Simulcast 19: Geoffless in Seattle

This week Bill, Michael, and Steve discuss the latest tech news.  Also we mourn the loss of Geoff, Bill gives us an update on his HP Media Smart Server, the Zune HD is out, we answer some questions that the community has sent us, and give our picks of the week.


The video feed is available via direct download.

Simulcast 18: Geoff has Alzheimer’s

podcast1Tonight Geoff hosts the show and we talk about the Apple media event of September 9th, Sprint’s new Mobile to Mobile pricing plans, the Palm Pre as well as the Palm Pixi, we answer listener mail, and give our picks of the week.

The Simulcast video feed is available via direct download

It’s Only Rock & Roll was it worth it?

Apple just wrapped up their much anticipated media event and what did we learn?

  • Steve is back
  • No Tablet this time
  • The Nano has a video camera 640 x 480 & FM radio
  • iTunes 9 is out
    • The ability to arrange iPhone and iPod Touch app screens through iTunes
    • Video – Movie and Tv is called Apple Extras
    • Audio is Apple LP
  • The Classic iPod is not going away
  • The iPod touch gets a speed and memory boost no camera
  • iPhone OS 3.1

Did you watch the event? If so What did you think?

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Simulcast 17: Saturday Night Live

podcast1In this special Saturday night show we share our thoughts on Snow Leopard, the latest tech news, and Bill tells us about his new toy.

The Simulcast video feed is available via direct download.


We will be back on our regular night next week so please join us for Simulcast 18 with our special guest Doug from