Nexus Q we wish we had preordered.

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.


3 million Mountain Lion installs in 4 days, most successful OS X yet
iPhone prototype “Purple” dates back to 2005, looks like current iPhone
Hulu Plus now on Apple TV
Amazon Instant Video iPad app now available, iPhone and iPod Touch still left wanting
AMD poaches Apple’s platform architecture lead to head up CPU team

T-Mobile Galaxy Note $249 available August 8th
Nexus 7 accessories coming soon
Google postponing Nexus Q launch to ‘make it better,’ sending a free device to those who pre-ordered
Google Wallet now supports any credit card!
Vizio Co-Star pre-orders back up!


Microsoft launches, a new email service with limited ads, unlimited storage and built-in Skype

FCC fines Verizon 1.25 Million for blocking tethering apps on C-Block
Piracy rates compared by another developer
Dropbox confirms user info was stolen, adds new security measures
Amazon updates Cloud Player with 256 Kbps matched files, faster import, direct delivery (update: Roku, Sonos coming soon)

We have our own Google+ page! You can also email us – Call us 203-903-CAST

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill –
The Dark Knight Rises
Dave –
Transformers 3
Brian –
Breaking Bad

Picks of the week
Bill – Netgear R6300
Dave –  
Spotify Radio feature
Brian – 
Netgear R6300