Apple Screws Up-To-Date Snow Leopard Orderers

Are you a Mac owner who is excited about the release of Snow Leopard? Me too. I purchased a MacBook Pro in June, and promptly proceeded to place my order for my $10 Snow Leopard upgrade under Apple’s Up-To-Date program. My pre-order was placed on June 30th.

Snow Leopard was released today, and several people I know who ordered earlier this week have already received their copy today via FedEx.

Where is mine, Apple? Shipping via USPS for an estimated delivery date of September 1st?

My Apple Order Page


Thanks for taking care of me.

Simulcast 16: Prison Break

This week the whole Simulcast crew is back to discuss jailbreaking. If you have an iPhone or Windows Mobile device you are going to want to listen to this show. We also discuss some of the news of the week as well as our picks of the week.

The Simulcast video feed is available via direct download.

Simulcast 16

Simulcast is the joint Podcasting venture of the T4Show and Mobile Tech Moment

Simulcast 16: Prison Break Special!

After a flurry of emails, tweets, text messages, IMs, and a live video stream, there are now several members of The Simulcast as well as lots of our community members with jailbroken iPhones. Since this has become such a hot topic this week, and experiences vary widely with the actual process and usage afterwards, I thought it would be a great topic for our show this week.

We will discuss the hacking process, how it works, and our own personal experiences. We’re also looking for questions from our audience that we can help answer in regards to unofficial ROMs and jailbreaking on a variety of devices. I personally have lots of experience with Windows Mobile and iPhone, but we can certainly bring in experts for other devices should your questions warrant it.

So community, let’s hear from you! Email us, Twitter us, text the word Simulcast to 41411 with your question, leave us a comment below, or join in the live video podcast on Thursday at 8:30pm EST!

We will have a great interactive show this week so we look forward to your questions.

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Simulcast 15: Geoff the Serial Killer

This week the gang is all here Michael, Geoff, Bill, and myself discuss this weeks poll question, would you pay for a podcast. We also touch on the PogoPlug, the Palm Pre, the new Simulcast website our picks of the week as well as some rants.

The Simulcast video feed is available via direct download.

Simulcast 15 Live Video
Simulcast 15 Live Video

Simulcast is the joint Podcasting venture of the T4Show and Mobile Tech Moment

Simulcast 15 Tonight Live at 8:30

Join us tonight at 8:30pm EDT for Simulcast 15. Bill Stebbins, Michael Manna, Geoffery Farinha and I talk about the tech news of the week and give our opinions on the technology we use daily.

You can watch the recording of the Podcast and participate in the chat room on our live feed.

Also please take a minute to participate in our most recent poll.

We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you tonight.