Simulcast Jr 1: Episode 29.5

podcastIn the true spirit of The Simulcast website, today I decided to sit down and record a mini podcast with my 7 year old daughter Brianna. She is surrounded by technology, and we spent a little bit of time talking about the tech she uses, what it’s like living with a really nerdy dad, and she even gives some holiday gift buying tips for kids.

This was a really fun episode to record, and I hope everyone enjoys it. I’d appreciate some feedback on everyone’s thoughts.

P.S. I didn’t pick the opening song. My apologies.

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Simulcast 29: InterCat!!!

podcastIn this Black Friday episode, Steve, Bill and Michael talk online deals as well as HP Mediasmart Servers and Drobos. Are Black Friday deals worth waiting in line for? We give out picks of the week and WILL Michael buy the EX490 live? Listen and find out.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Michael, Bill, and Steve hope that you all have a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks so much for your support of the Simulcast and don’t forget to join us tomorrow for our Black Friday extravaganza. You can call and leave your questions, comments, or even provide us with a live Black Friday report from where you are shopping. The number to reach us is (774) 745-5002. We will also be taking live calls during the show. We will send out more information via Twitter.

HP MSS to the Rescue!


Saturday was a nice day to simply hang out and play around on the computer. All of my computers have been running exceptionally well, and with my newest Acer AspireRevo serving at my home theater PC, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I decided I wanted to install a custom theme for Windows Media Center.

The perfect plan. A slight reg hack to allow me to take ownership of some system files, and an easy mod to a .DLL file to include the new background image. To make things easy, I decided to use my desktop PC running Windows 7 to do the hacking. Unfortunately, the “easy” reg hack corrupted file associations, and left me unable to run any programs at all. This crippled my ability to run a system restore.

Left with no other choice, I stuck my HP MSS recovery disc into the drive, rebooted, and was immediately reassured that I wasn’t completely screwed. The HP software walked me through the recovery process, and 30 minutes later, my desktop was back to the exact state it was in before I screwed it up. At that moment, I knew that my HP MediaSmart purchase was a wise decision. I’m equally reassured that the other computers in my house (8 of them) are all being backed up the same way, automagically, and without relying on my wife and kids to do anything.

While I originally purchased the MSS for the media and storage capabilities, I have a whole new appreciation for the entire package now. I just ordered a new hard drive for my Macbook Pro, so I’ll be revisiting my experience when I do the swap there too. Stay tuned.

HP Media Server Video Overview

Gordy Jackson bought the same HP Media server that Bill has. Gordy really likes it and has done a 3 part video series on what he uses it for. The first of the three videos shows you how Gordy use the Home server. This is the business end! The next will be Media and the last will demo it’s remote capabilities.
We want to thank Gordy for sharing his experiences with the Simulcast audience. Here is Part one. Parts two and three after the break.

Part One

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