Simulcast 111: Sellout

We are back for the another wonderful Simulcast. Bill is in the great state of Texas and broadcasting live from his hotel room. Dave is working and Bill took long enough getting set up that Geoff had to take care of some things for his job.

iOS5 = no more untethered jailbreaks and downgrades?
Singapore Army’s lastest equipment issued – iPad 2
Could Apple’s MusicMatch be used as a tool to catch infringers?
Steve’s iPhone 4

Nexus Prime will be a Samsung pure Google phone with Ice Cream Sandwich?

Microsoft part of effort to develop white space spectrum recapture to solve spectrum woes

Gamers can apparently now add “Art Aficionado” to their resumes and bios.
Geohot hired by Facebook.
For Bill – R2D2 Operation – Nuff said.

Sony announces their own (non-Mac) Thunderbolt integration.
Interesting developments in wireless computer docking technology.

What are we playing/watching this week?
Steve – Nada!
Bill – Cut the Rope
Patrick – BLOPS (New Annihilation Map Pack)

Picks of the week
Steve – iPhone 4 and iFrogz case
Bill – Fring
Patrick- Blogsy

Simulcast 110: Deep Shot Your Admin

We are back for the 10th Simulcast north of the centennial. There is plenty of juicy information about our favorite tech giants plus what we’re playing, and picks of the week! Skype was not our friend this week, so bear with us!

Apple Mac Pro and Mac Mini Refreshes coming in August with Thunderbolt?
iPhone 5 will have radical case design?
Apple announces Lion Server Option along with Business and Educational pricing.
Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4 now in the Mac App Store.
FCC Filing shows new AirPort Extreme refresh coming soon.
Broad multitouch patent granted to Apple seen as ‘huge blow’ to rivals
Geoff left AT&T and went back to the iPhone

Bill’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 – his thoughts – and it’s already rooted
Android 3.2 coming this summer with 7inch tablet support and bugfixes
Google buys Sage TV – GoogleDVR, anyone?
Deep Shot – Think Chrome to Phone and throw in a camera.
Google bringing WebRTC integration to Chrome.

Could Microsoft and the DMCA spell the end of 3rd party gaming peripherals?

Redbox now has video games Been…?! in some areas (what normal people call test markets). now nationwide
Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack (June 28th on Xbox 360) (This is bullshit)

Verizon tiered data plans July 7th
New Federal Law in the works to make illegal streaming of copyrighted material a Felony
With all the hacking going on, CNET has a handy dandy chart to keep it all straight.
Dropbox’s Security Glitch – Check your files.

What are we playing this week?
Steve –
Dave – Infamous PS3 and Battlefield 2 Bad Company
Bill – businessman
Geoff – Dead Space, Illusia
Patrick – DC Universe Online/ BLOPs (getting practice in before the new map packs hit)

Picks of the week
Steve – Weatherpro
Dave – vTok, Splashtop RDP
Bill – WiFi File Explorer Pro
Geoff – Illusia and Airport Express
Patrick- ZigZag Board App (ipad)

Simulcast 109: This is Geoff’s Next

This week’s show covers what is traditionally called “a slow news week”. We cover some news from our other favorite mobile devices plus what we’re playing, and picks of the week!

Apple finally releases unlocked iPhone 4’s . Starting at $649 (buh bye AT&T)
Apple and Nokia patent dispute ends with license agreement, Apple pays
iCloud Communications sues Apple for obvious reasons
Apple removes password stealing app from App Store
NO free iPod with new mac this fall.

Google voice search/Instant Pages
Desire is/isn’t getting Gingerbread HTC pulls a 180, now says Gingerbread is coming to Desire
Nexus 4G Revealed

KinectShop concept is ready to televise your shopping revolution (video)

TouchPad, pre-order available June 19, $499


Miscellaneous starts trial of 1Gbps fiber-to-the-home internet in California, asks just $70
No DVD playback on Nintendo Wii U? Boo

The Liz Money After Party Challenge

If you listen to the After Party, you know that Nic and Liz sometimes tend to go off on tangents while doing their podcasts. Usually they center around celebrity gossip, or super geeky topics or how Liz has too small of hands to handle the newer larger screen smartphones. One of their tangents has sprung up a new challenge, The Liz Money After Party Challenge. This all started when they went on some tangent about small phones and that Mobile Mike’s buddy fit the HP Veer into his mouth.  After hearing that, Liz, of course, tried to fit her phone in her mouth. Repeatedly.

So this is where you come in, After Party People. We are taking suggestions for Liz to fit things into her mouth. This will be included in the extras section of their shiny new Android app! You can send in your suggestions to Liz or Nic via email:, or twitter: @Liz_Money @NicBall @GuruAfterParty and we will pick what Liz tries to fit into her mouth. Within reason, of course.

So, grab their new app from the Android App store and send in your suggestions for the Liz Money Challenge!!

What are we playing this week?
Steve – nada
Dave –  Resistance PSP
Bill – Kinect Labs
Patrick -Infamous (Free*  *In return for getting PSN info hacked, thanks Sony)

Picks of the week
Steve – Google music
Dave – Dock4droid, DropSnap
Bill – Simi Folder widget
Patrick- Netflix (new cartoons shows ie. Heman (original), Spiderman, Iron Man, XMen, etc)

Simulcast 108: What’s Old is New Again

This week’s show covers all the crazy Apple news. iOS5, Lion, and iCloud are here, and we talk about what that means for the ecosystem and the industry as a whole. We also cover some news from our other favorite mobile devices plus what we’re playing, and picks of the week!

iOS 5 is here!!!!
Mac OS X Lion coming July to a Mac App Store near you.
iMatch – Answers to questions left unanswered at the Keynote

Sprint EVO 3D on June 24th
HTC readying OTA bootloader unlock for Sensation
Galaxy Tab 10.1 pre-orders go live

E3 announcements – Halo 4! YouTube on Xbox
Gears of War 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 – 320 GB HD & 2 Custom Controllers – $399

Wii Me? No Wii U! in other news Nintendo Stock plummets
Star Wars: The Old Republic Peripherals Patrick wants this keyboard
Rocksmith (360): Like Rock Band but a real guitar, oh wait isn’t that Rockband Pro Mode?

