Simulcast 136: wwebsite as on the internet

This week on Simulcast 136, Bill is back from vacation, we’re celebrating the holidays, and we are seriously enjoying some Ice Cream Sandwiches and jailbreaks.

We’ll never wwebsite as on the internet! ←bonus!

Untethered iOS5 jailbreak now available (Only A4 not A5) (Fragmentation?) SOL
Airtight Android app brings iOS device Airplay to Google TV
New Apple ID Phishing Scam

Galaxy Nexus + ICS
Samsung rethinks ICS upgrade for Galaxy S and Tab – should consumers expect updates?
Galaxy S and OG Tab users, Samsung says no upgrade for you; oh here’s a value pack
Google Nexus Tablet in next 6 Months according to Eric Schmidt
Bob’s Your Uncle
Google Android Market music sale continues
Google+ surpasses 62 Million users
All newer HTC devices now unlockable on HTCdev website

Penny Arcade vs Ocean Marketing
New Dropbox beta adds photo and video import
NFC Tags

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Galaxy Nexus
Dave – Puss in Boots, Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, Friends with Benefits
Patrick – MW3, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Storage Wars

Picks of the week
Dave – Galaxy Nexus ICS,
Patrick – MW3 Delta Edition Turtle Beach Headset

Simulcast 135: ATM

This week on The Simulcast 135 we care about nothing but the Galaxy Nexus.

Netflix brings new UI in update for iPad

VZW Galaxy Nexus launches December 15, gets pre-emptive update to 4.0.2
Logitech Revue gets Honeycomb update, we’re hands-on
Android’s voice actions to get update
Google+ app getting update, initiate Hangouts from your phone
Google buys “Alfred” app developer Clever-Sense
Google extends free Gmail VoIP domestic calling in US & Canada through 2012

O2 allows phone leasing
YouTube app rolls out to Xbox 360 owners
Verizon to buy Netflix for $4.6B?
FCC passes rules restricting audio levels of commercials
LED film may soon bring nighttime reading to an E-ink reader near you

Nokia Lumia 710 Announced for T-Mobile $49 on contract

Microsoft releases Kinectimals to iOS App Store
Sony 1 – Consumers 0
Nintendo to release 3DS Circle Pad Pro (Slidepad) for $20 at Gamestop 2/7/12
Early 3DS adopters to get GBA Games this week
VGAs last weekend did anyone watch?

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Galaxy Nexus
Dave – Walking Dead ( Season 2 ep 1-7 )
Patrick – Big Bang Theory / Enders Game
Geoff – Skyrim, Enslaved: Lost Odyssey
Steve – Mirrors Edge

Picks of the week
Bill – ADW EX Launcher for Honeycomb
Dave – GALAXY NEXUS!!!!!!!!
Patrick– Chronotrigger (iOS)
Geoff – Age of Zombies
Steve – Sirius iOS App thunderbird

Simulcast 134: Failure to Launch

This week on The Simulcast 134 we are Steveless and filled with anticipation rage. Geoff has a new phone, and we will try our best to contain our excitement rage.

Siri ported to other iOS devices [guide]
Apple hiring more Siri engineers – what features would we like?
Did Apple rig eBook prices?
Flipboard for iPhone launched

10 Days of $0.10 Premium Android Apps to celebrate 10 Billions Downloads
More evidence of December 9th
VZW Galaxy Nexus won’t support Google Wallet
Verizon announces 2 new LTE tablets and a white Droid RAZR
Blind Type is the ICS keyboard
Logitech Revue getting Honeycomb update

Listener Email
Hey guys, just got a quick question on a week where the show’ll be full of Android users.

Does using CyanogenMod void any warranties on your handset? The HTC Desire Z that I got for the wife a few months ago has been working fine, but ever since we updated it to Gingerbread (OTA) there’s been plenty of annoying bugs on the phone, not to mention the fact that the handset is stuck on the old Android market.

Pretty much every time the home button is pressed (to exit Market, e-mails, browsing, some apps), the screen flashes white with the HTC logo, before the phone performs a mini reboot and goes back to the home screen. Downloading app updates is hit and miss too; the Market says it’s updating, but an update for a 6Mb app claims to take overnight (although it’s downloaded and installed in a minute according to the notifications bar, the Market app insists it’ll still be downloading and updating the following morning).

It’s to the point where using the phone as a smartphone is pretty annoying – would rooting void any warranty on the handset, and would I be able to keep any apps bought on the Google market after rooting?

Thanks for your help guys, I always go out of my way to grab the show on Thursday mornings to listen to at work.

By the way, if anyone wants to attempt to do an accent for myself or Chris Oldroyd, they’re both pretty similar (although my Sunderland accent is apparently better). Just say: “Haway the Lads!” and you’ll sound like someone from the North East of England!

Ian Hamilton

Listener Voicemail
Thanks Clay!

Xbox 360 update – who got it and what do you think?
Xbox 360 gets new content partners

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – 30 Seconds or Less
Dave – Walking Dead Season 1
Patrick – MW3
Geoff – Limitless, Skyrim

Picks of the week
BillChristmas HD Live Wallpaper. 10 cents in the Market
Dave – Go Launcher
Patrick – Xbox Live App (iOS)
Geoff – Xbox Live Update