Simulcast 93: Token White Guy

In this episode, Patrick Virgadamo (aka LSULaw2009) joins us, Bill caves and roots his Inspire, Dave gets kicked off the show, and Steve is still loving his iPad

Motorola XOOM shipping without Flash support for $599 on contract, $799 without
Will the real price of the Thunderbolt please stand up?
Inspire gets 1.6Ghz kernel less than a week after release

Refreshed MacBook Pros this week?
Apple event March 2nd – iPad 2?

*chirp, chirp*

WP7 update rolled out Monday and bricked some Samsungs
Win 7 SP1 available

Amazon Prime subscribers now get included instant streams

Listener email:
Hi guys,

I am sure you have seen the new devices that were announced at MWC.

Worst name of a phone ever must be the HTC Incredible S.
As a man you can’t buy this phone, because you would get in a fight all the time.
Imagine that you are called an incredible ass every time  someone sees the device.  Are you telling me I’m an incredible ass??
Not good.

As a female you wouldn’t want to be seen with this phone.
Every man would walk up to her and tell her she has an Incredible ass. While not looking at the phone, but of course at her backside.
Although it would be very easy selling this phone to females.
The salesman just has to say to the woman: would you like to have an incredible ass?  Almost all women I know would say yes immediately.

Can I start a rumor with you guys?
The new Samsung Galaxy S 2 has gone to a 4.3 inch screen.
Is this decision made by Samsung so that they can sell all the 4 inch screens to Apple for the Iphone 4HD???

Have a great weekend.



Picks of the week
Patrick – Google My Tracks App
Bill – ClutchPad
Dave – JumpGate Live Wallpaper
Steve – Penultimate

Simulcast 92: Clam Slappin’

In this episode, Bill gets Inspired on AT&T, Dave hackintoshes an HP, and Steve is a gaga for his iPad.

Motorola Droid X 2 Leaks
HTC new handsets – Incredible S, Wildfire S, and Desire S
HTC Flyer
XOOM officially priced – $600 wifi only, $799 3G

Verizon iPhone sales fall short
Apple’s new subscription requirements = teh Failz

Geoff has one..whaaaa?

Windows Phone 7 getting CDMA support, Multitasking, Twitter integration, IE9
Kinect and WP7 Integration shown on video

Bill’s guest spot: iOS vs Android Showdown on The Love of Tech podcast

Picks of the week
Bill – Androidify, Words with Friends
Dave – Android Beanie
Steve – Air Display

Simulcast 91: Where’s the Love?

In this episode, we finally have some Palm news,  and Geoff is back! We discuss the latest WebOS and Android tablet news, and try to find someone with a Verizon iPhone. Bill ponders when his Thunderbolt will finally be available, and Dave gushes over his new Airport Extreme. Steve anxiously awaits his incoming iPad.

XOOM priced out of the game, wifi locked
Best Buy taking Thunderbolt pre-orders, Bill pre-ordered his
Kyocera dual screen phone the main course at Sprint event
HTC Tablet coming next week at MWC?

Verizon iPhones pre-sales successful?
Verizon expected to sell 1 million first week, 3-4 million in Q1

Palm event 2/9 – what happened?
Veer – small phone
Pre3 – 1.4GHz Snapdragon, 3.6” screen, HSPA+ or CDMA, available “summer”
Touchpad – 1.6 pounds, 13.7mm, 9.7″ 1024×768, 1.3MP webcam, video calling, Beats Audio, wifi, 16-32GB, 1 GB RAM, dual core 1.2GHz

Um. Yeah.

HuffPo buys AOL, techcrunch looks for another blog to fight with
New Gizmodo is SHIT
Last.FM going subscription
AT&T rolls out unlimited calling to all mobile numbers

Picks of the week
Bill – Official Redbox app for Android
Dave – Apple Airport Extreme
Steve – iPad iPad iPad Jailbreak it!!
Geoff – Gun Bros for iOS and GameMine

Simulcast 90: F Your Honda

In this episode, we clear up the misconceptions about the real reason for Geoff’s hiatus. Steve has a shiny new Google CR-48 netbook thingy, Geoff returns to give the podcast an explicit tage, and Dave and Bill talk tech.

Black Ops First Strike map pack- worth the $15?
Bing copying Google’s search results?

Steve’s CR48

Picks of the week
Bill –
Dave – Seagate Free Agent Go Flex 2tb Ext HDD
Steve – Google CR48
Geoff – Slingbox, Evernote, Dead Space iPad, Horse Outside Really?