Simulcast 155: Undocked

This week on Simulcast 155, our buddy Clay Russell from iOSDocked joins us to talk about his new Android-powered HTC One-X. Patrick checks in from the CTIA Wireless show in New Orleans, lots of software updates and much more!

We’ll talk about it all, right here on the Simulcast.

Apple releases OS X 10.7.4
Apple releases iOS 5.1.1
Google released G+ 2.0 for iOS only (for now)
Scott Forstall sells 95% of his Apple stock
Tim Cook tells the competition to invent their own stuff and that Apple is not the World’s developer.
Notification Center coming to

Flipboard for Android leaks, is amazing
Google+ lets you broadcast your Hangouts
Incredible 4G LTE announced, coming soon
Sprint EVO 4G LTE coming May 18th
HTC One X now available from AT&T
AT&T CEO blames Google for update process, proves he is an idiot

Samsung Focus 2 LTE announced for $50
$99 Xbox 360 with Kinect now official, requires two-year contract

Minecraft out today on XBOX 360
Diablo 3 is out next week
BoomExplode Dedicated Battlefield 3 Server
BioShock Infinite pushed to February 2013

MasterCard introduces PayPass Wallet Services, Online and API at CTIA 2012
802.11-2012 WiFi freshens up spec with 3.7GHz bands, mesh networking
Brookstone fuel cell USB charger to keep phones powered for two weeks, Engadget editors happy
BlackBerry Curve 9320 now official: BB OS 7.1, 2.44-inch display, BBM button
Sub-$1500 Kingmax 1TB SSD spotted in Japan
AT&T to start testing small, short-range cell sites this year to boost network coverage

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Listener emails
Hi Guys,

I’m interested in Bill’s home media setup. I’m looking at using Windows Media Center at the core with XBOX’s acting as TV/Media Extenders, I know Bill has this in place, so, can you go into a bit more detail on how it all hangs together?

I have a Media Center PC in the Loft, in the UK we have Sky Satellite TV and currently I have an external tuner connected to the set top box. In the future I may look at expanding the Media Center setup and use an internal Satellite tuner.

I know I can stream live TV to the XBOX using it, but do you allow your Media PC to go into a sleep state. Mine is currently set to do that (to protect the environment of course, not reduce my electricity bill! :-)), but once it is in standby, I then cannot connect to Live TV from the XBOX which is in another room. No issues with the Media Centre waking up to record shows, but I’m wondering if I should turn off the standby mode.

I’m also archiving the TV recordings to my Home Server, which sits in the garage, albeit, I’ve not managed to work out (or had the time to look at) how the XBOX can access those recordings, does that still have to be through the Media Center PC?

Still listen to the show every week, keep up the good work! :-)


Twitter: @fowljr

What are we playing with /watching/reading this week?
Bill – UFC
Dave – The Avengers Imax 3D
Patrick – Lots of stuff to review from CTIA, Getting a PHD in iMovie and WordPress
Geoff – Minecraft, Battlefield 3, Dexter Season 4
Clay – Battlestar Galactica/Game of Thrones

Picks of the week
BillNotifier Pro Plus
Dave –  Flipboard ( Android )
Patrick – iKeep Charger, iWOW-U, The Feinger
Geoff – Crucial M4 256GB SSD
Clay – HTC One X/Google Music