So Sony was hacked again last week. Jeez
FCC asks for more info on ATT/TMo Merger; Facebook, Microsoft, Qualcomm, & RIM support merger

Listener Email

What are we playing this week?
Steve – With my new Android Smartphone
Dave – Little Big Planet
Bill- BLOPS and Halo REACH
Patrick- Ocarina of Time and Zelda (original) in honor of Zelda 25th Anniversary/ BLOPs

Picks of the week
Steve – Widget Locker & ADW Notifier
Dave – HTC Sensation
Bill- BeyondPod
Patrick- Evernote Peek (iOS)

Simulcast 107: The Bachelorette

We are back for another rendition of the world’s only Simulcast Podcast! Geoff is away watching hockey (or football, or some other stupid sport), Steve is without internet thanks to storms, and the rest of the crew is here, and we’re happily discussing all of the cool stuff that happened this week in the tech world.

Tmobile announces HTC Sensation release date for June 15 at $199 after 50 mail in rebate
Transformer Honeycomb 3.1 updates (Bill hands-on)
TransPhone pairs Tablet with phone emerged before ASUS Padfone

Apple pre-announces next week’s announcements
Uncle Sam 2.0 ditches Blackberry and goes iOS
Apple to replace Macbook non-skid rubber case bottoms
Apple launches iWork Office Suite for iPhone and iPod Touch

Microsoft already screwing up Skype by loading programs without your consent
Windows 8 Revealed

Sony getting hacked again?
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to include a monthly subscription element aka Call of Duty Elite?
Wii, Move, and Kinect ? Well the Trimount has you covered. For Bill and other Home Entertainment System Buffs

PBS hacked after Wikileaks documentary, In other news Tupac is still dead

Listener Email

What are we playing this week?
Dave – Call of Dead
Bill- Plants vs Zombies for Android
Patrick- BLOPS/ Battlefield 1942

Picks of the week
Dave –  LG G2x
Bill- Levity Twitter push beta for Android – email Bill for a beta invite!
Patrick- Enkigear Genius Case

PhoneSuit announces Thinnest, Fastest Charging iPhone 4 Battery Case

Our friends at PhoneSuit let us know that their latest battery case for the iPhone 4 is now available to order. See the details in the press release below.


PhoneSuit announces the Thinnest, Fastest Charging iPhone 4 Battery Case to provide over 100% power

Santa Monica, California – June 1, 2011 – PhoneSuit today announced their new iPhone power product, The PhoneSuit Elite battery case for iPhone 4. The PhoneSuit Elite is the thinnest, fastest charging iPhone 4 battery case which can provide over 100% power. The PhoneSuit Elite extends the battery life of the iPhone by truly doubling its charging capacity in an ultra-thin, innovative design. It incorporates the latest in advanced technology including an efficient 2100mah lithium-ion polymer battery cell, Quick charge 1 Amp capability in a full protection case that measures only 17mm (0.67 inch) thin. Quick charge provides twice the industry standard power output charging the iPhone fully in less than 2 hours. PhoneSuit’s design team has developed an aesthetically pleasing, slim, ergonomic design to meet the quality that iPhone users expect from their Apple accessories. Founded in 2007, PhoneSuit’s philosophy has been to provide products which incorporate the best in design, technology and style.

PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case Feature Highlights

  • High Capacity 2100mAh battery provides over 100% iPhone charge capability. PhoneSuit high density lithium-ion polymer cells deliver ultra-efficient power output in a compact size.
  • Quick charge 1 Amp / 5 Watt output technology. PhoneSuit Elite provides twice the industry standard iPhone power output charging an iPhone 4 fully in less than 2 hours.
  • Ultra-Thin Ergonomic case design. The PhoneSuit Elite has been engineered with precision to fit the iPhone 4. A slim, full protection design puts more power in less than 17mm of space. Soft touch, scratch resistant coating keeps the iPhone protected and looking great.
  • PhoneSuit Smart Power Technology. The PhoneSuit Elite’s smart power circuitry regulates and prioritizes iPhone power consumption to ensure the iPhone always has the power it needs. An integrated power switch allows the device to be set to power save mode.
  • Charge & Sync with iTunes. Users can sync the iPhone with iTunes while it’s attached to the PhoneSuit Elite. Charge the PhoneSuit battery, iPhone and sync with iTunes all at the same time.
  • Innovative 5 point LED battery meter. The Unique design of the battery status meter keeps the lights hidden for an attractive uniform appearance. Activating the meter conveniently reveals the remaining power status.
  • PhoneSuit ClearAir Technology ensures no iPhone signal interference from internal circuitry or externally applied to the antenna band.
  • Apple “Made for iPhone” certification. The PhoneSuit Elite has been certified to meet Apple performance standards and compatibility with the iPhone 4 for GSM and CDMA (Verizon and AT&T) iPhones.

PhoneSuit Elite truly delivers over 100% of the iPhone 4’s power capacity. When integrated users can experience:

  • Up to 15 hours total talk time on 3G; 30 hours on 2G.
  • Up to 13 hours total internet time on 3G; 21 hours on WiFi.
  • Up to 84 hours total music time
  • Up to 21 hours total video time

The PhoneSuit Elite will be available in June with a retail price of $79.95 USD at and quality retailers worldwide. For more information on the PhoneSuit Elite battery case design and performance, please visit