Simulcast 97: teh 4Gs

In this episode, we talk about the proposed AT&T&T merger, Bill’s new ThunderBolt (guess what? It has issues. SHOCKER), and whatever else my friends included in the show notes


Nexus S 4G coming to Sprint
Sprint partners with Google for seamless Google Voice on all their phones
HTC Pyramid caught on camera
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
HTC’s WiFi-only Flyer launching exclusively with Best Buy ‘this spring’
EVO 3D Specs

Lightradio Technology
Bill’s ThunderBolt


Crysis 2 released, getting great reviews.
Old School Classics playable online…AMAZING

Pax East thoughts post–Comment from Kris:

Great read Geoff.
Being a gamer myself I’m really enjoying the gaming talk on The Simulcast. Long may it continue!
I checked out a few of these games myself last year at Eurogamer in London. This is the biggest event for checking out new games we get here in the UK.
I’m hoping to check it out again this year and perhaps do some coverage of it myself.
Anyways, keep up the good work!

What are we playing this week?
Geoff- Dragon Age, The Biggest Loser (Kinect), Battlefield Bad Company 2, Resident Evil 3 (PSP), Phantasy Star Portable 2
Bill – Infinity Blade
Steve-   Angry Birds RIO
Dave-  Peng Airborne

Picks of the week
Geoff -PSPgo. Believe it or not.
Bill – ThunderBolt. For realz
Dave – Pen Airborne  CamCard
Steve – Audio Memos for iPad

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