Simulcast 164: Mountin’ Lion

This week on Simulcast 164, we’re back and we are talking about the Nexus 7, more Apple lawsuits, and the Vizio Co-Star is on the way, and Geoff’s MacBook Pro sucks, royally. Retina video out, no video in.

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

Apple trolls patents again, wants $2.5B from Samsung this time
Mountain Lion available for $19.99 but Dave has it in his Gdrive.
Thunderbolt-equipped Drobo 5D and Drobo Mini storage devices now up for pre-order
Apple secures multitouch-related patent dating back to 1995 from inventor
Windows Malware Worm found in iOS app from Apple App Store
OS X Mountain Lion users reporting wireless connectivity issues (confirmed by Technobuffalo)

Vizio’s Co-Star available for pre-order at $99, August 14th or sooner
Galaxy SIII sells 10 million phones in under 2 months
Galaxy Note 10.1 leaked in video
Android piracy forced Dead Trigger devs to give away their app? Wait, what???
Mojang sued for alleged patent infringement in Android version of Minecraft
Want!! Wi-Fi Media lets your Nexus 7 play movies on any screen via HTC’s Media Link HD
Google Search adds fully functional scientific calculator
HTC One X+ confirmed to be coming to T Mobile

Redbox Instant with Verizon
Instant upload for Facebook, looks familiar
Broadcom promises triple-speed 5G WiFi for mobiles in early 2013
Comcast doubles broadband speeds ‘in certain markets,’ launches 305Mbps Xfinity Platinum service
Amazon puts 50MB limit on 3G Kindle’s ‘free’ experimental browser

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Listener emails

Email #1
I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help me with.
I’m running cm9 on my Gnote and I’m pretty happy with it, but I also hear the AOKP name coming up often.
Are there big differences between those two you can tell me about?
Secondly a less factual subject. The web is starting to buzz about the next gen Gnote (can’t believe this line of phones is getting such an amount of press). But how much could Samsung actually improve it?

The s3 is a good upgrade over the s2, but except for the processor the Gnote is already pushing the limits, and I’m quite aware of being in the minority of wanting a 6 inch screen- it’ll still need to have some main stream appeal.

Sorry for going long again, I just can’t help it.
Arne, Cyprus.

Email #2
Just a curious thought.
What are your experiences with the Nexus 7 and USB OTG?
I saw a picture of a guy who had it plugged to a USB Hub with keyboard, mouse, and even a dammed floppy drive.
But he seemed more of an xda genius than just another user like me.
Pretty much all of you have the 7.
How far can you get with just simple apps like Stickmount and NTFS mounter?

(ULTIMAte hack: Nexus 7 hooks up with external USB storage, floppy drive for retro-gaming )

Once again thanks for your thoughts and help.
Arne, Cyprus.

Email #3
I’m thinking of upgrading my 15 inch macbook pro 2009 that has 8gb ram and the 750 GB hybrid hard drive to either a new macbook air or the retina macbook pro. I do zero video editing or photoshop. Its mostly online stuff and email and RSS feeds. How many GB of ram are you using 4 or 8. Do you find that the air does the job well enough? I don’t feel like I need the retina display but I do like the 15 inch size . What are your thoughts?


What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – CM10 for Galaxy Nexus
Dave –
Minecraft Android LOL
Geoff –
Breaking Bad Season 4, Spec Ops: The Line
Patrick –
Gears of War 1 & 2 (Triple Pack)

Picks of the week
Bill – Netgear R6300
Dave –  
Mountain Lion
Geoff –
Nexus Q (Nexus 7 update)
Patrick –
Andru – Android Phone Charger

Simulcast 162: We’re Jelly

This week on Simulcast 162, we’re back after our holiday week. We will discuss all things gadgets, and we have an android gaming console, still waiting on Nexus 7, Kindle Phones, and the uncool Galaxy Tab.

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

OS X Mountain Lion goes GM
Some early 64bit Macs will not get OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion update
Bloomberg says Apple iPhone to TMobile in 2013
Tweetbot for Mac Alpha

Galaxy Tab not as cool as iPad, therefore not infringing
Verizon blames Samsung for SGS3 locked bootloader, Samsung offers dev edition
Galaxy Note ICS update Tuesday
Verizon GNex now AOSP supported once again, 4.1.1. is here!
Will Amazon make the Kindle Phone?
Nexus 7 discovered to have magnetic sensor. Smart cover coming?
Jelly Bean on Kindle Fire
Samsung update pulls Universal Search from Galaxy S III (there’s a work around)
HTC confirms new tablet is coming (no specifics yet)

Ouya Android based gaming console a hit on Kickstarter

Nikon recalls battery packs sold with D800 and D7000 due to burn hazard
Dropbox doubles paid subscribers storage space for free.
US court rules in favor of Aereo, says streaming of live tv to iPads/iPhones & cloud based DVR legal

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What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – Dead Trigger, Halo: REACH campaign and American Reunion
Dave –
The Bachelor
Patrick –
Amazing Spider-Man (via Marvel Comics iPad app)
Geoff –
Shoot many robots, Savages, Quarantine

Picks of the week
Bill – Water Drops Plus
Dave – Notification Toggle , JellyBean
Patrick – Google+ for iPad
Geoff – MacBook Pro Retina