Simulcast Jr 6: Episode 80.5

In this episode, Brianna and Bill catch up on their latest technology. Bri has some app picks, they talk about iPad, iPod Touch, and their new internet speeds.

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Simulcast 80: Technical Difficulties

Apple event Tuesday – Beatlemania? Has Apple jumped the shark?
iOS 4.2 Delayed due wifi issues? Anyone care?
Sn0wbreeze 2.1 jailbreaks all iDevices for 4.1/3.2.2 Pc Only
New Boxcar is awesome
Official Google Voice App
Twitter with native push

AT&T Galaxy Tab $650
Eric Schmidt shows off Nexus S
LG’s new power house Android phone. Show stopper?
New Touiteur 2.0 Beta released with changes

One million Kinects sold in 10 days
A week after picking up WP7?
A week of COD: Black Ops. Changed thoughts?

Facebook messaging
Isis mobile payment system announced
Ustream goes paid service ( ie. Removes Ads)

Picks of the week:
Geoff – Twin Blades for Windows Phone (new games being released weekly Oregon Trail, AC)
Dave – Black Rapid R Strap
Steve – Pulse RSS reader for Android and iPhone Now Free
Bill – ColorNote for Android This is good I have been using it for a while – Steve

Simulcast 79: Half Baked

Window Phone 7 launches, does the world care?
AT&T messes up Geoff’s life, will he have his WP7 phone by the show?
Details on Windows Phone 7
Kinect dropped last week-

  • Harmonix records you dancing nekkkid  hahaha
  • Also, infrared dots all over room from Kinect

Droid Pro official on Verizon Does Android matter?
10 ways Android beat iOS
FOX Joins other networks in blocking Google Tv

ZTE Peel – $30 a month no contract
Thoughts on Black Ops Apple related
Dave Installs Body Guards on his ipad ( may not be relevant but whatever)

Picks of the Week

Geoff – Samsung Transform, Samsung Focus, The Harvest, Zune Pass, Froyo on Galaxy S
Steve – Power amp
Dave – Microsoft Kinect
BillYoruFukurou twitter client for Mac

Simulcast 78: H-Mo


iOS 4.2GM released to devs – who’s using it?
iPad is 95.5% of the tablet market
New Redsn0w 0.9.6 Beta2 for Windows
Skyfire released, and pulled from App Store (sold out?)

Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard update
Kinect launch tomorrow
Xbox Live Gold Family Pack

Bill ordered a Ceton InfiniTV card – massive backorder
Facebook platform updates, no phone (amen!)

Listener email:
Chris Clark- “Just wanted to throw up a suggestion for the new (and very cool) forums you have. In the home theatre page how about an area for people to share pics of setups etc? People could then share what equipment etc they use and how everything is connected. It could then help other people looking to setup a home theatre?

Also on the show last week (i think) Geoff was talking about media streaming to PS3 and also Xbox. I use a program called PS3 media server, you might already be aware of it but i find it works quite well with both my PS3 and my 360. It will play pretty much anything and can re-encode on the fly any formats that currently cannot be played.

Anyways, keep up the good work guys!”

Picks of the week
Steve – Pornhub – Rocks
Geoff – Fallout New Vegas and Dashboard Update

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