Simulcast 94: Flummoxed

In this episode, we talk about Apple’s magical iPad 2, Google’s openness (polish) and malicious apps, and Geoff graces us with his presence.

Apple event March 2nd – iPad 2?
Apple’s Tim Cook hints at cheaper iPhone, prepaid possibilities to come?
Infinity Blade Update is OUT

Google pulls malicious apps from the market – is the sky falling?
Inspire gets 1.8Ghz CM7 kernel
Xoom get overclocked to 1.5 ghz Is there a trend here?
Gmail glitch loses data for some users
N1 2.3.3 OTA Roll out, breaks Google Voice for some

Sidekick gets the boot  Plans will end May 31st
Tobii and Lenovo show prototype for an eye controlled laptop
Verizon looks to tiered data plans this summer

Palm Pre Plus runs WebOS 2.0 afterall?

If you’re a diehard Xbox 360 gamer, this shit is cool

Boost Mobile
Bangin’ Party

Listener email:
Hi Simulcast guys,

Just listened to the last few shows today (I’ve been a bit behind because of family matters). I like the random video game talk between Geoff, Bill, and Dave a lot! As a gamer this definitely interests me. I may even check out the Gamemine service that Geoff has spoken highly about…we’ll see.

I have one question/thought. Have you thought about including a segment in your show each week called “what we’re playing”? Each host could talk about the games they’ve played for the week. Nothing to in-depth just a quick 5 minutes or so to appeal to a broader audience.

That’s all, hope to hear this read on the show. Keep up the good work guys!!

-Sam Eddie
@Nechsus from Twitter

Picks of the week
Geoff – Dell Streak 5/Zagg Sparq 2.0
Bill – Seesmic for Android
Dave – BlueputDroid, Mili Power Pack
Steve – MLB At Bat 2011

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