Simulcast 103: Transformareus

We are back for another rendition of the world’s only Simulcast Podcast! The crew is mostly here this week, and we’re ready to cover all this week’s news.

New iMacs with Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt
Asus Transformer– Bill’s thoughts
G Chat video released to Nexus S on 2.3.4 more phones phones to come soon.

HP Veer 4G launching on AT&T, not an HSPA+ device

1UP & IGN merge
Escalation map pack
Gears Of War 3 Beta is out
Sony announces make it right
Sony hacked AGAIN (SOE this time)


What are we playing this week?
Steve-  Nothing
Dave – BLOPS Escalation Map Pack 2
Bill- Halo:REACH, BLOPS, and Portal 2
Geoff- GoW3 Beta, Crysis 2, Kinect Adventures, Red Faction Armageddon demo

Listener Email
Hey, I have never set up a true “Home Network” and it is time.  We also currently subscribe to MobileMe as well and it is time to renew.  We no longer carry iPhones but we have 3 iOS devices amongst our devices.

I know over time you guys have talked about various Home Network solutions, from the DROBO, to HP’s E(something), etc. My wife and I both telecommute from home and she is also BIG into documenting our children’s lives via pictures & vid’s.

If and when you have a moment (I know, famous last words for $500) do you have a short version or an article or podcast you could direct me to on the topic?

Thanks in advance,

Kurt Lyon
just another Simulcast listener…

Picks of the week
Dave – Mirage for Android. Like Air Video G chat Video =)
Bill- Newsr and Tweetcomb for Honeycomb
Geoff- business cards and AirPort Extreme

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