Simulcast 133: Hell or High Water

This week on The Simulcast 133 we have recovered from our turkey hangovers, we have listener email, it’s Dave’s birthday, and we have lots of the week’s tech news!

Apple seeds 5.1 beta to devs
Apple approves subscription based iPad gaming service
Rumors starting to surface that Microsoft Office may be coming to the iPad
Converting protected iTunes songs through iTunes Match starts iPad2 a day giveaway (Today – Dec 31)

AT&T releasing LG Nitro on December 4th
Google Catalogs released for Android tablets
Google Maps 6.0 update brings indoor navigation
CM7 lights up the Kindle Fire
Samsung wins a patent battle to sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, war with Apple not over
Apple seeking to ban sales of Modified Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany

Update on Bill’s home phone number porting to Google Voice and Obihai 110
Crapgadget: ‘you really shouldn’t have’ edition
Verizon and Cricket proposing Spectrum Swap to FCC
Spotify unveils developer platform to allow 3rd party apps using its service
Facebook settles its FTC privacy complaints
AT&T and Deutsche Telekom now talking joint venture partnership (Plan B?)

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Email #1
Hi Guys,

Need your help again!

Have an Uncle in Canada who has just been over to us here in the UK.
While he was here I lent him a MiFi of mine so that he wouldn’t get shafted with using his iPhone on data roaming charges and to be able to use his laptop.

I used a “Pay as You Go” sim card on a Data only deal (similar tariff to those for the iPad) and in fact the £15 credit i put on lasted him all month!
He was very impressed with the MiFi and the way it works.
Now here’s where I need you!

He’s off to Phoenix at the end of the year for 3 months and would like a Mifi to use there in the same way.

Q1 Can he buy a MiFi outright in the US that would still work when he brought it back to canada. (or even the other way round)
Q2 What are the deals (and are there any) on  Pay as you go basis for Data only rather than signing up for a contract.
Q3 What are the best networks?
Q4 He does have an iPhone with Telus.  Would tethering be an option, I would doubt it myself as once he uses in the States he’s going to get charged international rates I assume??

Anyway I think you get the picture!
Any suggestions?

Email #2
Hey Guys,

Great podcast, love listening every week; even though Steve is the only one with anything decent to say (Bloody Android Fanbois!) Anyway I have a question about Sling Player, specifically the iPad app.

My setup is quite simple; I have a Slingbox Solo HD connected to a Sky HD satellite box via component connections. The SlingSolo is wired with Cat5E to a Netgear 5GHz N access point which is only there for the Sling Box.

Watching Sling via the PC the picture is perfect and the iPhone app is pretty good too. My complaint is with the iPad app, it looks like shit, its jerky and just plain bad. I actually use the iPhone version on my iPad in 2X mode as it is way better than the iPad app.

My question is do you think this is just another crappy job from Sling or is it a problem with my setup, the app shows great bandwidth so I thinks it’s the former. What does the Android tablet version look like particular with fast moving sports action? Would be interesting to know what you guys think!

Cheers guys
Chris Oldroyd

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Shadowgun, Boardwalk Empire
Dave –  Misfits (Tv Show)
Patrick – How I Met Your Mother, Game of Thrones
Geoff – Walking Dead, The IT Crowd and Skyrim
Steve – Walking Dead

Picks of the week
BillQuick settings app for iOS –
Dave –  CM7 for LG Optimus
PatrickNoteshelf (iPad)
Geoff – GrooVe IP for Honeycomb Tablets
Steve – ifrogz Backbone for iPad 2

Simulcast 132: Stuffed

This week on The Simulcast 132 we get back to basics and talk about the worlds greatest company Apple! (If you haven’t noticed, Steve is back this week). We also talk about the Galaxy Nexus delays, and more tech news than you can handle.

Google TV Youtube and Photos updates
Flash not dead on ICS, coming by end of year
ICS supports mass storage mode, but Galaxy Nexus doesn’t. Duh.
Galaxy Nexus volume fix in the works, Google confirms

Xbox Live dashboard update coming December 6th
Xbox Live Users Scammed in Phishing Attack
Call of Duty Elite hits 1 million paid subscribers
Doom 3 source code goes GPL now available to public for customization

FCC chairman opposes AT&T takeover of T-Mobile
New ASUS Tablet Has Quad-Core Chip
Malls track shoppers’ cell phones on Black Friday
EU signs off on Western Digital purchase of Hitachi Hard Drive Division
Japanese manufacturer produces affordable terahertz wireless chip, could deliver 30Gbps
Analysts predict that Amazon may sell 12 million Kindle Fires in 2012
Netflix brings “Just for Kids” section to its Wii app.
Attempted hack of ATT customer accounts, ATT says no accounts compromised

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Halo: Anniversary rant
Dave –  MW3/ Shadow Gun
Patrick – MW3
Geoff – Halo Anniversary and Skyrim
Steve – Uberstrike

Picks of the week
BillObihai 110 VoIP router
Dave –  Swiss Army Tablet bag for Tab
PatrickNotability (iPad)
Geoff – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Steve – iPad 2 with smartcover

Simulcast 131: Fire Extinguisher

This week on The Simulcast 131 we talk about Google’s new music store, the Amazon Kindle Fire, Halo Anniversary, and more listener emailsGoogle
Google Music launches 11/16, free song of the day?
Netflix updates app for Android tablets
Dave’s new Tab 10.1 LTE
Lenovo launching quad-core, 2GB RAM ICS-wielding tablet monster?
Droid RAZR launches
Adobe releases Photoshop Touch for Honeycomb
Xoom Family Edition
Amazon Kindle Fire released, Bill goes hands-on
Kindle Fire already rooted
Samsung says “Game On” for modified Tab 10.1N sales in Germany
New Nook tablet has only 1gb of 16gb internal storage available for non B&N content

iOS 5.01 released, still doesn’t fix battery issues
iOS 5.02 coming soon? 5.1 to bring more Siri integration to 4S?
Siri hacked to work on any device
Gmail iOS app back in the App Store
Steve Jobs wanted to create his own MVNO
Levinson named Apple chairman and Bob Iger (Disney CEO) joins Apple Board

Xbox 720 at CES 2012?

