Simulcast 73: Size Matters

Geoff’s recap of GDGT Live

Official Google Voice app coming soon?
AppleTV + SHAtter = jailbreak!
Apple Remote 2.0 now available
New iPhone models leaked in AppleTV firmware?

Android 2.2.1
Verizon G2 leaks and Bing-ready 🙁

I can’t believe we even discussed BlackBerry this week!
Climbin in yo window snatching yo people up

PlayBook announced

Roku adding Hulu Plus TiVo Premiere too!
Climbin in yo window snatching yo people up
Segway owner dies…on a Segway

Picks of the week
Steve- Gazelle –
Bill – HyperDock for Mac
Geoff – Exolife iPhone 4 case and PAX East registration openings.
Dave – Evil Desire HD ROM for Nexus One

Simulcast 72: Heyo Cameltoe

Geoff calls in from GDGT, and poses with Tron Guy!
VLC on iPad
Google Voice returns to iOS
Redsn0w beta jailbreak for iPhone 3G, iPT 2G on 4.1 (tethered only)
Sn0wbreeze 2.0 release to jailbreak 3Gs (new bootrom) but must be jailbroken on 3.1.2

Android Gmail update  = awesome
Droid X FroYo update –
Desire HD detailed in video –
Google Maps loses Sunrise Florida

HTC WP7 Leaks:

HD3 –

HTC Mozart – looks like Nexus One –

  • 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 processor
  • 576 MB RAM, 512 MB of ROM + 8 GB internal storage
  • 3.7-inch WVGA Super LCD screen
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • 1300 mAh battery

HTC Trophy w/ Sense –

Picks of the week

Dave – Topaz Photoshop plugin
Steve – Instamapper

Geoff –

Bill – Prey

Simulcast 71: URPREY ownz Bungie

In this episode, we discuss all of the Apple, Android, gaming, and HTC hardware news plus we talk about Halo Reach!
GV Mobile app coming back to iOS?

Apple relaxes 3rd party dev tool restrictions – is it because of Epic Games announcement?
iOS 4.2 now in beta for iPad and iPhone
Steve Woz appearance on

T-Mobile MyTouch HD leaks –
Unreal Engine running on Android too
Wednesday HTC event – what was announced?
  • Desire Z and Desire HD – no kickstand?
  • HTC Locations, which will provide cached maps for access without the necessity of downloading
  • Image- and video-editing from the device, as well as camera effects (maybe like some 3rd party apps)
  • e-reading feature allowing users to buy books from the Kobo e-book store, highlight, annotate, search for definitions, and translate text right from the interface
  • DLNA streaming for “screen-sharing,” etc.
  • New incoming call notification that slides up from the bottom rather than taking up the whole screen
  • shorter boot time (10 seconds, according to HTC)
  • A new website will launch next month —
YouTube live streaming in trials
Halo REACH – recap/review – Amazing
Picks of the week
Dave: Launcher Pro Plus:
Geoff: Halo: REACH
Steve: Titanium Backup for Android:

Update on Geoff’s BIG F-ING SPIDER: DEAD

GDGT LIVE BOSTON next week (Geoff has one more thing about Halo tonight)

Simulcast 70: The Expendables

In this episode, the whole crew is here discussing Apple’s new devices, Google Instant Search, PS3 jailbreaks, and a metric ton of other goodness.

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Show Notes:

Update – new iTunes feed coming – moving from Libsyn to self-hosting shows
Site updates

Instant search – available now and Android “this fall” (or now )

R2-D2 Android boot animation:
Samsung Fascinate on Verizon – Bing only???
Angry Birds!!!!1!
Nexus One back in stock

Steve needs a f-ing Micro SD card

iOS 4.1
Game Center
iTunes 10 (Ping, etc)
New iPods arrive – why did Bill cancel his order?
Apple TV – Geoff preordered, why?

Sony PS3 Jailbreak
Nintendo’s new system to “blow everyone’s mind”
PAX announcements?


Dave’s appearance on the TechBuzz show

Appearance on The Gadget Gurus – this Sunday


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