Simulcast 118: Breakin’

The best podcast on GGN is most definitely The Simulcast, and we have a great show this week. We continue giving our opinions on tech news and telling you what you should buy.

Apple testing 4G LTE devices
Starbucks to give away free iOS apps in store via “pick of the week”

Google buys Motorola Mobility
HTC Bootloader Unlock tool live on the web, for international customers
German judge lifts ban on Tab 10.1 sales (Sales allowed in other EU countries, not Germany)
HTC sues Apple for patent infringement
Steve Kondik hired by Samsung

Obama joins Foursquare (How is this not a National Security Risk?)

Gears of War 3 will be a (fake) 3D title
Xbox going Matte, RIP Glossy?
Kinect Star Wars (Enough said)
PS3 price cut to $250
DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3
Hack your Wii : Homebrew

Listener email
Dearest Simulcast,

Thanks for your previous advice. (insert accent as/if desired)
Moving with the android world seems to give me continued need for your help, and since you seem to like listener emails why not keep bothering the **** out of you.
When i wrote you a few weeks ago i was having trouble with my X10 running android 2.1 with 2.2 extentions and an archos tablet with 2.2, but time goes on and 2.3 came out for my phone and My primary tablet is an asus transformer with 3.2…
While both are considerable upgrades it leaves me with two issues:

1. The market enabler doesn’t work with 3.2 for tablets.
Do you know if work is being done to remedy it? Or if there is a comparable alternative elsewhere?

2. It seems my favorite music player Tinyplayer seems to work on none of them now.
I loved it because it was crazy small, simple and based its library off of my file system and not the mess that is the mp3 tags of my files.
Is there a good similar player that works on GB and HC?

Lastly, may I suggest a pick of the week?
It’s a free android app called swipepad, and it makes fast app switching a true breeze.
Basically it allows you to put invisible touch fields on the edge and corners of your screen which stay present throughout the system. Touch the place that you preset and a launcher pops up with 12 shortcuts.
You can set several different fields with different launchers or buy the add-ons that allow for more shortcuts in a launcher, a full applauncher shortcut, on-off widgets, and tasking.
It’s some of the best money I’ve spent in the android platform, and the learning curve is in the minutes range.

Again, thanks for the great show and keep up the good work.

Arne, Cyprus.

What are we playing/watching/reading this week?
Dave – Step Up 3
Bill – Portal 2 – yes, I’m still trying to finish it ; Halo: Reach
Patrick – Studying for Ham Radio License / Halo: Reach Rocket Hog Races
Steve – hot tub time machine/Studying for my Technician class license
Geoff – Hobo with a shotgun/New Madden 12 demo. It is garbage.

Picks of the week
Dave – FreeMusic (iOS)
Bill – Do It Tomorrow for Android
Patrick – Scrabble HD (iOS)
Steve – iOS Apps Translate and transfer
Geoff – OSX Lion (late to the game, finally upgraded)

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