Simulcast 92: Clam Slappin’

In this episode, Bill gets Inspired on AT&T, Dave hackintoshes an HP, and Steve is a gaga for his iPad.

Motorola Droid X 2 Leaks
HTC new handsets – Incredible S, Wildfire S, and Desire S
HTC Flyer
XOOM officially priced – $600 wifi only, $799 3G

Verizon iPhone sales fall short
Apple’s new subscription requirements = teh Failz

Geoff has one..whaaaa?

Windows Phone 7 getting CDMA support, Multitasking, Twitter integration, IE9
Kinect and WP7 Integration shown on video

Bill’s guest spot: iOS vs Android Showdown on The Love of Tech podcast

Picks of the week
Bill – Androidify, Words with Friends
Dave – Android Beanie
Steve – Air Display

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