Simulcast 77: David after Dentist

Simulcast 76: Release the Birds

Verizon iPhone hits AP stage, iPhone 5 hits EVT
Steve Jobs comments on Android during earnings call
Apple event today

  • iLife 11
  • Facetime to Mac via iChat
  • OS Lion
  • App store for Mac desktop
  • MB Air
  • Mini MB Air

First Gingerbread details leak?
Tweetdeck CEO jabs back at Jobs “Twitterdeck” comment
G2 overclocked to 1.42GHz

Verizon 3G network extender $249
Verizon tiered data plans
T-Mo to introduce $10/200MB data plan for smartphones?
Netflix streaming on Wii no longer requires disc
Angry Birds sees over 2 million downloads in 2 days!

Picks of the Week

Marcey– Seizure Robots (DAVE) =)
Geoff– Zune Marketplace, New

Cricket Crosswave Mobile Hotspot: First Look

Join me for a first look at Cricket’s newest mobile broadband device: the Crosswave. It’s tiny, and it’s extremely portable. Will it live up to my expectations? We’ll find out once I get a chance to put it through its paces in the coming weeks.

Review on the Skullcandy 50/50 Earphones

So here we are with another pair of quality Skullcandy earphones. I definitely have to pro’s and con’s about these but the pro’s are out weighed by far. These retail for $49.95 on The complete construction of the earphones are just fantastic. It has a 1.3 meter braided nylon cord which feels very strong and has a non-grip feel. Its also has a gold plated TRRS connector (audio/control jack) with includes not only audio but mic capabilities as well. You wont typically find gold plated unless the manufacture intentions were to make a better more quality sounding product. It does have a volume up and down control as well as mic input on the opposite side about three quarters of the way up the cord.

Now we get to actual driver portion which one half is made of composite and other have is aluminum. It has a massive 11mm driver which compliments the bass very well. The tips are made of a soft silicone and has the skullcandy embroidered right on them for a very nice touch. The sound over all sounds relatively satisfactory but I can accept that fact that at times it gets a bit distorted and rarely sounds tinnie. Other than that I give these four out of five stars and would recommend these to anyone.

Please leave a comment below if you have these and what you think about them.

Simulcast 75: Internet Balls

We now have forums!

WP7 announced – who’s excited? Which one are you getting?

Gingerbread SDK releasing next week?
Motorola Terminator w/ Gingerbread coming to AT&T?
Self driving car?

Apple holding “Back to the Mac” event Oct 20
Limera1n/ Greenp0ison Jailbreak for OS 4.1 released!

Palm Pre 2 in the wild?
Bill’s internet woes
AT&T U-Verse IPTV on Xbox 360
PS3 going PSP route and requiring firmware updates for new game to get around Jailbreakers
T-Mobile busts out new prepaid plans with data options, mix-and-match voice and text
T-Mobile will throttle heavy data users

Picks of the Week:

Steve – The Simulcast forums
Bill – FREEdi Youtube Downloader for Android
Geoff – The making of the Empire Strikes Back
Dave – Umm.

Did we mention that we have forums?