Halo: Anniversary released!
Infinity Blade II for iOS release date confirmed for Dec 1

Researchers increase Lithium Ion battery life and charging speed to 10x current technology

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

Hey guys,
It seems like the Pogoplug has fallen out of favor with you, as far as online storage is concerned, and since mine just up and died the other day , I’m curious as to what y’all use for cloud storage, and/or what you would recommend.  I could probably get away with 50GB or so and free would be great, but most importantly ease of access of the information, with streaming being a possibility.  An Android app (like Pogoplugs) would be nice
As a side note, I don’t hear much about the Acer Iconia A500 tablet and I just wanted to tout it’s exceptional performance.  I have Transformer and Galaxy tablets in the house (and of course the obligatory “Dumb-pad”) and it easily outperforms them all.  Plus it was only $299 on sale!  Just my 2 cents,  Thanks for the info-tainment!

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Halo: Anniversary, Kindle Fire, Adobe Photoshop Touch
Dave –  MW3
Patrick – MW3, No Ordinary Family (Netflix)
Geoff – Halo Anniversary Edition, Battlefield 3, Home front, Walking Dead, Hell On Wheels, Breaking Bad

Picks of the week
Bill – Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II home theater tower speakers
Dave – Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE
Patrick – Nothing!
GeoffMotorola Xoom Family Edition and Halo AE

Simulcast 130: Bi-tech-ual

This week on The Simulcast 130 we are joined by Brian Feldhaus, we talk about the HTC Rezound, the death of Flash, Modern Warfare 3, and more listener emails

No plans for Siri on older devices  May be linked to 4S’ unique proximity sensor GREED?
Amazon buys voice recognition startup Yap to counter Apple’s Siri
Australian court forces Apple to hand over private operator iPhone business terms

HTC Titan to hit AT&T shelves on November 20 for $199
Tango video calling app now in Windows Phone Market
Microsoft planning to combat Windows Phone app piracy with new encryption

Modern Warfare 3 – our review and thoughts
Apple’s iOS & Google Android command 58% of US portable game revenue

Verizon offering a double data promotion
Barnes & Noble announced Nook 2
Fedora 16 comes out and brings a heavy dose of cloud processing and storage support

We have our own Google+ page! and an Android app!

Hi guys, me again!
On holiday this week so in a chilled out mood and had time to put a question to you

Firstly, a big thanks to all you guys as you’ve helped me out again.  I started by just listening to these podcasts and it’s amazing that it feels like I know you all personally now.  You’ve all dug me out out the crap on various occasions and I just wish I could return the favour somehow?  This time it was Dave and all I have to say is having a rummage in Daves Dropbox i felt like a kid in a sweet shop!

Having said all that, I do actually have a question.  On these holidays I like to send pictures and videos during the week mainly to make my mates who are still at work jealous !!

I would love an app or service (for iOS of course!) that I could post a photo or video clip and it sent it to twitter, Facebook, Google+. blogs etc.   I use pixelpipe and it comes close but only stills and not compatible with Google+.

Any ideas would be most welcome!

Gotta go, my beer has just arrived!

Sent from my iPhone

What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Modern Warfare 3
Dave – Modern Warfare 3 duh
Patrick – MW3
Brian – L.A. Noire The complete edition/ B&B

Picks of the week
Dave – Modern Warfare 3
Patrick – Inheritance (Final Book of Eragon Series)
Brian – Nexus S & iTap Keyboard

Simulcast 129: Android Docked

This week on The Simulcast we talk about the massive Google apps update, iPhone 4S battery issues, we have an epic listener voicemail, and more emails
Lots of Google Apps updated this week:

Samsung confirms Android ICS 4.0 for several devices
Flipboard-like Propeller launching soon?
AT&T gets first LTE phone, SGSII Skyrocket
GoogleTV finally gets Honeycomb update, Sony version gets it first
Galaxy Nexus not arriving until after Black Friday?

Native Gmail for iOS, pulled due to notification bug, Google promises quick fix
Apple shows off Siri, new camera in commercials
Self checkout at Apple stores?
Apple confirms iOS 5 bugs causing battery drain, promises fix
Apple seeds iOS 5.0.1 to devs
Plugbug adds usb charging port (iPad compatible) to apple laptop ac adapter

Uncharted 3 this week
MW3 Next week
Gears of War 3 “Horde Command” DLC Now out

Nokia Maps to be available on Windows phone 7 handsets


Hey guys,

Thought I would send in an email with a question for you guys… what other podcasts do you guys listen to and what application do you use to listen to them?

Always looking forward to Wednesday nights,


What are we playing with/watching/reading this week?
Bill – Shadowgun
Dave –  Capt. America / Steve Jobs
Patrick – GOW 3, Prototype / Last Starfighter, Big Trouble in Little China
Geoff – Battlefield 3, Duke Nuke Forever (beat it, bye-bye), Street Kings 2 (Netflix)

Picks of the week – sponsored by
Bill – ROM Manager
Patrick – Slingbox Player (iOS) + Verizon LTE now I can watch the LSU v Bama game on the road!
Geoff – Skyraider ROM for Thunderbolt