Simulcast Jr 4: Episode 49.5

This week Bill and Brianna are joined by 4 year old Miranda for some distractions. We discuss their takes on the Nexus One, Miranda talks about her Leap Frog Tag Reader, and we discuss some of the new tech we’ve been using over the past couple of months.

You can also view the recorded Ustream show below.

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Nexus One vs iPhone Screen Comparison

There has been a lot of discussion about the AMOLED screen in the Nexus One and how great it is inside, but how it sucks outside in sunlight. I happen to own both an iPhone 3Gs and a Nexus One, so I decided to do some comparison shots.

The pictures below are all taken with both screens set to full brightness.

These outdoor pics are taken in full sun at around 6pm.

Outside, different homescreens

For these next shots, I took a screenshot from my N1’s homescreen, and copied it to the iPhone so I could display it using the iPhone photo gallery.

Outside, same homescreen

The Nexus One’s AMOLED screen really excels inside as you can see in the comparison shots below (N1 on the right):

Inside, minimal light, full brightness

This closeup really allows you to see the pixels on the iPhone screen vs the smooth, high-res screen on the N1:

Feel free to draw your own conclusions. I don’t see a definitive disadvantage with the Nexus One screen outdoors, and I’ve been using it full-time for the last month. On the other hand, the iPhone 3Gs screen is very washed out and lifeless at high brightness levels.