Simulcast 114: Bill’s Revenge

We are back for the another wonderful Simulcast episode. While some of the crew was out on loan earlier this week, we all reconvene.

New Macs hit, Lion released into the wild, so long white Macbook (except for Ed. Institutions)
iUsers brings multiple user profiles to jailbroken iPad
Google Plus now available for iPhone users too
Macbook Air refresh hits hard now Sandy Bridge BOOM!
Mac Mini refresh! Who wants some cake?

Patrick’s appearance on The Gadget Gurus
Bill’s appearance on iPhone Docked
CES registration – who’s going?
Spotify finally available in the US – do we care?
Garmin GPS embraces the Darkside, and so can you for $13
Amazon Prime to stream CBS shows and complete StarTrek series (Netflix Alternative?)

Schmidt: Competitors can’t innovate, so they sue
HTC guilty of infringing Apple’s patents
HTC Status Facebook phone now on sale
Netflix update now brings streaming to 24 android devices and Tablets
Chromium OS running on a Macbook Air (project for Bill’s old Macbook Air?)


Listener email
Hey guys, love the show.
i have a problem regarding my android devices. (a rooted SE x10 and an archos 70 tablet)
i’m danish and have a danish google account, but i live in northern cyprus and use my phone with a local sim card.
the trouble is that my phone sees that i’m on a foreign sim card and will only let me access the free part of android market.
i can remedy that by turning off my phone, putting in a danish sim card, rebooting, find a wifi access point, and logging in to google again.
hardly ideal as my battery cover will only survive that for so long, and going through that while out and about is just not practical.
i have tried two other things to get around the problem without luck.
first i tried creating a turkish google account (phones in northen cyprus is seen by the world as turkish).
and i have tried setting up a vpn to a danish server, but as i still have my cyprus sim in the phone no luck there either.
do you know a way to make my phone and the android market disregard which sim is in use?

i have the same problem with my tablet.
i has no sim card so i guess it looks at which wifi it accesses, and it also only sees the free part of android market.
my only solution is to download a paid app with my phone, back up the apk and send it to my drop box, and then install it from there to the archos.
doable, but still far from ideal.
and since i have an asus transformer wifi on it’s way from the states i’m gonna be in even bigger trouble getting honeycomb and tegra apps.
i could just get pirated apps but i’d prefer to get them the right way.
you don’t get developers to make better software by stealing the current ones right?

thanks for your time and a great show, and i really hope you can help me.


What are we playing/watching this week?
Dave –
Bill – Hall Pass
Patrick – BLOPs/ Stargate Atlantis
Steve – fallingskies
Geoff – DiRT 3 (Xbox 360)

Picks of the week

Dave –
Bill – BlackRapid RS-4
Patrick – Padd App (ipad) / Air Video
Steve -Verizon iPhone/Lion
Geoff – DiRT 3

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