Simulcast 55: Last iPhone Standing

In this Android-filled episode, Michael talks about his new Nexus One. Steve is now the lone iPhone user on the panel. We talk about this weeks news, give our picks of the week, and welcome the return of Geoff Farinha to the Simulcast panel.

Nexus One Simulcast Keyboard

Thanks to GIMpSTa at xda-devs, there is now a kitchen where Android users can bake a custom-themed keyboard based on the HTC Sense keyboard.

Here is a Simulcast themed one I cooked up using his fantastic kitchen which can be found at

You can download this keyboard HERE or scan the QR code below. Save to your SD card and install using Astro or similar file manager. This is designed to be used on the Nexus One and won’t work on lower resolution screens so if you break anything, don’t blame me.

Follow the link to this xda thread to get started on your own!