Simulcast 126: Six Cats

This week on The Simulcast we talk about iPhone 4S preorders, iOS 5, more Netflix questionable decisions, the Nexus Prime, and Geoff is playing with his 6 cats.Apple
iPhone 4S preorders break records
iLatitude Find my Friends now available
CDMA carriers offer GSM unlocked iPhone 4S (Update Sprint’s will be locked/ unremovable)
Unlocked iPhone 4S will only work on GSM carriers in the US (no Sprint or Verizon service)
Alien Dalvik runs Android apps on iPad
Early speed tests show iPhone 4S slower than iPad 2 but way faster than iPhone 4.
You can now buy ringtones and text alerts RIGHT ON YOUR IPHONE!!!

Nexus Prime revealed and ICS screenshots
ICS event rescheduled for October 19th?
SlingPlayer for Android tablets released, costs $30

Yep, Geoff wasn’t here tonight. Sorry WP7 fans!

Sony hacked again (surprise surprise) and locks over 90,000 PSN/SOE accounts

Netflix changes mind again, Qwikster now defunct, might not rent video games either #FAIL
Blackberry’s outages spread to US and Canada
Sony initiates recall of some Bravia TV sets due to melting components
US Drone Fleet Hacked

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Steve – iWoz
Bill – Gears 3 Beast Mode
Patrick – Gears of War 3 (Beast and Horde Mode)
Dave – Fast Five (ah-mazing) iSoccer MOM

Picks of the week – sponsored by
Steve – iOS 5
Bill – AirDrop
Patrick – iOS 5 (only took 11 upgrade attempts)/ Air Video
DaveLegacy Blade  ( (

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