Simulcast 106: Geoff’d Up Twitter Name

We are back for another rendition of the world’s only Simulcast Podcast! The crew is back this week, and we’re covering all the happenings in the tech space.


HTC Holiday 4.5-inch behemoth with qHD resolution, 1.2GHz dual-core, and AT&T future
Google is blocking Android Market movie rentals on rooted devices because of copy protection

iPhone 5 rumored to use curved glass display
Apple revamps stores for 10th anniversary
AirPlay for Windows Media Center does exactly what you’re thinking it does
Iphone 3GS users no iOS 5 for you?

Steve Ballmer promises ‘over 500’ new features in Mango, teases new WP handsets for tomorrow

First PSN now XBox Live? Hackers or just good old regular technical difficulties?
Buy a PS3 and get Black Ops Free! Hacked PSN account thrown in at no extra charge

HP thinks the TouchPad will be ‘better than number one,’ if that’s even possible

T-Mobile launches new individual and family plans right on schedule
Tmobile to unleash HSPA+ 42 mbps in 50 markets (Rocket 3.0 the first device to be capable)
Barnes & Noble announces new touch-enabled Nook for $139
A national internet sales tax coming soon?
ATT announces first LTE cities

Listener Email
Hey guys, after two years on an iPhone 3GS, I made the jump to the Samsung Galaxy S II…
Do you have any recommendations for apps to use on an everyday basis? What is the best app for podcast downloads without being tethered to a PC?
Keep on spreading the good words and telling it how it is!
Ian aka @theianhamilton

What are we playing this week?
Steve – Frisbee for ipad
Dave –  Red Faction Armageddon Demo
Bill- Nothing 🙁
Patrick- Lego Starwars :the Complete Saga/BLOPs/ Baseball Superstars 2011 (Android & iOS)

Picks of the week
Steve – xbackup
Dave – MIUI Rom and Bamboo Tablet
Bill- Google Music Beta
Patrick- Enki Case (ipad2) and Kung Fu Panda 2 (going watch this weekend)

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